running to the dock….

…that’s how Saturday at the cottage started. Rex and I suited up and began heading for the BEST workout spot of ALL time!!!!!
yes, we are so lucky as to have Satalite at our cottage but even better still we have this……
This view is amazing and I have fallen completely and hopelessly in love /w the French River. I simply adore the rocks and mixed forests. We have a lot more deciduous trees further south so the endless canopy of conifers and the bed of needless underfoot is nice. Obviously the water (one of my MOST loved things in the world) was enjoyable as well.
So on to Dock-Side Boot-Camp or DSBC for short….it was amazing to have  completed it. Not gonna lie though, it was a b*tch to do. lol
I had good old Colin time me for 1min intervals and this is what I did: 
1 min cardio – I favoured jumping jacks and whatever the things are called I’m doing in <——THIS picture. (you basically alternate lifting your knees to the opposite elbow)
1 min abs (I did elevated leg crunches & in/outs)
1 min cardio
1 min arms (I did push-ups & bent arm lifts)
1 min cardio
1 min legs (I did continuous squats & squat holds for the minute)
1 min cardio
1 min rest
That concludes ONE set – REPEAT for 6 whole sets
You can choose to do different exercises and/or try to do longer duration but overall this is a great basic workout that will kick your butt! I think I will keep adding as I do this routine.   
Me doing jumping jacks which I CANNOT do for long since having a baby…..Please tell me I’m NOT the only one who almost pees their pants when tackling these???
me doing squat holds. believe me I look happy in this picture but it’s most likely only b/c I’m a few seconds into it. After about 35 seconds my legs start shaking and I have to use my MIND to keep me in it. LOVE!
Please – Let me know how long YOU can hold a squat for :D
ahhh the push-up = my WEAKEST area :(
I can really only BARELY do 10 knee push-up and can’t do a “man” one.  
Then after that whole work out was completed it was time for some yoga stretching (I do AT LEAST 20 mins of stretching after ANY activity where my body is warm and sweaty enough to stretch b/c who doesn’t want to flexible?!?!) I left out LOTS of pictures of my stretching – which Colin will most likely hate me for b/c I made him take all the pics :P lol but if you ever want to know about stretching – ASK it’s my strongest suit!
ALL runners should do the downward-dog. it is AMAZING for those hamstrings and calves!!please don’t look at the camera like I did though – try to stay aligned in a big “V” not a “U” like me :P
Child’s Pose (great for hip flexors)
The Cobra (great for abs)
The following stretches are some of my favs…

AWESOME for your quads!! (try to push your knees into the ground while moving your bum as close to your feet as possible /w OUT touching)
simple leg stretch (if you want to go further try pointing your toes to pull your hands and thus body forward hold for a few secs and then pull feet back and grab further down for a deeper stretch)
Wide leg stretch is my favourite!!! – just make sure you don’t go further than your back! keep the back in a straight line :D
After ALL that is was obviously time to jump into the water!!!! why else do a DSBC ?!?!?!?
The aftermath was lovely and I was glad we were at the cottage :D YAY for water and double YAY YAY for workouts :) speaking of which I am going to run right NOW!
did you enjoy this post??
do you do a lot of stretching after a run/workout/exercise???