Nature’s BEST chip substitute!!!

so I had a reader; aka Lorena; aka my BIGGEST fan – in all actuality my ONLY fan 😉 ask me to do a post on Bake Kale Chips!!! This is b/c I eat them ALL the time and constantly post about it on facebook!

YES….especially during girlie movies like YOU AGAIN :)  You know Colin loves me and knows me better than anyone in the whole wide world when I walk in the room and it’s already on and I’m like “what is this?” and he says “it’s that movie you wanted to see with the bully from high school that comes back into Kristen Bell’s characters life……” – I was speechless. but it IS me…so of course I wasn’t :) I was all YAY!!!! let’s go bake Kale first!!!

So here’s the EASIEST recipe you will ever tackle! yep, even easier than these taters! so let’s get started….

Go buy a bunch of KALE; wash and dry (in a spinner if you have one, on the counter if you don’t)

Then break apart enough to fill ONE LAYER* on your cookie/baking sheet (I find that they taste better /w out the steams, but use your own judgement) * I recommend not placing more than one layer b/c then the “chips” on top will be done and the ones on the bottom will still be a soggy mess*

Grab some olive oil PAM! and spray an even layer over kale (less is more) then shake some salt over them too (again use less than you believe you need!) ***IF you don’t have a olive oil spray you can throw the kale in a bowl and use 1-2tsp of oil and toss leaves in it*** I like the spray better though…so you know it’s good ;D
Sorry I forgot to tell you to pre-heat your oven to 350F BUT don’t worry b/c this is going to save your chips so they don’t burn like mine did in the pic below :( – Throw the kale in AS the oven is pre-heating and leave them in on the middle TOP rack for ~5mins. THEN turn the temp down to 275F and bake for the remaining 5 mins 😀 This allows the leaves to get crispy with OUT getting burnt. 


These weren’t the worst chips but to be honest I have found that b/c the window between AMAZING-LY PERFECT chips and burnt chips is soooooooo small it’s best to watch them through the oven door like a hawk …..

….yes I AM looking in an empty oven :( but you have to admit this is a funny picture and you can imagine what it would be like if there WERE kale chips in there; they would’ve turned out PERFECT and not like the burnt-esq ones you see in the pic above :(

… I was about to type out a question my son Logan decided he’d had enough of mom being on the computer and SMASHED my lap top with his play guitar :'( So I was going to be bloggin but I guess I won’t be able to so I apologize. Be back ASAP!

ps: I apologize for no make-up face but I’ve been crying too much :(

so NEW questions:

– what do you do when something expensive that you cherish more than anything….well not anything, gets broken?!?!?
I removed my son from the area and then screamed, cried….cried some more. Laughed at myself for being so attached to an inanimate object, called Colin; yelled, cried hung up…..calmed down, got Logan breakfast…got mad again; called my mom – cried, cried, cried calmed down and then called Colin to ask if I could use his computer. He said – not around Logan. I said NO S***! 

– as a fellow blogger what if YOUR computer/laptop/mac got smashed today?!?!?! do you have enough money to get a new one?? get it fixed???
no $$ to get it fixed. Colin said he’d do anything he could…..we’ll see. in a worst case scenario we will remove the hard drive and say farewell to my FIRST EVER macbook :(

– What is your favourite chip???
dill pickle, all dressed….nachos….but seriously bake Kale is AWESOME especially @ 35cal PER cup :) 
PS: did you realize I was so dramatic?!?!? ….well now you know 😉

12 thoughts on “Nature’s BEST chip substitute!!!

  1. bbq are good….havent had those in a while. I think I'm gonna buy those kernels popcorn shakers and make bbq KALE chips 😀 it's a match made in heaven!!

  2. Cute blog and background! Sorry it took so long to wander over and say hi. I have been so busy! I spy a dog tail in the photo above, which looks like a German Shepherd. I hope I am right because I love them :) Who am I kidding? I love all dogs.

    Have a great night!

  3. thanks for stopping by Janetha! I love your blog. I can't remember what I was googling but I found your page and then found HRG through you 😀 Rex is my dog and he is a mutt but he does have german shepherd in him and doberman….but we aren't sure what else.

    Have a nice night too! 😀

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  7. I finally made these and all I can say is YUM! I didn`t dry them enough, so I had to leave them in the oven a bit longer and some were less crunchy, but the crunchy ones were AMAZING! Thanks :)

  8. Oh no! I’m sorry about your laptop. Not good at all. BUT I do love kale chips and I especially enjoy them with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.

    • Jen no worries, this happened a year ago! 😉 and now it’s fixed…I just made them again last night so I thought I’d share the recipe

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