peanut butter cups and new hair cut :D

So I tried tackling  Virginia’s pb cups recipe but /w out using the cookie dough part. this was mainly b/c all week on Hungry Runner there was a plethora of delicious peanut butter recipes and I had already eaten a crap load of cookies….and the dough ;D
This is me /w 6 of the finished product and my new hair cut! I took like 4 inches off and got my self-cut bangs fixed up AND got lots of fun textured layers – I am a hottie 😉
I will admit that I do feel kinda bad b/c I hair -cheated :'( MY hair dresser Helen is AMAZING and my most trusted person /w scissors. She’s talented and her prices are fair :) If you live in the area I highly recommend her. However, she is on mat-leave. sigh. So my co-worker; who has great hair referred me to her hair salon and I made it out with out crying! which is huge for me b/c I love my hair …more than Logan loves his new sun glasses….
I was all excited b/c Colin bought me Mcdonalds for lunch b/c I was getting ready to leave for work and didn’t have time to make anything (I am aware of how bad McD’s is for me – and the fact is; I DON’T CARE) during my camera posing time wasting!

Colin was SOOOOOOO upset; there was only 1 patty on his big mac :'( poor guy. I’m sure everyone and anyone that passes by this blog can relate to an ANNOYING mcdonalds F*** up! However, I would just like to say that as someone who’s been eating this crap for 28 years AND has eaten it in numerous places all over the country…..the one closest to our house IS the worst!!!!! I don’t know why we still go…..

Oh ya, b/c there’s little Lo in the background enjoying his first tastes of what will eventually become his “treat” meal later in life 😛 haha

Anyway last night Colin was jamming aka having his “boys night out” and so normally I bake something fun! then bring it into work for Saturday (but most times it gets eaten before then or we decide that my co-workers aren’t worth it) – Lauren and Dana are the only exceptions! b/c I love them <3

SO while I was making the yummy peanut butter inside (btw I double the recipe so I had enough) I realized that the Kitchen Aid mixer “beater” is designed so you HAVE to lick it…..

I can’t scrape inside all those weird shapes! ……well, if I must, I must….

…so I did. and it was FABULOUS!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm

This was the finished product and I HIGHLY recommend going to Virginia’s blog and testing out this recipe. I can’t WAIT to crumble one of these tasty treats in my vanilla ice cream after my 2 miler tonight :) HEAVEN.

do you have a tried and trusted hair dresser?? or do you just walk in!!!! GASP! :O
yes, Helen as mentioned in this post <3 xoxo

are you gonna make these pb cups??
 yes, once a month

what is your worst McDonalds experience??
getting home to find someone else’s order in my hand and it was a fillet of fish!!! disgusting. 


4 thoughts on “peanut butter cups and new hair cut :D

  1. So glad that you made the peanut butter cups! Aren't they great? Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. LOVE your blog! :)

  2. They are AMAZING!!!! If they weren't sooooo bad for me and if I had any self control I would've already made another batch!! I can't wait to try them /w the cookie dough part too. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the recipe :)

  3. I love my kitchen aid mixer, but you're right that beater is hard to lick… doesn't mean we don't do it!! Haha!
    Your hair is so cute! And I'm loving the scarf, too!
    Now I need to get over to Meet Virginia so I can try these babies!

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