phone tag and injuries….

Logan and I had a great day again today…it was filled /w letter games, watching “The Cat in the Hat” and non-stop games of telephone; “Mom it’s for you”

I figured out how to make cookies /w out burning the bottoms of them FINALLY!!! you just put the rack in the highest position possible – DUH! Im such an idiot. Anyway, the first batch lasted only 3 days….this one made it 5! I highly recommend testing out The BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!!!!!!!

Lo started being cranky so before he went for his nap I decided it was finally time for him to have MY cherished stuffed animals “Sarge” and “Leu” – as in Lieutenant, I’m so creative 😀

I’ve been so sick and tired of putting off my other at home workouts just b/c the basement is in a complete mess so I decided to do a BAREFOOT workout (I’m not allowed to wear running shoes in the house :( ) in the living room…..These are my “Skinny Bitches” ……there is NO way to fast forward through all of their talking….so I usually jog on the treadmill but it’s downstairs

I was giving it during my workout. NOTE to my reader(s) DO NOT try to take timer pics of yourself working out /w an expensive camera that you care so much about …….

…or you WILL get injured :'( ….please note the sideways wall speaker that I had the camera balancing on. Poor Nikon …and even poorer ME!

after I finished my arms, legs and abs I quickly went to the kitchen to get my FAVOURITE post workout food – cottage cheese and nectarines (when in season) I also sometimes make shakes /w kale but it’s gross so most times I don’t

I spent nearly an HOUR at my old college this afternoon waiting to get a transcript…..b/c I want to go back to school SOOOO bad :)


What was your workout today?

Have you ever been injured trying to take a picture of yourself???

Are you in school??? Do you want to go??

4 thoughts on “phone tag and injuries….

  1. What are you wanting to go back to school for???

    I already have one big student loan, so defiently NOT going back for me. I love school though, and wish it was cheaper.

  2. I just want to get my BSc so most likely I'll major in ecology, enviro-sci or something close to that nature :)

    I WISH school was cheaper too! It's CRAZY how much tuition goes up each year…….and as a mother it scares me :(

    What are you in school for??

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