sundays are always going to have long posts…

blah blah blah…so last night Lo ripped his diaper off for the very first time and threw poo turds everywhere! …..this was the only pic I could get b/c Colin wasn’t impressed at how I chose the camera over removing turds from the couch 😉 lol

Colin took this pic; it’s the last of the pb cups mixed with ice cream again…..yes, we do realize this eating will eventually catch up /w us. BUT I am running!!! so perhaps not 😉 – lame I know! 😀

So this morning we tackled french toast which I think EVERYONE on the planet knows how to make, but I decided to post my version anyways (if you want to skip it scroll down, I won’t be offended) …

Ali’s French Toast

4-6 slices of thick whole wheat bread
3 Tbsps of butter (for frying-I like it better than oil)
2 eggs
~ 1/4 cup of milk PER egg (I used just over a half cup)
1-2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp cinnamon

throw everything in a bowl and whisk away! …..did I mention I love whisking 😀 I do, I find it fun!!

…until everything is well blended

then dip your bread and make sure to do it quick (just until it’s absorbed, as bread is VERY sponge-esq) then flip and let it run off
into bowl.


then you can drop the bread in the frying pan cooking over med-med/low heat. I always hate how cinnamon floats :( the first piece of toast always gets the most so I usually continue sprinkling it on each piece as I fry it :)


then just wait until it looks like this; AMAZING.

Logan was loving his and I think I large portion of that happiness came from being able to use the flipper 😛

After breakfast we had a family cuddle on the couch <3 WE ARE THE CUTEST ….aren’t we?

Colin and Lo are always horsing-around like crazies. lol

So I went for a cycle b/c it was Cross-Training day 😀 …and I HEART <3 cross-training day b/c it gives me a break from running.

When I got home Logan was ready to wake up from his nap and I decided to use him as a weight and do some arm presses….                                       …and Colin had tidied up the dry wall in the basement. Logan was eager to help out!
THEN it was edible paint time!!!!!!!!!!

and little L really just got into the edible part. complete /w numerous mmmmm’s and oooooh’s

and even though I think he may have ingested some paint brush bristles from sucking every last drop of corn syrup paint off he did manage to make me some beautiful art work for my fridge <3
Then it was straight to the bath; his favourite location b/c it groups water /w letters. and those are Lo’s two most favouritest things 😛
I’m sorry that post was so long but a lot happens on Sundays. it’s our “family” day. tonight we will be making grilled portabello mushrooms (for me) and steak (for Colin) I am excited!!!


what is the correct spelling of portabello?? portobello?? portabella??

what do you put on your french toast??
– fresh strawberries and blue berries, powdered sugar, Colin puts real Canadian maple syrup.

does my grammar and/or spelling errors bother you??– Colin can’t STAND them 😉

what are you doing today (Sunday)??

5 thoughts on “sundays are always going to have long posts…

  1. Love the french toast receipe. The secret is truly not letting it soak in the mixture for too long – great point. Loved the pics too.


    1. I have no idea.
    2. Maple Syrup
    3. I'm with Colin
    4. I went to a bridal shower.

  2. sorry *blush* I've never been that great at english. I'll try harder at proof reading in the future 😉 and YAY bridal shower sounds like an AWESOME event!

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