9 things I loved about day #2 at the cottage

As cottage week continues…I know you may be getting tired of random, uninformative, non-recipe tales about me, my friends and family at the cottage but I don’t really care 😉 I LOVE being up north so I would like to drag this out for as long as possible 😀 and remember there IS a surprise at the end….maybe even a quiz so keep reading!

#1 – Logan continuously stopped and stared at EVERY passer-by on the water; boat, kayak, canoe, boat house and as they waved he continued to stare. Once everyone was out of eye-sight the “hi or bye” came followed by his wave…..a little late sweetheart :) CUTE! <3

#2 – No diapers down by the water and HARDCORE splash wars occurred = AWESOME!

#3 – Ryan & Kath slow-danced on the dock while I continued to tell Colin he needed to love me more AND express it with more dancing 😛

#4 – Rex was a dock-jumping champion and just kept diving right in the water (this is something (dock jumping) that we’ve been trying to achieve since we got him back in 08) – YES!! we can die happy knowing Rex CAN indeed jump off the dock 😀

#5 – Logan’s obsession /w letters and the spelling of his name. He instructed me to write his name in the sand while he tried to identify the proper letters. He is only 19 months so this always impresses me :) xo …..Rex’s fixated stare appears to be interested at first glance, however he is just wondering why I haven’t thrown him the stick in my hand…

#6 – this INCREDIBLE tortolini  (sp?) pasta I conjured up [sautéed zucchini, white mushrooms and red onion /w sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce] it was so yummy to both Kath & me but apparently not good enough for Logan who looks questionably at it.

#7 – Reading. Lots of good relaxing and reading PLUS I think Kath is slowly wanting to get into running which = running partner 😀 YAY

#8 – Homemade Whipped Cream and Lo starting to show an interest in helping out :)

and finally #9 – Having to churn our homemade vanilla ice cream by hand b/c we broke the motor on the machine 😀 if this is what the Mennonites have to go through for a nice cold sweet treat no wonder they are so slim. This was a better work out then the DSBC 😀

In closing I would like to add a special thanks to all my readers 😀 and an even BIGGER thanks to all the people that actually comment and let me know you’re reading :))))) xo it means a lot to me 😀


1. which was your favourite # on this photo roll??
 – Logan’s pasta face b/c I’m his mom and he is my favourite little guy <3

2. have you ever tried to make homemade ice cream?? how did it turn out??

5 thoughts on “9 things I loved about day #2 at the cottage

  1. Awww… Picture # 2 is def my fav- the water splashing happy face… So dang adorable!!!! And I have so hand cranked out some homemade ice cream before. It was a killer arm workout and some killer ice cream. Afterwards, I felt all lopsided, bc that was probably the biggest my muscles have ever been… But only on the one arm. It faded fast and I'm back to too scrawny, can hardly open a pickle jar, arms.

  2. ya, I hear you…I even tried switching arms but my left was just not good lol I am SOOOOO weak in my upper body right now. Gotta go do some push-ups!

  3. I love the one of logan spelling his name:) Girl you look amazing!! I am so glad you had such a great time and I loved ALL the pics:) We love making homemade ice cream!

  4. I love the picture of you and Logan and Rex all together while you write Logan's name in the sand. So CUTE! Even if Rex just wants the stick, I still love it.

    I will eat Logan's pasta! It looks delish! Besides, I'm totally good with being the garbage disposal. I even finish my husband's food sometimes. Oh, the life of a runner! haha!

  5. thanks Janae, I can't wait to see who wins the raceday book 😀

    and Cecily it's nice to meet the other half of rerun :) I'm glad to see your move went ok….if I could send you some baking stuff I would!

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