Colin’s Stuffed Peppers

call me a genius b/c that’s what I am in the grocery list cottage shopping category 😀 it was my job to plan the meals and so I thought HEY! why don’t we do “beer can chicken”

on Friday and THEN………

….use the left over chicken to put in stuffed peppers on Saturday!!! How environmental and food conscious am I?! – VERY 😀 ….although I absolutely DESPISE having to touch any form of flesh with my bare hands (I am an ex veggie after all – blame Logan, I do)
At least someone was happy – in a red riding hood wolf sort of way! Holy fixation on chicken skin Rex 😛 – side note DO dogs chew??? have you ever witnessed it?? – I haven’t they are the living vacuum. 

Ok….so on to the recipe. Please forgive me for my disorganized recipes. I’m not a chef, I don’t measure things out and remember what I put together so your best bet is to just scroll along and try to write it down if you plan on taking a whack at this; which I highly recommend.

Stuffed Peppers:

– 1 pepper PER person
– 1 package spanish rice – cooked according to directions (so we prepared 6 servings & use Uncle Bens)
– half an onion
– ~ 2 cups chicken cubed/chopped
– 1 cup cheddar cheese (or cheese of your choice)
*** ANY other veggies or ingredient you want!!! that’s the great thing about stuffed peppers the food combinations are endless :)

Well you are gathering the ingredients Logan thought you might like to see one of his drawings…..

Ok so go PRE-HEAT your oven to 350F and cut the tops off each pepper [jack-o-lantern style] then using a spoon, carefully hollow them out and remove all seeds….

Grab a baking sheet and place the hollow pepper on it (you may discard the tops) ….we like to use all different colours so keep in mind that Green peppers are bigger so take your time selecting the NICEST peppers possible :)

Make your rice according to the package instructions. You don’t have to use Spanish Rice but we find it to have a lovely complimentary flavour to the rest of the dish….and Colin likes it so it must be good 😉

My son’s newest obsession seems to be any object that you can colour /w and he tries to hoard as many as possible incase I decide to take them away….

While the rice is cooking away you can chop up your COOKED chicken, onions and anything else you want to add. The reason behind these individual ramekins is b/c all 4 of us wanted separate ingredients. Colin’s – chicken & onion…Kath’s – meatless; zucchini, mushroom, onion…Ryan’s; mushroom, onion, chicken and MINE; everything 😀

If the rice is done you can grate your cheese and throw HALF of the cheese in the rice and stir….

If you are a dog you should be looking helpless and begging for any scraps by this point in the recipe….

If you are a pesky toddler OR if you have a pesky toddler I find keeping cheesy’s close at hand to be a helpful distraction….

OK now it’s time to throw EVERYTHING in /w the rice & cheese mixture and then start stuffing your peppers (if you are having different things in each pepper like we did just separate the rice evenly and mix individual portions) * make sure to stuff your peppers right to the top!!

Now that your peppers look soooooooooo amazingly good it’s time to throw them in the oven – Bake for 1 hour total!

Pull peppers out at the 45 min mark and top them with the remaining cheese …..YUMMMMMM 😀

wait 15 mins or until the cheese is melted and then serve with a nice salad or garlic bread OR both 😉

*WARNING* – because you will only have one pepper on your plate you will think that you need to make more sides, you do NOT! the peppers are a meal in themselves and they are FILLING. I managed to stuff mine in my face but I was full after half :)

I know this was a LONG post but this recipe is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tasty and very simple to make. Let me know if you end up trying it out and if you liked it :)
1. What would you stuff in your pepper??
2. Don’t you think Colin’s enthusiasm over peppers is admirable?!?! 😉

6 thoughts on “Colin’s Stuffed Peppers

  1. I have never had or made stuffed peppers, but these look really good. I love all the pretty peppers you used.

  2. Thanks Christy :) I think that it is a good recipe to try, as long as you like cooked peppers that is. I can't take any credit for this one though b/c it was ALL Colin <3

  3. Okay, first off… Logan was right… I did want to see his drawing! So artist! And second… um, YUM! I love stuffed peppers, but I have never made them or even ever seen anyone make them. My mouth is watering right now… which is not good, because it's 10:15 and I should be going to bed soon. It's all being written on a grocery list right now and going to be Sunday's dinner! I loved this post! And I will let you know how it goes!
    (Great commentary throughout the post, btw. :)

  4. I'll be interested to see how they turned out. My recipes are so all over the place but I too like it when there's commentary 😉 so thank you!!

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