late night dad-issues and spatula licking treats…

….both Colin and I were up /w Logan last night; Colin got up in the middle of the night as I rolled over and continued to sleep. I thought perhaps I heard him cursing at me but I’m going to pretend it was just a dream b/c my husband would NEVER say those things to me 😉 b/c he loves me more than life itself. FACT.

Us at Easter before I forced Colin to go shopping for clothes that fit his body

Logan has always been both an AMAZING sleeper and a “Daddy’s Boy” he just can’t get enough of his dad. I think it mainly has to do /w the fact that from the second he wakes up until he goes to sleep mommy is there 😀 smiling in his face, forcing him to cuddle and play /w her ALL DAY LONG…(you’ll thank me later in life Logan). So yes, Lo & Colin are bestest buds and have been since birth…

Logan at a few weeks old napping /w Colin

So back to the story… Colin got Lo back to sleep but come 6am when Colin left for work I wake up to SCREAMING and the repeated word “DAD” “DAD” “DAD” – so I had to take him into bed /w me and just cuddle him. Poor dude. He didn’t get back to sleep till after 7am… Needless to say we slept in till 9am (don’t hate Colin, it was necessary) I am glad I don’t have to work tonight. but I am not glad I have the whole weekend with out “dad” around :( sigh

So why is this happening?? why separation anxiety now at 20 months?? and not before?? moms- I’m calling on you for tricks and tips PLEASE 😀 ….I blame it on Colin’s fathering skills and how he’s “too cool” a dad. Take this Sunday for instance Logan wakes up to a new (borrowed) drum set in the basement and it’s like a rockband Christmas at our house!

I always take these pictures just incase Lo is the next Justin Bieber
this is the classic “mom are you seeing this?” face… As in TRY HARDER to be this awesome!
Look how happy this kid is. He just loves dancing and music and playing and banging anything he can. While I’m left wondering What is happening? Why are these things in my basement? and Why isn’t my basement finished? Colin BELIEVES that our basement is going to be his new “jam zone” where all his guitars and musical equipment will reside, where as I want half to be an amazing playroom for Logan and half to be my workout area /w tready and yoga mat and tv for exercise DVD’s. I will let you know who wins :)

In other news; time to bring in the spatulas….

I thought that since I haven’t posted any recipes (especially sweet amazing recipes) lately I’d show you all some of my first ever baked goods. (remember I am just learning to become domesticated) So here they are:Logan’s 1st Birthday Cake…

Boxed Duncan and Hines Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese Icing (I added real cream cheese to the store bought can b/c there was NONE in it?!?!?! – hence I make all my own icing now)
Easter Cupcakes…..
This was my first time using and making fondant and I HATED it – those are supposed to be wee bunnies and chicks.
Mother’s Day Cake….
Chocolate Chocolate Cake – my mom is a chocoholic :) Used Wilton’s Recipe and I didn’t love it. I DO love my Wilton 1M icing tip though and use it on everything! I got the idea from THIS BLOG

Sister’s Bday Cupcakes….

Both cupcakes are Dark Chocolate Cake /w Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Which I found HERE I love this chick’s cakes

I have made many other sweet treats – some of which are on my recipe page – but alas my computer still isn’t fixed so I don’t have access to the pictures of some of the other ones that aren’t :( Hence no sharing. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this foodie/mom post and I think the plan is to make Shepherd’s Pie this evening 😀 so recipe to follow! You’ll love it if you love awesome leftover/comfort food dishes.


1. What can I do to help Logan out /w his daddy issues??
– I try to keep him busy and distract him but seriously he really has a hard time when Colin leaves. Oh and whenever one of us leaves we let Logan say goodbye and we try to leave straight away instead of drawing it out. He usually gets over it pretty quick….but a whole weekend??? I don’t know!! 

2. Do you make cupcakes and/or cakes and if so do you have the 1M tip?? 
– I am in love /w my 1M tip. I use it on almost anything that requires icing. It just makes everything look so professional. I LOVE cupcakes over cakes. They are already portioned so it’s safer for sugar-crazies like me :)

3. Where does your vote go for our basement?? to Colin – band studio/family room or to ME – workout room/playroom??

 you know where mine is going…sorry Colin xoxo

21 thoughts on “late night dad-issues and spatula licking treats…

  1. I love those drumming pictures! That is one happy little boy. :)

    I can't help you with his daddy attachment, but my kid is like white on rice with me and if I leave without her noticing, then she's fine. When she sees me come back, then she screams because she just realized I was gone. :)

  2. Oh man… I so vote it to be a workout room/play room… Though the garage band thing is cool, too… that just needs to be at his band-mates house. 😉
    Ali, girl, I love your cute little family!!! Those pictures of Lo and Colin napping and playing rock star are so stinking cute!!! i hope Jason is just like that when we have our own little one(s) someday…
    Since I'm not a mom yet and have no experience I don't know what to tell you about the dad separation anxiety… Good luck though!
    And I loved those cakes/cupcakes! I haven't yet attempted any cake decorating like that, but I really want to… Maybe for Halloween I'll do something cute.
    I can't wait for the shepard's pie recipe… I love leftovers/comfort food!!

  3. @Jessica @ rerunrunning – Thanks bff :) I think Jason will be an awesome dad. You can tell b/c all awesome dad's have that silly cute look in their eyes and Jay has it. It's true. bad dads all have the weird asshole glare. – I did a study. lol Do you guys have bulk barn in Cali??? b/c if so it's WAY cheaper to buy icing tips and cake decorating stuff. I plan on making awesome treats EVERY holiday this year!!!! I can't believe it took me so long to enjoy baking.

    PS: I just want to hear the Cec story I don't care who tells me….but I do miss her informative essays. Plus I'm curious as to what she would say if I told her I am most likely going to exchange my shoes for cheaper ones tonight. lol The guy at another running store said that I was like someone who needed a car and bought a BMW :) what can I say I like expensive things!

  4. Ok best pictures ever!!! Logan is the cutest:)
    Yummy to all the cute cupcakes and cakes! I could not do that if my life depended on it.

    Shepard pie…ewww, love all your other recipes though, and I have made several of them:)

    LOVE your blog!

  5. @Anonymous – thank you (whoever you are lol) I love cupcakes and you could easily decorate using that awesome tip! too bad you don't like Shepherd's pie. I used to hate it but this one is good I swear – and not good for you :) THANKS!

    @Sierra – awwww Sierra you are too kind girl <3 the mom cake was my first "real" attempt at any kind of "pro-esq" decorating so thank you 😀 AND YAY workout room!

    @Geezees Custom Canvas Art – Hey there! thank you for stopping by I visited your website and your photography is AWESOME! thank you for the lovely compliments as well hope to see you back :)

  6. How cute is your little one?! OMG!!!

    Awwww, poor guy gets so sad….maybe you need to make "MOM TIME" more fun for him, like you take him for a treat or something so he knows when dad leaves, he gets to party! LOL


  7. Hi Ali! I noticed you "liked" my link on Facebook, so I had to come over here and take a peek at your blog! I *love* your "About Me" page (such a great snapshot of a blog and its author); your enthusiasm is really cute. As is that cute little button baby of yours.

    Following you now (and "liked" you on FB; you're almost at 25!)…let's be blog friends! :)


    P.S. Where in HI did you get married?

  8. @Kris | – thanks for stopping by I "liked" you on facebook b/c I loved the post I got to read when I went there. Thanks for the good tips. I have big plans for "mommy and me" time this weekend so hopefully it'll work. lol

    @Alex – hahahaha, I think that reminds me of Jack Black in school of rock and I don't think Colin's mind is any different than yours. I may have sounded like a mean mom in my post but I have very fond memories of jammin out /w my father so I am soooooo glad that Logan gets to do the same. Kids are awesome – don't let people tell you otherwise :) ….oh and when they aren't awesome, there's babysitters 😉

    @angie on maui – Hey Angie, I found you through Christy @ My dirt road anthem. To be honest I just started reading you sometimes b/c I missed hawaii so much and I secretly wish I had your beautiful life on Maui :) Thank you for the lovely compliments AND for the fb love <3

    – we got married on the island of O'ahu in Waimanalo – and I loved it. deserted beach and sunrise to boot!

    PS: we for sure can be blog friends 😀

  9. Holy crow, those photos of Lo and Colin jamming are priceless!! I think you're both pretty cool parents, though!
    As far as the basement goes, is there any opportunity to do all 3?! I'm all about trying to find solutions that make everyone happy!
    Finally, I am in awe of your baked goods! Makes me think I should by this 1M tip you're talking about! I've only ever made buttercream icing once, but it was a huge hit!

  10. @Lsquared – thanks Lyndz, I think I'm pretty cool and a good parent too! There IS a way we can all get what we want – called, Colin's band gets the un-finished side :) that's what I'm pitching anyways. lol and Thank you 😀 I highly recommend the 1M lol it's so great and easy

  11. I made the dark chocolate cupcakes you made for your sister's birthday last night, but I put a pink mint buttercream with them instead, and they are phenomenal! Should make a bit of $$ for the Run for the Cure bake sale at work today. Thanks for the link!

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