random musings of a girl and her spatulas….

so ya yesterday’s post was a bit heavy….but what did we learn from it???  – oh yes, when you crave a loaf of bread during pregnancy DON’T eat it ALL at once! you’re just kidding yourself if you think it’s “all baby” – it’s not.

I don’t even know what I want this post to be about. I know people (other bloggers) tell you it’s better to have quality over quantity but that’s just not my style! Here on RwS you can anticipate lots and lots of meaningless posts. It’s the only way I know I’m establishing a loyal readership. I already know which of you are reading this now, loving every second of it and which one’s have already exited the page – well have a nice day!! but just know that you may or may not be missing some random stories of Logan, delicious treats /w links and quite possibly more about ME 😉 

So cue random musings….

Remember THESE ??? well I sure do… they are the cupcake version of a coffee-lovers dream come true. So if you’d like to tackle these Mocha Cupcakes /w Espresso Buttercream you can visit THIS blog and try it for yourself!

Normally I would have one of my amazing-ly spectacular versions of the recipe that would contain stories about how things went down and pics of cutie Logan helping me out. However, this chick had copy-write crap all over her page and I never received a response to whether or not I could post the recipe. So whatever….here’s a pic of Logan packing the brown sugar for me. Does that suffice??
ya mom, I just realized if I dig my fingers down into this stuff I can grab it and eat it. 

On Sunday after my run /w my cousin AND after getting back from the Nike Factory Outlet /w my new running outfit. What’s that?? you didn’t get to see my outfit?? you want a link to the post where I talked about it?? – sorry I posted a pic of me in the outfit for my facebook friends to comment away on. Don’t worry you can add me HERE so you don’t miss out next time 😉

Anyway, after I came home I found Colin cleaning out the shed and finally installing the floor for it. YAY!!! 

WARNING!!! gross pic below…blog stalk at your own risk.

This is why we needed a floor instead of cardboard. EW do I spy a mouse skeleton?!?! ….yes, yes I do. The funniest thing is that Colin didn’t even see this. The cardboard was neatly piled beside the picnic table and when I walked by I spotted it. YUCK!

I have never had to do so many activities /w Logan in such a short time span. EVER! We went for a bike ride, played in the sandbox, played chase, twirled and whirled, went on his play ground and right when I was ready to pass out b/c my body was so tired I found him glaring at me like this….
this thing doesn’t drive itself mom. 

So wagon rides around the backyard it was! The fun thing about this activity was when I got in /w Lo and Colin pulled us around the yard super fast. I now understand what all the wagon rage is about; they are AWESOME!!!! (sorry there are no pics of me in the wagon. Colin is not a photographer and I have to beg, beg, BEG him for every photo posted on the blog) – you’re welcome!

my hair looks like a powder puff…sun-tot esq for sure!

My monday run (as those of you on dailymile & twitter already know) went pretty good, well actually GREAT. I did 3.25 miles in 30 mins!!! WOOHOO 😀 9:18 pace Yo! that’s pretty good for a newbie that is me!

Yesterday I had to be a wife and mother in the most traditional sense of the title. I did laundry and Logan helped me fold….aka he did count-down jumps into the pile of clean clothes. Thanks :)

We built towers…well he did and destroyed my living room. One day Colin will finish my basement and on that day and I will bow down to the heavens and thank God for the miracle he has bestowed upon me. even though I’m not religious. That is how exciting that day will be! 

A few night ago I tried to tackle my Aunt Mary’s amazing pumpkin cookie recipe that she posted on that scary alone night post a while back. I screwed them up big time. I ended up /w more of a batter than a dough. So I improvised and pulled out the muffin tin and little mermaid cupcake papers (yes I am that cool) and decided to turn them into muffins. The first batch turned out amazing so I chopped an apple I had on hand and threw the chunks into the second batch. Delish!

Logan likes them so much he jumps up and down while eating them. 

 They turned out pretty tasty I think I should screw up recipes more often! Although I still want to tackle those pumpkin cookies /w the glaze sometime in the near future. Pumpkins are in season after all. We are going to pick some this weekend! (we are Colin)

Well I guess that about sums up the parts of my life you missed over the past few days. I’m glad you are all up to date now. I am going to have a quiz at some point to identify who actually reads these ramblings. The prize will be something cool I promise. 

I can’t get enough of these mom

Today I clean the house b/c we have company from out of town tomorrow. Tonight I work till close. I must also try to fit in some speed work as well. Wish me luck 😀 I love you guys! you are so awesome Thanks for reading.

PS: you may or may not have noticed that my favicon is a yingyang symbol. – cool b/c it represents balance but lame on a running/cooking/ranting blog. So keep watch b/c I made myself the cutest little girl drawing holding spatulas…..it’ll be hard to see but I imagine it’ll switch over sometime soon!!! YAY

1. which was your favourite paragraph (if we can even call them that) and why?? 
– see I’m sneaky it is a mini-quiz

2. What did you get up to last night??

3. I didn’t really talk about it but I am wondering at what point in your millage increase did your body start to hate you??
– after my tempo 3 miler /w lyndz and then the race pace 3.25 miler the very next day my legs hated me :( is that normal???

19 thoughts on “random musings of a girl and her spatulas….

  1. Oooooooommmmmmggggggg, that rat skeleton is the GROSSEST thing I have ever seen in my whole life! It's so sicking!!! Those muffins look awesome! And the pictures of Logan are adorable as always! 😀 Ohhhhh a quiz!!!! Id better study up and read the posts I have not read yet. Oh wait, I think I read them all. haha 😀

  2. My body seemed to hate above 30 miles a week. Love the dead rat.. or not. Gross! Those cupcakes look so freaking good!

  3. @Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run – at first I thought this said "EGOS" and I was like, ya I guess this post was kinda demanding and egocentric but then I noticed the small "L" and realized you were referring to the blocks. They ARE big, and they are from my cuz. Logan loves them

    @Lauren – they are aren't they 😀

    @Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog – you and kara and your hard core miles. lol I'm only entering 15 miles a week LOL 😀 and it was gross.

  4. I really love all those pics of Lo and you and Lo in the wagon… so cute… does that count as a favorite paragraph? I also loved that you ran 3.25 in 30 mins!!!! (So, maybe that can count as my favorite paragraph.)

    Sorry your legs hurt… that is pretty normal. In a day or so it'll be back to norms.

    I love the little mermaid cupcake papers and I seriously want to know how to make your messed up-fixed into apple-pumpkin muffins recipe! Put that on the blog!

    Also, that rat corpse is nast. Twice now our sticky papers out in the garage that are supposed to catch spiders have caught mice… I always make Jay put on gloves and pull them off and release them in the fields close to our house. Poor little guys.

    Keep the randomness coming! I can't wait to see your new favicon!

  5. I personally love your randomness, we are very very much alike in that aspect, i could seriously ramble on for hours!

    favorite paragraph is about the pumpkin cookies mishap…everytime i mess up a recipe, its no turning back from there, im glad they worked out, lol

    I woke up to my dog whining to go for a walk at midnight..and then he refused because he realized it was raining. the trials and tribulations of owning a chihuahua prince(ss) 😉

    its totally normal for your legs to feel like that. my body hated me while training for my 1st half marathon…i was taking my longest run from 6 miles to 13 miles. my legs were sore through alot of training, and now going into my 3rd half marathon, its a piece of cake. however, i am sure my body is ready to hate me ALL over again when i end up training for a marathon!

  6. Good God, that mouse skeleton scared the hell out of me! One time, I thought a cat was hurt on the sidewalk. I went up to it to see if it was okay, pet it, and realized it was dead.
    Talk about random.
    Logan is adorable and HOLY GOD I need me some of those cupcakes. So if I'm not pregnant, can I eat a whole loaf of bread? Thanks. :)

  7. I can relate to nasty things like the rat skeleton, I killed a few black widows right outside our front door last night. I know it isn't exactly the same this but it is still gross creepy stuff. Stupid spiders!
    Those cupcakes look AMAZING! I'm going to have to try out this recipe!
    P.S. I love the randomness!

  8. I almost forgot! I wanted to let you know I am still reading your blog daily, even if I don't comment. So don't worry, you haven't lost your favorite follower (I tell myself I am your favorite). And in case you were wondering, I took a governmental accounting test last night. Don't be jealous of my fun, exciting life.

  9. Okay, I loved the wagon paragraph, and that you got in with Lo, and that Colin was cool enough to pull you around! I like the paragraph before that one too about all the activities you did and then he still gave you that look hahaha! I was dying after that one.

    I definitely want one of your "messed up pumpkin cookie" muffins! They look delish! And the apples, nice touch. And you can't go wrong with Little Mermaid paper cups.

    Last night…I fell asleep writing a blog post actually.

    Is it weird that I kind of think seeing the rat skeleton is cool? Of course, I didn't have to clean it up, so…

    About mileage increase. Yeah, I think it's normal for there to be discomfort. But it gets easier. And a good way to add on is to stay at the same mileage for a two to three weeks, then add 3-5 more and hold that for a two-ish weeks before adding more. Or, if the week you increase on kills, go back down for a week and try going up again on the next week.

    Man, I just decided to see if Jess had commented (she ALWAYS beats me), and she totally mentioned everything I did! We are sometimes the same person, Jess and I. Like we'll have been apart for months, and then she comes to visit and I pick her up from the airport and we're practically wearing the same sweater. Crazy!

    Okay, enough from me.

  10. @Jessica @ rerunrunning – ya it was funny I am glad I got to capture the wagon lo on camera. My legs feel fine today!!! YAY I LOVE that Jay releases the mice 😀 so cute. What a nice guy you have.

    @Theresa – random posts are fun I think. I am sorry I haven't been over to visit your blog since the wings! I've been all over the place :) that is so funny that your dog woke you up but then aborted the walk 😛 HAHAHA

    I love how you used "half-marathon" and "piece of cake" in the same sentence. I can't wait till that's me!

    @Katy @ Fit In Heels – sorry Katy (thanks for visiting me) I should've given more notice about the mouse skeleton! I am so sad about the dead cat :( but it's good that you checked. and no, no one should never eat a whole loaf of bread in one sitting FACT! :)

    @Patty T – Hey you will always be my favourite follower (but shhhh don't tell everyone) lol and I guess you deleted your other comment but I still got to see it in my email. BLACK WIDOWS?!?!? that would scare me.

    I hope your test went great! and I am jealous b/c I LOVE school 😀 and I totally appreciate the fact that you commented to let me know you read me everyday! BEST FOLLOWER EVER!

    @Cecily @ http://www.rerunrunning.com – hey you! ya your sis and you DID both like the Logan in the wagon 😀 but who wouldn't he's so cute. So you are saying I should increase by 3-5 miles!!!! that sounds crazy I'm only increasing by a 1/4 mile every week. I think once I'm at 5 mile runs then I'll grab another book and train for a half or something. '

    I love that you and Jess are like twins but you aren't it so cool. I wish my sister and I were that close. maybe one day!

    I was like you I thought the skeleton was cool. I have done some crazy things in my life – I went to the school of natural resources – so dissecting and such is normal for me!

    I can't wait to see a photo of you and Jess in matching sweaters! and when will your first visit be???

  11. You are one of my favourite people in the whole wide world. FACT. That dead mouse is disgusting. I would have died. But Logan makes up for it because he is the cutest thing ever. Send me some cupcakes. Better yet, bring some to the race because I think I'm running it. They will make perfect refuelling food. Lastly, can you be my best friend? K thanks.

  12. Whoa the school of natural resources?! So cool! And yes, 1/4 mile a week sounds better. I wasn't sure how much to say, but the point is you're adding on/building up, so that is perfect!

    Matt and I will go home at Christmas, so the potential for Jess and I to be in matching sweaters will be quite high :)

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