Running /w Cousin & Lunch /w Grandma…

so Sunday morning I hooked up /w my cousin Lyndsey and went for a pretty sweet leisurely run jog /w her along the Lakeshore (Lake Ontario). It was beautiful and we really couldn’t have asked for better weather; clear, sunny, gentle breeze and not too hot. Fall has already hit Southern Ontario and the leaf litter on the pathway confirmed that. (Most of these photos were taken /w my point & shoot WHILE running so they aren’t award winning)

passing by a “window to the Lake”

Lyndz is a great running partner b/c her maximum pace is my easy or tempo pace. I felt like I could’ve run all day long at that speed. It was enlightening. I now KNOW I could run longer distances :D and that is a great feeling.

Lyndz in her lululemon outfit taking a short walk break

Burlington is a lovely town, my home town. Running there yesterday made me realize why so many people move back there; it is so friendly and such a “child-rearing” suburbia. Nearly every person we ran into said “Good Morning” or “Hello” I really wanted to say “Top of the morning to you”, but I held back. I wish we could afford to buy a house there, but we can’t – yet. The lakeshore is always bustling with athletic people and I think it was the first time in my life (or maybe one of few) that I was one of them :)

more runners along lakeshore rd (sorry it’s so fuzzy)

Here I am looking as happy as ever, not having to work as hard as I normally do for this run. I had cross-trained the day before and my knee wasn’t appreciating that it had to run the next day. It was the first time in a long time that I decided to use my “tool belt” for a run and you know what it actually didn’t bother me. It’s a cheap piece of crap that I bought at a drug store when I first started down my road to becoming an athlete ;) Ooooh la la, I’m an athlete. Not really but a girl can dream can’t she?

my bumble bee workout outfit. Running in cotton sucks ass btw..

We finished our 3.1 mile run in 39 mins – about 10 mins longer than I’m used to, but I felt great! As I mentioned early, I think I could’ve run another another 3 miles at that pace so maybe I’ll sign up for a 10k in the near future :D

We ended at the same place we started (my suggestion) Paletta Lakefront Park. It has held a special place in my heart since I was in my late teens. I used to come here to collect my thoughts, smoke a joint or meditate, skip some rocks and explore nature. So coming here to stretch after a run was quite an amazing experience for me. My, how I’ve grown :)

The Paletta Mansion – redone historical house that now hosts numerous social events including weddings AND has 1.5k nature trail for public access 
I soaked up every second of it. The sound of the water and a view like this combined /w stretching and runner’s high just does something to a person. I may have to drive down here more often and just have some time to myself. 
the shoreline where we stretched. the far rocks jetting out in the background is “my spot” or used to be prior to Logan
Lyndsey was amazing during the run. She said to me AFTER that it had been a bit difficult for her. You know the days when your mind is at constant battle /w your body and forcing it to run. I imagine maybe it was like that for her, but I don’t know. I have runs like that. It’s the runs that go so swimmingly (did I really just type that adjective) that make me want to run forever!! but the hard ones remind us why we try harder. 

After we were finished stretching we asked a nearby couple if they could take our picture. Lyndz suggested we do the classic “thumbs up” shot. I wish I was smiling more but the man, Bill who took our photo was clearly not into it. lol 

running-blogger-cousins – RBC’s YO!

After the run it was time to head on over the Grandma’s house (cliché I know; to Grandmothers house we go!), which happened to be the main reason why we had chosen that particular running location; so we could visit /w our G-ma as well. When we arrived we were greeted /w the usual big hugs from Grandma and once I had changed out of my disgusting workout clothes I sat down to a table of THIS….

those eggs and that rice salad were gone by the end 

I don’t think my Grandmother had ever had us over after any form of athletic activity b/c we literally ate almost everything. Then she treated us to dessert which consisted of some sort of plum pie. It didn’t look very good so I skipped the pic but it sure tasted amazing :)

My Grandma had to cut our visit short b/c she was teaching/doing a demo of Scottish Country Dancing at a historical house; The Irish House. Doesn’t she just look so cute /w her sash and dress??

My grandmother still dances at 83!! (? – family members please confirm this)


1. did you like my writing style in this post? I actually just wrote instead of “talking” lol
- I thought it called for more of a story-time feeling and I definitely enjoyed writing it. 

2. do you think old people get upset that we refer to them as cute like we would babies??
- I think my Grandma most likley doesn’t mind but I am just asking b/c I probably would. I HATE when people refer to me as cute now. I’m hot, sexy and gorgeous ok! get it right. 

3. are you as proud of me as I am at my complete life-style revamp??? b/c sometimes I just can’t believe it!!
- I am so profoundly delighted at how I am finally figuring out who Ali IS…and thus truly appreciating myself. I feel like any friends I make now are the friends I want around in my life. So many people thought they “knew” Alison but to be honest I don’t think they ever did b/c she didn’t even know herself. 

HELLO, my name is Ali,  nice to meet you :)

12 thoughts on “Running /w Cousin & Lunch /w Grandma…

  1. I LOVE this post! I never knew the old Ali, but I like the new one.
    I'm hoping Colin spoils you at Christmas with some new running clothes!
    Your grama is the cutest! I dont think she minds.

  2. The pictures are wonderful!!! It sounds like a great place! Your grandma is so cute! My grandma does fashion shows for the people at a nearby nursing home. :) I hope I will still be dancing when I am 83!!!

  3. The pics if you and your cousin running are so cute! Ok, just kidding… You two are smoking hot babes! Sexy mamas! Oh-la-la! But I have to say, your gma is the cutest ever in the world!!! She totally looks like the type that would still be dancing at 83 and beyond… I hope I am just as rad when I'm a gma!

    Your home town is gorgeous! I hope you guys get back there someday. Jason's from Jackson, Wyoming which is really pretty and we really want to get back there someday, but it's super expensive. :( oh well… Fingers crossed that it works out for both of us, someday.

    I like the athletic tool belt! You are such the runner! I bet it's fun to be home and thinking back to all the memories. I love doing that when I'm home.

    Oh and of course I loved your writing style… I love everything about you and your blog… Duh. :)

    Hope your Monday is stellar!

  4. @Anonymous – I always that this "Anonymous" is Lorena but if I'm wrong I apologize. Anyway if you check out my facebook (rws) then you will see I just bought myself a new running outfit!!! YAY!

    @Garden Girl☺ – thanks GG it is a great place and I hope to be dancing well beyond 83 myself :D

    @Jessica @ rerunrunning – so much love from you as per usual <3 my home town is about a 25 min drive from where I live now so no excuses not to go there more often LOL

    I hope you have a great monday too :D

  5. I feel like I should vacation in your hometown…it's so pretty, it's rainin' again in Vancouver (not news)!
    Wish I had some time to run outside. With kiddies I have to wait until after they go to bed and then I head downstairs to my treadmill. It is so not the same; but I don't have a running partner either. You are so lucky to have company. It makes a difference in motivation and not stopping!
    My mom line dances and she's 73. She's not cute. She's a hot and sexy babe! She would mind if someone called her cute.

  6. @Cakebrain – Thanks for stopping by CakeB. I've stalked your blog for almost a year in complete secrecy :D and that's awesome that your mom is hot at 73 – that's my goal. and I normally run all alone, this was my first run /w someone else.

    @Ed – Hey Ed! Welcome to my world. I just blog visited you and it sounds like your new blog may just be amazing! I can't wait to read more. Where abouts in Ontario were you from???

  7. Hi Ali, it is SO nice to meet you. I'm Cecily, and I fall love you more and more and think you're even more awesome every time I read your blog! AAAAAAHHHHHH RwS!!!!!

    What a gorgeous place to run! I wish I could just transport myself there right now! Then we could run and hang out together and maybe your adorable g-ma could teach me to dance and I might even get to sneak a deviled egg!

    I love your cousin's lululemon outfit! I always thought they should sponsor me, or at least shower me with some love since my maiden name is "Lemmon" and my married name is "Lew." So, I'm Cecily Lemmon Lew, and it just sounds similar… ah I'll keep dreaming.

  8. Around the age of 25 I finally started to realize who my true friends are and who I really wanted to have in my life for the rest of my life. It is such a nice feeling to know that people out there really mean so much to you.

  9. Your grandmother is the cutest ever! Seriously I love that outfit. It's so awesome that she is keeping active at her amazing age! Her food looks delicious too. I would have eaten the whole pie. I love pie!

    Awesome gob on the run! Sometimes it's nice to have someone who runs a bit slower than you because it forces you to slow down and enjoy running again! No focus on speed or time, JUST FUN! Love it.

  10. @Cecily @ – Awww thanks so much Cec :D You'd love to run down the lakeshore there was no humidity. I know you live in paradise but I could see how running there could suck. and I laughed so hard about your name and wanting lululemon to sponsor you! I think it's silly that they haven't already :) I love your maiden name!!!

    @Chels – hey chels! I am almost 29!!! around the age of 25 I started to form real and true friendship and then I got pregnant and everyone is gone now :) gotta love girls. I am however very thankful for any new people that have walked into my life, but I am still trying to figure out how you form a BEST friend relationship at this point in your life. I know I'm bitter but YEARS of developing a relationship you'd thought would last forever makes me very bitter now that's it's non-existent!

    Anyone wanna be my new best friend???

    @Christina @ The Athletarian – Thanks Christina, ya her scottish outfit is awesome! I agree I loved loved loved the slower pace and the company :)

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