The weather here is NOT good….

….So I decided to take this blog to Hawaii 😀 I’m not like Cecily who gets to live in the Caribbean. So our trip to O’ahu Island will have to suffice ….for now – hint, hint Colin; we need to move where it is HOT, SUNNY & BEAUTIFUL YEAR ROUND!!!

The beaches apparently weren’t as good as some beaches in other hot and sunny destinations, according to other visitors….but to me, every single one (aside from Waikiki b/c Colin & I don’t like crowds) was a beautiful oasis.

me pretending to be Ariel :) – who doesn’t love that little mermaid?!

I found out that I really love mountains AND water and Hawaii has both. For those of you that don’t already know, or haven’t read about me yet, Colin & I used all our money to fly to Hawaii to get married & have a honeymoon.

this was just one of the pics the photographer snapped /w our cam 😀
you should note that my “double thumbs-up” became double hang-loose while on the island 😀

We hiked to the top of an extinct volcano “Diamonds Head” that overlooked Honolulu and the majority of O’ahu…

the view was awesome and we got a special certificate for completing the hike

We chose to rent a beach house instead of staying in a resort and it was a GREAT decision 😀 the pics below were taken from our ‘backyard’…..we thought that not being on the side where the sun set would be disappointing but by the end of our trip I LOVED seeing the sunrise. I think I actually prefer it to sunsets now :)

this was our first sunrise on the island.

This is Waimanalo Beach and it was almost deserted. It was the same beach we got married on. It was unbelievable that when we looked out the windows in our kitchenette THIS was what we saw!! you can see why I get depressed /w our rainy and cold weather – no wonder all hawaiians have “aloha spirit” – it’s a freaking paradise there….ALL THE TIME!

our last sunrise :(
We went horseback riding through mountains and in areas where the show Lost was filmed…..
Colin got to lead the group b/c he had a bas ass horse named Apollo
YES, I am wearing my TOMS <3 and my horse Ka-Kala was a frisky little nut! he would just start galloping if I spoke nicely to him! my ass got bruises on it by the end of the ride. 
One of the places that Colin really wanted to see was “LOST BEACH” where the majority of the beach scenes from Lost were filmed…..
Funny story – we went to the North Shore; where this mystery beach was supposed to be and looked for it, to no avail. THEN while heading back home we decided to stop at some roadside shops. There we met these CLEARLY drugged out hippies [not judging, it’s just a fact :) lol] Anyway, they were talking to us soooo much I was thinking “Man, we’re never gonna get outta here” THEN the one hippie dude says “Ya, it’s a really nice place to escape to, sometimes we just drive down there, you know, it’s the beach where…..what was that show….oh ya, where Lost was filmed” – COLIN & I were like “WHAT?!?” – coincidence?!? I think not. After mumbled directions that made absolutely no sense we back tracked to where they told us to go… a dead end. They must’ve been high b/c it wasn’t the right beach. Anyway we then proceeded to drive to EVERY beach entry in the vicinity and ask people where it was (**you wouldn’t believe how many locals told us different things)…..finally we found it 😀 
this is the beach 
further down near the tip

We took tons more shots but I’ll save them for a future update when I’m feeling sad. The beach was everything one could dream of on a honeymoon; deserted, over-flowing /w sea turtles and a beautiful sunset (which as you know we didn’t see many of). We loved this beach and we’re glad it only had local access 😀

The day we spent on the north shore of O’ahu was our favourite day :) not only did we end the night on LOST beach but we had awesome adventures during the day too….we did tons of snorkeling and saw amazing animals……like this MONK SEAL [only found in Hawaii]

I am not pointing anywhere close to the seal….can you find it???

I also got taken down by a HUGE sea turtle….it was during my first snorkeling experience and when I came up to adjust my mask something hit me ….and I screamed and it was just a sea turtle….but you can imagine what it would be like if it was a shark…..anyway back to my trip.

On the night after our wedding we went to one lu’au but after going to the Polynesian Cultural Center earlier in our trip, it was weak. lol. If you ever go to O’ahu go to the PPC it’s worth every penny 😀

at the Paradise Cove Lu’au
Everything we did in Hawaii was amazing! I apologize if you are soooo sick to death of hearing about my love of this trip and my hatred of my actual place of residency :)
at the PCC before the wedding day 

 The only day we could’ve gone /w out was when we visited Pearl Harbour (sorry it was cool and going to the USS Arizona Memorial was humbling and I may have cried a bit) but Colin & I don’t really like history. Isn’t that bad?!?! but we just don’t care for it LOL. I guess that goes back to my – what’s in the past- stays in the past mentality. Just learn from it, don’t dwell on it. We also we didn’t really like downtown Honolulu… was just like Toronto but /w palm trees and we are not city folks. I’m more like the country mouse that is forced to remain in a small city. * hint hint  again Colin <3

if you look closely you can see the memorial in the background

Other highlights of the trip were SCUBA – my first time 😀 definitely NOT my last. I loved it. Aside from the chance of death and possibility of sharks. lol

Hang-loose was also used underwater, as thumbs up means “I need to go up”

And my skinny MILF body….that I was sooooo proud of myself for obtaining in time for this trip. GO MOMS!!!!!

I have already gained 6 lbs since this trip! I blame this blog and all the amazing treats I have made on it 😛 
I hope everyone like this post even though it has nothing to do /w my usual food and/or running. I just wanted to remind myself of our fantastic time together and if YOU want I will do a wedding post one day in the future 😀 

1. what was one of your favourite trips??? Has anyone been to Europe?? 
– you guys may not believe this but I have only ever been to hawaii, florida and california. So sheltered. 

2. do you like snorkeling/scuba??? – if you haven’t done it, would you??

18 thoughts on “The weather here is NOT good….

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I used to live in Hawaii (on the Big Island) and now you have made me miss it! My favorite trip ever was to the Philippines–beautiful deserted beaches!

  2. AHHH!!! I LOVE this post! The pictures are all gorgeous! And you look so dang good!!!! You should be proud of that body. Dang, girl!
    So, it's still pretty hot and sunny here, in Calif, but come nov-march… I am not going to be a happy camper… so I say we just invite ourselves to Cecily's… then we won't even have to pay to stay anywhere!!!

    I've never been to Europe, but I have been to Hawaii a few times… we do a trip to Kauai ever other year. And I LOVE it there! I've done snorkeling before… but never scuba. I want to, but you have to get all certified and I'm nervous that the water will just be freezing the whole time and therefore, miserable… was it??

  3. This post is perfect for a rainy day like today (or rainy week as we've had)

    My favorite trip ever (so far) has been to Montana. Man, that's a pretty state!

    I can't believe that your dog doesn't eat Cheerios! My dog almost fainted when I told her. :)

  4. Apollo looks like a hugeazz horse!! Colin looks like a miniture Colin on him!!
    I too love Ariel… But Belle's my hands down fave… I mean…She loves to read, I love to read… She's got the library of my dreams!

  5. I just love looking at photos of Hawaii! Makes me want to go back again, and again, and again! It was probably my favorite trip so far! My last trip to Holland comes a very close second. I really like Europe, and would recommend going for sure!

    I like both snorkeling and scuba diving. What I don't like is Snuba, a combination of the two. It's nice to be able to sort of scuba without being trained, but it lacked the buoyancy control necessary to make the trip enjoyable. I spent the whole time at the bottom trying to swim up, and Jill spent the whole time at the top trying to swim down.

  6. OMG this post gave me goosebumps! My boyfriend and I went to Hawaii last year and I didn't want to come home! We did the Diamond Head hike and the horseback riding and the NORTH SHORE drive! Ahhh it was so amazing! My dream is to go back there and get married. I am in love with that place so so much!

  7. My husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon, loved it and wish I could go back again sometime. I love all your great pictures. I went to Italy before I got married and I recommend it. Italy is so beautiful everything about it was amazing. I hope to get back there again someday too.

  8. @Jessica @ rerunrunning Thanks Jess (if I can call you that….I feel like we are beyond full names) I love Cali!! and thanks for the lovely compliment I can't wait till I can have a runners body!!! I wonder how long that will take before I can pose on the front of runner's world 😛 lol

    scuba isn't cold b/c you wear a wet suit and I liked it better underwater than out. I think it's hard to get used to realizing YOU CAN breathe underwater. lol for our first dive all I kept saying in my head was "just keep breathing, just keep breathing" LOL

  9. @Kara – hahaaha! your dog comment made my day 😀 and Montana is one of the states I would love to visit (I have wanted to ever since Legends of the Fall)

    @MindyG – Belle IS pretty sweet too! and she WAS the "most beautiful girl in town, that makes her the best" lol and Apollo WAS big lol

    @Lsquared – Colin has been to Holland as well….you two will have to talk about it :) as for snuba the weight thing would bug me too it is way easier just hitting a button to balance with scuba. but LOL I am just picturing you and Jill 😛

    @Christina @ The Athletarian – That's AMAZING that you both go to go…when I do my wedding post in the future I can tell you how ours actually went. I think if it's your dream, you should do it!!!!

    @Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog – I've heard great things about Maui. Colin & I actually decided that that will be the next island we visit. I love that you had a PRE-wedding moon and a honey moon…..LUCKY 😀

  10. Great pictures! Thanks for taking us on your trip! :) My best trip ever was to Cancun with my husband before we got married. Also, I have snorkelled but never been SCUBA diving. Neither are really my thing. I prefer to lay by the water, not swim in it.

  11. @Ali Mc Oh, heck yes you can call me that… I like Jess better actually… :) And I think you're pretty much looking like runner's world material already in those shots!!!

  12. Oh I LOVE every one of this pictures! What a fun, awesome trip! And thanks for the shout out. I hope that means next time you take a tropical outing you choose St. Maarten!!! (Hopefully sometime in the next 20 months while I'm still here…please??)

    Yes, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Europe for two weeks with BYU Track and Field the summer after my freshman year of college. We competed in three track meets, one in Italy, one in Austria, and one in The Czech Republic. It was an AMAZING experience. Excited to go back someday!

  13. @Jessica @ rerunrunning

    Um, YES you definitely have a rockin' bod. And also, like Jess said we do go to Kauai every other summer and it's awesome. I've also been to Honolulu, and it is great, but like you said, a city with palm trees. Super crowded. Kauai is totally different, it's gorgeous and everywhere you go you feel like a local. It rocks.

  14. @Cecily @

    if we had any money right now (which we don't) I would come right this second! then we could run 3 miles together and I could wait on a beach till you got back from doing 12 more 😛 lol

    I have heard that Kauai is nice, and more private. I wanted to see Oahu first though, but I've heard it's most people's LEAST favourite – WOW!!!

    Oh and thanks for compliments on my bod….I made a pact /w myself earlier this month to not refer to myself as "fat" anymore….so I won't say that but my tummy isn't as tight as it used to be :)

    but hey, I have Lo and he was well worth it!!!

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