Halloween Quick Photoblog….

Ok folks – yep that’s how I roll. Anyway just b/c I am so excited about our Halloween I want to quickly show you some of the highlights! so scroll on through and enjoy – PS: don’t forget to ENTER MY ACTIVE BANDS GIVEAWAY! 

Yep, I made these bad boys – Dark Chocolate cupcakes /w  PUMPKIN swiss meringue buttercream
topped /w  yummy ghosts! Recipe to Follow :)
the ghost meringues were ok…but I don’t think I’ll tackle them again
Logan liked them though :)
We went to my moms and carved our pumpkins – Colin was excited
Here’s the one of the ones I did. lol
My bro’s pumpkin cat /w a cigar 
We had an awesome dinner – beef ribs, bakers and spinach salad!
(Nic & Dan are in Brasil)

Colin’s is the scary tree – it was the best :)

The COSTUMES!! – Rex the horse & Little Lo the Sheriff 
I just wanted everyone to admire my poncho ;)
Howdy Ma! – we had to safety pin his hat inside the big one so it wouldn’t fall off
A pretty decent Horse considering what I had /w me! lol



1. how was your Halloween??

2. what was your costume?? (I know I’ve already asked but some of you wouldn’t tell)