Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Chives

Yes, you did read the title correctly and I know as long as you are not a vegetarian you are drooling right now….and /w good reason! This is adapted from a recipe I found a while back from the blogchef so feel free to leave right now and follow his recipe OR stay here and find out how I made it even better!


see even Logan and Colin are excited about this recipe

I have never shown you my stuffed chicken breast recipe(s) – I do so many different combinations that there’s no telling what I’ll end up /w …one day I promise to post my most favourite one! but for now we are dealing /w rolled chicken breasts so PRE-HEAT your ovens to 400F and grab the following things:


  • 4 (or desired amount) thawed, boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 Tbsp of cream cheese PER breast
  • 1 or two cloves of garlic
  • a handful of fresh chives
  • 1 piece of raw bacon PER breast
  • toothpicks
  1. mince, press or finely chop the garlic.
  2. chop the chives and divide the garlic and chive mixture into equal portions for each breast.
    3. Using a CLEAN knife (I washed mine /w soap and water btwn each use) spread desired amount of cream cheese onto flattened chicken breast. (if you want you can use a mallet to smash them thinner)

4. Sprinkle some chives and garlic onto the breast – making sure you’ve left enough for all the others.


5. Gently roll the breast up starting with the smaller end – making sure it’s even on both sides


6. Take your piece of bacon and starting at one side of the breast wrap it tightly around the chicken.


7. Secure your bacon to the breast using a toothpick. (use as many as you need but remember how many you put in – so you can take them out before serving)


8. Place all the breasts in either a small baking dish OR on a baking sheet. I find you get a crispier bottom on the baking sheet but in the baking dish you get an easier cleanup (the grease that comes off the bacon will be neatly in the bottom of the pan.


** If you have a nice husband like mine tell him to put the chicken in the oven (center rack @ 400F) for 35-40 minutes (we do 35) while you ride the stationary bike AND hold your child like a muti-tasking CHAMPION! – exercising is optional but highly recommended. **


I had to move the bike in the living room so I could watch tv and cycle :)

9. When the chicken is done (juices run clear) you can move the chicken up to a higher rack in the oven and turn the broiler on while leaving the oven door open a bit. This will crisp up the bacon and make it even tastier!

****PLEASE watch your children during this step *****

    10. Once bacon is to desired crispy-ness remove from oven and let cool for a few minutes before serving.

We served ours with baby potatoes and green beans. I hadn’t had plain potatoes /w butter and pepper in sooooooo long it was amazing! the chicken and bacon was SOOOOOO good that I am actually sad Colin is eating what was leftover right now as I just simply write about it. :( so sad.

I think I might have a new career as a food model ;) lol

I think I might have a new career as a food model 😉 lol


1. What is your favourite meat/meat combo??
– definitely chicken and bacon. Sometimes I love pepperoni and salami – Subways Spicy Italian = YUM

32 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Chives

  1. This looks soooooooo good!!!! I am definitely going to try it sometime. 😀 I love anything that is with bacon. :) It's one of my favorite foods. And one of the worst for you. 😉

  2. I was just about to show this awesome recipe to Matt because I know he'd love it, but then I thought twice…He'll demand it right this second, and I don't have all the necessary ingredients yet. I can't wait to try it! I will time showing him your post perfectly so that when he starts drooling over your yummy pictures, I can make it right then and there and win wife of the year award :) Thanks!!

  3. i like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it's for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies.

  4. So… I can't say that this looks amazing right now… but believe me, nothing does. However, I know Jason will love it and since he'll be the man cooking for himself for the next few weeks… I'll direct him to this post! :)

    Love the first pic of Lo and Colin… so cute. Jay better be a good daddy like that. :) And you and little L on the bike! Love it!!!

  5. You made that dish look super easy and the meat stuff looks appealing, even though I'm not usually a big meat eater. You do have a career in food modeling in your future!

  6. @Garden Girl☺ I know. I have used turkey bacon which has way less fat (so healthier alternative) but Colin and I both LOVE real bacon. even when I was a vegetarian for 5 years I would always crave bacon whenever I smelt it 😀 YUM!

    @Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal – OH now I missed this and now it's tomorrow :) I would definitely come by b/c I have always wanted to see Colorado ;P so free accommodations in trade off for cooking 😛

    @Cecily @ hahaha, ya men and their meat loving – it's pretty easy. The original recipe just using a herb and garlic cream cheese and that is even easier….but Colin & I both agreed that adding the garlic and chives yourself tastes way better. I'll be excited to hear when you try it!

    @foodie @ Tasting Spot thanks foodie, but if you like my food pictures there is something quite not right as my pics are disastrous in comparison to the other food blogs out there 😉 lol I hate uploading anymore photos than I already have to but thanks for the invite and thanks for visiting :)

    @Jess @ rerunrunning – lol I love the idea of Jason trying to follow an Ali recipe 😛 hahaha and don't worry jason will be a great dad 😉 Colin & I aren't great every second of everyday but when you have a good team in marriage you WILL be good parents b/c that's the secret – helping each other and staying on the same team :) then parenting is easy!

    @Neon Blonde Runner thanks girl I can't wait to go creep your blog I'm glad we found each other!!! and lol I love the prospect of food modeling – there really should be a job title like that!

  7. Oh. Em. GEE! I love making these type of things with laughing cow cheese wedges. So good! Bacon though? That's genius.

  8. oh man my husband would be in love with you for making this :) I have found one of my favorite easy dishes is sliced apples with stuffing and pork chops

  9. Bacon wrapped pork chops have always been a favorite meat on meat indulgence for me, but this chicken wrapped in bacon looks just as good!

  10. Looks easy and amazing! Once again something that my husband would love! Bacon is one of my favorites, but my favorite meat would be crab legs if you count seafood : )

  11. @Ashley@Bakerbynature I've never tried bacon wrapped pork chops…I just went to your blog though and I can promise you i'll be creeping it for that recipe :) thanks for visiting :)

    @Paula – crab legs! lol I've never tried them. Such an interesting meat to pick. I wonder if crab and bacon would go well together?? b/c I know they do bacon wrapped scallops. Hmmmm PS: we both got married on the beach – where was your wedding??

  12. Really glad to find your blog! First of all, I need help with food ideas…I'm sooo uninspired. And secondly, you look too cute on that bike…one hot mama! I'm not a huge fan of bacon but darn this looks good.

  13. oh, and forgive me If I have already found your blog before and you're like "good grief lady, you've been here before and you don't even remember?!" I've got mommy brain big time!

  14. Aw Logan and Colin look so cute in that photo!
    And that looks delicious, I haven't cooked chicken since I got to uni, need to remedy this asap!
    And definitely on the food model career, you look gorgeous in that photo :-)

  15. @hauterunningmama it seems most of the readers think their husbands would love this! lol maybe I have a man's appetite :)

    @Amanda@runninghood – I don't think you have stopped by here before but I can totally relate to not remembering anything after motherhood! thanks for visiting. 😀 love your blog and fort!

    @Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn – thanks sophie you are too kind and NO chicken!!! argh I'd die. but I don't think I ate much in school either $$$

  16. Crab legs are AMAZING and so much fun to eat! You've got to try them!

    We got married in Gulf Shores, AL. Wedding of my dreams : ) Where was ya'lls?

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  20. Oooooh, I’m trying this tonight with my parents and oldest sister. They’re so excited, and they think it will be an experiment with their taste-buds since I’m only 15. It’s the oven now and I’m toooooo ready for it to come out. :)

  21. I found this recipe yesterday and it is just about to go I’m the oven as we speak (: all of my favorite things rolled into one! My husband is so excited he can hardly wait for dinner. Thanks for the dinner idea! I’m sure it’s going ton taste great!

  22. Thankyou for sharing this recipe :o)
    I made it, and even though, it was not as clean cut as your picture (the cheese melted into the dish!! It made a nice rue :o)
    I added fried mushroom, onions and the herb Thyme – which I mixed before placing on the chicken – I also used Cathedral cream cheese.
    Thanks for sharing :o) YUM!!

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