bands & dog runners…

so Thursday night I went to my brother’s CD release party! I know, can you believe that mom’s actually get to party and have fun sometimes?!

Don’t we all look so cute? semi formal attire was suggested
CHEERS! Nic & Colin

….we can’t normally go out and have fun so I won’t try to glamorize it. The life of a mother is really ALL about the kids. Thankfully this was a family event so my Aunt and my cousins watched little L while Colin, my mom and I went to Toronto to watch my brother’s band; Red Nightfall play. – hence the non blog posting, I was too tired and just decided to creep you all instead of writing myself 😉

there they are as cool as ever! my bro is on the guitar!

I know most people would say this about their family but my bro’s band is actually pretty awesome. So if you’d like to check them out please do so. Be warned that nothing on their album will make it into your workout mix though 😛 lol you can even follow them on twitter :)

there he is <3
In other news, I had a great run /w Rex last night. We did the Cupcake Classic in celebration of Jess’s 37th birthday (even though I found out about it late and actually didn’t enter and get my bib #) we finished the 3.7 miles in 35:36!!!! we continued to finish a full 4 miles and ended @36:25!! I was so proud of Rex and myself – we actually PR’d on this run as the last time we did a 4 mile run it took us over 38 mins!!! I think EVERYONE should head over to “Run /w Jess” and do the 3.7 miles for her bday! What a GREAT idea!! good thing I’m only turning 29 this year 😛 lol – that’ll be 2.9 miles please!

This run + my bro’s CD party actually = my post topic for today; Running /w your dog.

How? you ask…

mom, me and Aunt A

Well, my Aunt is a huge animal, people, anything bad in the world activist. God love her! She and my uncle showed up at my bro’s gig (gig sounds so funny) and she told me she’s one of those crazy people that have their heads yelling out their car windows yelling at people cycling /w dogs (which I have done numerous times) and running /w their dogs. She claimed that it was too hard on them and their joints and that they weren’t designed for long distances, only sprits.

I had to agree /w her in some ways b/c it’s true wolves would only be running to kill and catch prey, they would however be walking for quite long distances. She has two whippets – who can really run for short distances! but I wondered about my little mutt at home….So yesterday I looked up every thing and any thing to do /w dog running just to make sure I wasn’t hurting Rex.

Apparently slow treadmill run while I cycle next to him are better than cycling outside!

Here are the best and most important points I found:

  1. Let your dog slowly build up millage like you, yourself would do. – if you are already running 5 mile runs and fido has been on the couch for a while don’t drag him out for a 5 miler! Slowly train him like you would train yourself (I feel like this is a no-brainer, but you never know)
  2. Make sure your dog’s breed is one that is designed for running. ie: don’t run your bulldog for 8miles and expect that he could survive! – I also found it interesting that most sites I researched said that mid-sized MUTTS were the best running partners (So I immediately thought of Rex & Peanut). This is b/c crossbreeds usually don’t have all the health issues associated /w pruebreeds – for those of you wanting a running companion maybe the shelter is your best bet! 
  3. NOW this I was saving for a future post (even Colin told me I should post it for you) but STRETCHING after a run is also important for your dog! – Rex LOVES it when I stretch his legs out. He comes to lie beside me after I’m done my stretches and lets me stretch and massage his legs all over. 
  4. Be aware of weather conditions – dogs don’t do well in heat and humidity. So run at the coolest time of the day if you live in hot climates. Another good rule (one that I practiced this summer) is to go outside in your bare feet on the pavement and see if you can tolerate it – if you can’t, neither can your poor dog! as he only has pads on his feet (don’t you wish they made doggie runners!!) In colder weather make sure you stop to clear your dogs feet of snow and ice chunks!
  5. BRING enough water for BOTH of you! Rex drinks half if not more of my water bottle when we go out. He just loves to hydrate! lol – it may seem like an obvious one but remember your dog needs fuel and fluids too!
  6. If you ever have to encourage, pull or force your dog to keep moving or go faster – it is TOO much for him/her. I am totally guilty of this one, but that’s b/c we are in the process of learning to let ME keep the pace so in order to do that I have begun making Rex run the last mile faster than he’d like, in hopes he’d realize he’d better start slower. Now I feel bad :(
  7. Get vet clearance to make sure your dog can run! and also continue to go to the vet if anything happens. Rex hurt one of his pads really bad during one of our bike rides but I totally looked after it until it healed. BUT then I found this “mushers gel” and it is supposed to be awesome at creating a barrier btwn the ground and your dogs feet. I may buy it….or better yet just email them and ask to review it for the blog 😉
  8. Make sure your dog is an obedient walker on a leash BEFORE you start running. This will enable a smooth run that is both safe and stress-free. It is also a good idea to KEEP your dog on a leash… no matter how well behaved your dog is – if they want to go, they will go! 
Anyway the final thing you should really be aware of is it’s YOUR job to look after your pet. A dog is always willing to run and please you that they will literally run through pain, exhaustion and dehydration.

When I go for runs with Rex I am constantly reading his body language and trying to adjust my pace accordingly. I LOVE taking him on easy recovery runs b/c sometimes my pace is so slow he can do a brisk walk while I’m “running” it’s nice.

Colin getting ready to take Rex for a walk. 

Speaking of dogs….Rex’s fleas went out of control last night so we spent our ENTIRE friday cleaning like crazy people! I hate parasites….hate.

Oh ya, we gots the goods! 

We started when Logan went to bed at 8pm and finished at 1am! no joke. I think Rex should get fleas more often just so our house will be cleaned properly 😉

Colin was very diligent and it proved effective 

1. running /w dogs – YAY or NAY? 
I am SOOOOOO YAY! I think as long as you’re not an idiot and you are paying attention to your dog and use common sense it’s a great idea. I think Peanut is one of the nicest looking dogs I’ve ever seen! and Rex isn’t far behind since we started running together – he is gaining muscle and becoming more lean. PLUS he loves it!

2. any pet disaster stories you’d care to share?
Rex has attacked and killed; 1 raccoon, 1 squirrel, numerous birds and one bunny :( – He has also attacked not one, but two skunks and has been sprayed both times!!! this is our first dabble /w fleas but I’m sure our stories aren’t over 😉

14 thoughts on “bands & dog runners…

  1. This is a great post! I'm a fan of running with your dog but you're right in all that you say about not pushing them too hard, keeping them hydrated, and not running them on pavement too hot for their feet. The treadmill picture cracked me up! I'm pretty sure my dog would try doing the elliptical if it meant staying next to me! Hope you guys got all the fleas!

    Congratulations to your brother and his band on their CD release! That's pretty amazing!

  2. Every time I run it is with my dog. When we got her (in April) and took her to the vet to be checked out I checked with my vet and she said running with her was fine but to watch that I didn't run when it was too hot. I told her, "Believe me, the heat will bother me more than it does her (my dog) so I don't run in the heat."
    I think it is great to run with your dog because it also reminds you to enjoy the run. A lot of times I go out and don't feel like running or get all caught up with stuff in my head then I look at Sandy (my dog) and she is just trotting along so happy to just be out there. She reminds me to enjoy myself and take in my surroundings.
    Great post!

  3. LOVE this post! I don't have a dog or have eve ran with one but the last two weeks I have been thinking more and more about how much I want too!

    Send an e-mail and do a mushers gel review! I would love to read it!

    Have a fabulous weekend pretty lady!

  4. You always post the best pictures. 😀 I love your sisters hair! I wish mine looked like that. :) Your bros band looks awesome!
    I hate fleas! I think my dogs have only gotten them once. I use frontline every month on them and it seems to work pretty well keeping the fleas and ticks off. Do you use anything on Rex?
    My dogs never really attack anything now that I think about it! I am sure that they would if they could, but we never have any wild animals that wander near our house. They usually all stay in the woods.

  5. I LOVE that you posted this. I see people trying to run with their dogs that look like they are just exhausted and I want to yell at them! Great tips, I hope a lot of people learn from them :-)

    Your dog is adorable and I love that he is a mutt. They truly are the best.

  6. Great doggy post! My dog is a cow dog, they are made to run all day! High energy! Your dog looks pretty sweet too!

  7. When I first found out we'd be moving to the Caribbean I briefly entertained the idea of getting a dog for the sole purpose of having a running buddy to help keep me company and keep me safe. It didn't happen, but I think it's for the best. There are so many stray dogs on the island: they don't usually care about me, but I think if I had a dog with me, I'd spend more time keeping the peace than running. Love it when you put up pics of Rex on the tread!

  8. @Suz and Allan thanks! and ya, we put rex on the treadmill quite a bit just b/c he loves it! it's great for when it's raining :) and I just found more fleas! ARGH!!!!

    @Patty T – I love that you run /w you dog! she's a spunky pup still too so it'll be good for her. I love running /w dogs! thanks Patty :)

    @Siobhan @sio 'n the run – I will send them an email, never hurts to ask :) and I hope one day you get a dog and run with it :) so fun but lots of training.

    @Garden Girl☺ thanks GG. She'll be happy to hear that, she has always wanted a bob but b/c her hair is curly no hairdresser would do it….she finally got some guy that knew what he was doing and she looks great! lol those are his pj pants 😛 it was late! and thanks about my photos 😀

    @Sarah Grecco you should do it. They learn fast and if you just attach the kill key to their collar they'll just hope off when they've had enough. I LOVE IT for rainy days

    @MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College – thank you! and thanks for visiting :) ya I always try to watch Rex to make sure he's doing ok! I LOVE mutts. I have only ever owned mixed breeds :) so maybe I'm bias but I wouldn't have it any other way!

    @Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog – ya your dog is awesome Christy. you probably don't even have to leash up! lol

    @Cecily @ thanks Cec have an AWESOME birthday!!!!! YAY 23!!!! /…..23 was a good year for me I liked it and I hope Matt bought you a racing puppy :)

  9. If I had a dog I would totally be a YAY! I think it would be so much fun! It would have to be a big dog like Rex though. If I had a small dog I would probably end up dragging it and that would NOT be good.

  10. Oh my gosh that is so funny!! I can't believe your dog goes on the treadmill, Craig and I have joked about it so many times putting Cooper on one because he is so crazy! I love it!! I love the idea of running with my puppy, he just needs a little training right now.

  11. I have a shih tzu so running with her is a no go. I think it's okay if you have a breed that can run. However, I don't know that making your dog keep up with a bike is right.

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