Friends, Fall and Food….

There has been a lack of little L on my blog for what I consider to be too long of a period….so here are some pics from our lovely visit /w our friends on a beautiful fall day.

Wheeeeeee Dad I’m going to be sick.
little Logan <3 he is just the cutest man ever!
It had definitely been too long since we last saw our new parent friends, aside from a quick meet & greet of their precious baby Lillian when she was a “freshie” (as I call them) we hadn’t really gotten to hang out /w the cutie baby at all. 
a bit fuzzy, I was trying to test out all my new camera skills to no avail
We had such a great time just chilling and talking. No, you aren’t dreaming this IS a backyard BBQ AND TV on the covered outside back porch!!!! I feel like this just may be every man’s dream….well that and some lobster ;) 
Colin & Colin – yep same name! 

The women just hung out /w the kids, as per usual. We had planned to make cupcakes but the baby and tot fall photo shoot took priority….

Hey Lily, here’s a cool leaf for you

Not many of my photos were spectacular but I thought they were cute enough to post anyway :D

Mmmmmm see leaves are great to put in your mouth!
I think you may be on to something…they ARE good 
Colin (not mine) loves to cook and usually creates a mean dish! Our dinner was a bbq plater fit for any RwS fan; beautiful whole wheat bun /w a homemade red pepper spread, grilled chicken and veg…roasted peppers and potato salad on the side. I was in heaven. I had run 5miles that day and thus devour this entire meal in a matter of minutes! YUM :D
so good!

Overall this hangout was awesome! I really enjoy having parent-kid hangs. I find them to be a nice change for our usual alone time (all the time). I didn’t post any pics from later on b/c Logan turned into a tired, cranky scary person that neither Colin nor I were prepared to deal /w…I can’t wait till this stage is over! 

Look Mom! I can throw leaves just like I can throw a tantrum! 


1. for anyone that has more than one child – how do you get them both looking at the camera at the same time?!!

2. do you have any awesome features in your backyard I should know about? 
- we were excited for our fire bowl and our picnic table. Nothing remotely cool happening in our backyard. Now all I want is a deck /w a tv, a treadmill and a bbq :P lol

15 thoughts on “Friends, Fall and Food….

  1. Love the pictures!!! That cute baby girl looks how I look when I'm eating candy in that last picture ;) I like the second pic of Logan the best, so artsy and heartwarming at the same time.

  2. Such cute photos of the little ones! We finished the house but our yard is EMPTY. So boring, I can't wait to do something nice with it!

  3. just wanted to chime in and agree that your camera skills are getting better each day..these pics are beautiful!

    p.s. that dinner looks sooo good, nom!

  4. @evafitness – lol ya that's how I look when I am eating goodies too! lol and thank you :)

    @Julia – I love bbq's too. Hence why I was in love /w that covered porch idea! they can bbq all year round :)

    @Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner CONGRATS on finishing your beautiful house Vanessa! I love your place. It looks like a dream home. I'm sure come spring you will have lots of ideas for the backyard

    @Garden Girl☺ – Oh thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I always thought I was a good photographer in the sense that I had "the eye" but ever since I started trying to shoot manually it's been tough…so your comment made my day!!! thanks :D

    @Theresa thank you! everyone is sooooo sweet to me :) and ya that chicken burger goodness was amazing! YUM – PS: I didn't et wings last night :( booooo

  5. soo cute, love it! I wish I could share some great stuff in our yard, but we're so boring. We have a swing set from the last fam, but that's it.

  6. I really love all of these photos! They make me so excited for fall and the cold weather!! Logan is simply adorable..and insanely photogenic!

    I don't have a backyard now, but as a kid I had this cool treehouse and a rope swing on a huge tree as well. I think I spent 90% of my childhood on it :)

  7. For Scott's 8th b-day, he and Brad made a tree-house in the backyard. The process of building it together turned out to be better than having the actual tree house!

    And I love the pics!

    And, I think what you are looking at is a sun room w. BBQ, Tready & TV :)

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