Happy Thanksgiving Monday….

So for all my Canadian friends today was a holiday, which equals no work and an extra long weekend YAY! (I know it was Columbus Day for my American friends….but not a long weekend)

We had our Thanksgiving dinner /w Colin’s family. We normally visit both sides but my mother had to work all weekend (she works at the hospital) so it was just the in-laws this year.

I was still sick and I apologize b/c Ali sick makes for a pitifully low fun-o-meter…which means nothing out of the ordinary or remotely cool happened.

When we arrive we just hung out /w Colin’s parents and his g-ma. Then later, while we were waiting for Colin’s brother’s family to show up, decided to go for a walk around the retirement community his parents inhabit – I chose that word b/c it’s almost like elderly people are their own species when you’re there. It’s weird. 
I love Logan in the pic
Colin & I always get to bring Rex to his parents which is nice b/c my mom rarely lets him come to our house :( mainly b/c when Rex was younger he destroyed her fence. Oops. The Wrights place backs onto this beautiful wood lot, there is also a huge pond /w swans and the whole bit. 

Rex had some fun times chasing the ball around….

I think Logan just enjoyed being outside…

When we got back to the house the cousins had arrived! so little L was super excited to play /w them. I felt like the worst Aunt ever! normally I’m right down playing /w everyone but I didn’t want to get anyone sick and I felt like crap. I literally sat in the same chair for the majority of the get-together. lame.

At least I had Ashley. She was awesome! Not only did she hand deliver me veggies so I didn’t have to get up she also came over and played games /w me. Her favourite Aunt is now living in Thailand so I’m gonna have to step up my game :)

Like father, like son. I caught both of the men sneaking turkey while they were supposed to be carving it! I also caught Colin’s father sneaking food to Rex, which is not allowed.

We try not to feed him human food for a few of reasons a) so his farts don’t smell b) so he doesn’t beg c) so he’ll eat the crap logan throws on the floor ….but the MAIN reason is to avoid this face…

look closely and enlarge – pure fixation. there is NO getting through to him when like this. 

Dinner was great but I didn’t get to fully enjoy this holiday. I would normally have at least two helpings and my first plate would’ve been over-flowing /w the maximum amount of food possible. However, when you’re sick food tastes different and there was no point wasting any of it. I’ve been having a hard time eating this whole week. Blah.

Sidney wouldn’t let me get a pic of her face so we’ll just refer to her as “milk cup face” her new alias. 
Somehow when you’re sick desserts still taste good so I definitely had room for pumpkin pie! Donna, Colin’s mom makes it completely from scratch and you can taste the difference. Though, I still think my mom’s is better :P 

Colin was an awesome uncle and dad as per usual and T-man (Tristan) looked after Logan the entire time we were there. It’s nice to know he has future babysitters in the family.

Overall our Thanksgiving holiday was awesome. I wish I was feeling better but hey, wishing for things isn’t what this holiday is about so I’ll just tell you what I’m thankful for this weekend:
  • awesome weather
  • friends & family
  • amazing food
  • cheap xmas present finds (yep we got Logan something already SCORE!)
1. what are YOU thankful for??

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Monday….

  1. I am sooooooooooooooo jealous!!!! I want Thanksgiving to be here already! I am so sorry that you were not feeling good. :( at least there are always left overs to enjoy. :D
    That pumpkin pie looks awfully good. I WANT A PIECE! Maybe I will have to go get another blizzard in the morning. ;)
    I made your peach pie recipe and meatloaf today!!!!! They were FABULOUS! If you dont mind, could I post the peach pie recipe on my blog? I know it's not a food blog but what ever. ;)

  2. I'm sorry you're sick, but I'm glad you made the best of it and had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I'm thankful for many things, but most importantly my family, friends, and good health. The weather has been awesome here, too, and I'm really going to miss it when it's gone…

  3. @Garden Girl☺ – do not mind one little bit but if you wouldn't mind giving my grandma a shout out ;) lol it is her recipe after all :D and I am so glad it worked out!

    @Matt @ Faster Than a Turtle – I am actually finally feeling leaps and bounds better this morning. I think my body just needed more rest and it took me a long time to be able to get it. and I am gonna miss this weather too….sigh

    @Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog – great toast! to good health :D

  4. Theron does that fixated gaze too… Dogs are so stubborn. It looks like you guys had a blast… for being sick you still looked beautiful!!!

  5. happy thanksgiving!! so sorry to hear that you are still sick :( is it weird that usually when I'm sick I tend to eat more? i guess its a whole mind trick thing that because I feel weak that food will somehow magically make it better, haha!

    i'm super thankful for my family and friends..my animals…anything with pb and nutella..wings..ohhh the list goes on and on :)

  6. Yea!!!! Glad there was turkey and pumpkin pie!!! I love Thanksgiving!!! I'm sorry you weren't feeling up to your usual self and couldn't play with the kids or enjoy the food… that last bit is basically tragic! Glad the pumpkin pie was still okay. :)

    Now I'm super pumped for our Thanksgiving… but I'd better calm that down, since we still have over a month. Maybe you should come visit and have dinner with us during our Thanksgiving, because by then you'll be feeling better and can actually enjoy the food! (Actually, I guess the pie is my favorite part anyway…)

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