interview BS and other stuff….

now I don’t like to use my blog to bitch…but given the circumstances of what went down today this is going to be an exception. I emailed numerous companies a few weeks ago asking for tips, entry level positions or anything else they could give me b/c I wanted to delve into a career in fitness. I received a call from Premier fitness yesterday saying they were going to interview me today for their personal trainer position. I thought that was weird considering I had no experience but arranged for childcare, got myself ready this morning and went to the interview……

…..this is my pissed off face. I’ll tell you why this is how I currently look in a second. I just really want you all to absorb how angry I am at this moment.

not impressed. 
So, I get there. Wait….wait some more. Then this guy comes out brings me back into his office. Starts to interview me then realizes I have no previous experience. He said why did you apply for this position /w no experience? I said I didn’t I emailed enquiring information regarding what I needed to do to get this position. He said well I can’t interview you. You’ll have to wait for ….another guy. ok. 
So I wait and wait some more. The next guy finally comes out says he is only interviewing for the personal trainer position today and tells me I’d be a good fitness consultant based on my resume. He too asked me why I was called in. I said “I don’t know.” He said “well you don’t have the experience, but we actually like when people don’t have experience” I said “well then are you going to interview me since I am here?” he says “no, I’m gonna need to look over your resume and I’ll call you next week to arrange an interview” I say “shouldn’t you have already looked over my resume?!?!?” Anyway….apparently he is gonna call me next week, but frankly I am so mad and disgusted at their lack of organization that I don’t even want to work there. So don’t ask me about it. Thanks for letting me vent 😀
Ok on to nicer things…..
Logan LOVES his new ride that we bought for him off kijiji for $10 this weekend SCORE 😀

Colin has been the best husband ever I told him this yesterday after saying, and I quote “baby, I never thought I’d only want to have sex /w one person, but you are the only one I want to do that with” 😉 he laughed and I think he was grateful 😛 – I think he was secretly thinking “ummmm good Alison b/c we’re married and I’m the only one you CAN do that with” [I apologize if this was TMI]

Logan & Rex have been the best of friends and they played all night together last night….running and laughing and licking head banging and frolicking…

I am utilizing the weight I lost while being sick and now only have 2 lbs to go till I reach my goal weight! SCORE 😀 My mom told me I look too thin…I told her it’s b/c my skin is so ghostly white since I had to quit tanning almost 4 months ago now!!!!

Logan has been a huge whiner and I have been extremely tired. I am ALMOST 100% I think I may need to wait one more day before I run. I had a WHOLE week /w no running and to be honest I thought I wouldn’t make it. Good thing that last run almost killed me so I wouldn’t try and prematurely do it a second time.

Anyway, I have a few GREAT surprises coming up in the near future which may or may not include my first ever product REVIEW 😀 and my first ever product GIVEAWAY 😀 so fasten your seat-belts things are about to get awesome on RwS!!!!

Hope all is well I have to go to work after I have a long nap so I will creep you all later XOXOXOX

14 thoughts on “interview BS and other stuff….

  1. I hate unorganized places. Hello! It isn't like you just showed up unscheduled! They called you and scheduled an interview! Sorry, things like that just really irritate me.
    P.S. The sex comment is hilarious!

  2. OMG girl you kill me! I really do hope he's the ONLY ONE you ever want to have sex with or else that would be BAD NEWS. I hope everything works out in terms of jobs! Maybe you should look around and see if other gyms are hiring! There are so many Extreme Fitness and Goodlife locations in the city too :)

  3. Oh, wow…that interview sounds like a disaster! I often get my hopes up for stuff like that, and it can be such a let down if it doesn't work out!

  4. Urgh that sounds so frustrating :-(
    I hope you do find something good soon :-)
    Love the sex comment: hilarious!
    Logan looks adorable in his little ride!

  5. I hate that! Like when you are on the phone and say they will transfer you to the right person and transfer you to a different person who then has to transfer you to a different person and so on. AARRRRRRRGGGGG haha I just hang up when that happens but then again you cant just hang up when you are there in person. 😛

  6. @Min Grange haha thanks 😀 it was a funny convo.

    @Patty T – I've heard bad things about this gym but whatever I need a job that pays more. things like that irritate me too! grrrr

    @Kara – thanks Kara, I love babies and dogs hence my love of your blog.

    @Julia – it was thanks for your kind encouragement. 😀

    @Christina @ The Athletarian hahaha he IS I assure you 😛 I am going to go to other gyms not giving up yet :)

    @Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner – I know! I always try to go into things positively and when they don't work out I find it hard not to get upset 😛

    @Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn – thanks Sophie and logan does look cute in his ride….he loves it :)

    @Garden Girl☺ I know! it was exactly like that….I was impressed 😐

  7. That is really lame about the interview! Very unprofessional! Hopefully something else will come your way from a place that actually knows what's going on.

  8. Logan and Rex are the cutest things ever. BOOO…who doesn't read through the resume before making an interview appointment..that is SO annoying!

  9. I can't believe that place did that to you!! It reminded me of the time I got a callback for a second inteview for a "Marketing Account Manager" and ended up at a COSTCO learning how to sell DIRECT TV. I was like "Look, this is clearly a sales job, not marketing and you should be ashamed that you try to trick people into coming here. Thank you for wasting my time" then i walked off in a huff! Sure showed THEM! Haha.

  10. Haha… I bet Colin did appreciate that! :) Hee hee… I'm sorry about that job interview… I think I'd be pretty ticked off too. You should have charged them for the babysitting. :)

    Colin is a pretty great dad! And you are all just the cutest family… Jason and I are trying to be as cool as you guys are! :)

  11. @Jessica @ rerunrunning you will be, probably better….parenting is crazy there are so many books, different opinions and everyone will be sure to tell you theirs, but the bottom line is – just love the kid, act like one at least once a day and have fun. you'll do fine!

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