The most boring Sunday and more recipe links…

Oh yay it’s us getting pumpkins…

…oh, no it’s not :( it’s some weird looking 15lb heavier dark hair girl, Colin and a baby!

Yesterday was raining so our family plans of going to pick our pumpkins early; having fields full of them to run and frolic joyously through were destroyed. That picture was of us last October, I pretty sure it was the week before Halloween; hence the lack of pumpkin choices. I think Logan was too young to really enjoy it anyway, so this year I anticipate GREATNESS 😀
So instead we were trapped inside the house all day 
/w a toddler. 
Needless to say the day consisted of “car” zooming, lots of movies and arts and crafts. (yes, that IS a toilet paper shaker) 

Then during nap time I decided to test out my “new” bread pans. I was originally going to make something sweet but to be honest my body is beginning to feel the excess sweet-tooth treats and it’s not enjoying it. So I’m taking a break! 

Instead I made Beer Bread (using beer b/c I had no yeast). I do have beer on hand though! …but not for the reason you’re all assuming 😛 Neither Colin or I drink beer. We are just AWESOME hosts and have beer on hand for guests 😀 …aren’t we so thoughtful?? 

Beer Bread [Original Recipe]

I know that any one who has been reading me a while is SHOCKED that there was no photo essay of how the recipe went down but I wasn’t in the mood. I hate being trapped inside and I hate the cold and I live in Canada were it rains, snows or is cold. ALL THE TIME! plus the recipe was literally “throw in all the ingredients, mix and top /w butter – bake” I just couldn’t justify drawing that out and making everyone as bored as I was – you’re welcome!

For dinner I made my FIRST ever meatloaf – using ground turkey and it turned out FABULOUS! I highly recommend this recipe. Although I’ve never tried any other meatloaf so I have nothing to compare it to. The original recipe can be found HERE :)

Served /w green beans and wild rice and even Logan was gobbling it up. ….and yes, Logan does actually sit at the table now. I showed Colin Kara’s daughter Faith, who is only 15-16 months eating at the table and told Colin he had better toss that tray away and teach Logan to be a man 😛 (you guys know I don’t sound like that right??) 

Look how great he’s doing!!

Believe me he’s demanded cutlery since he could eat and he still sneaks a bite or two /w his hands 😛 lol
So that was most likely the most boring weekend ever in existence at my house and I am only glad I got to share it with you so I can perhaps hear about how AMAZING your weekends were instead. I will take living vicariously through you over being rained in the house any day!
1. How was your Sunday??? was the weather nice??
2. Do you like meatloaf? have you ever eaten it?? have you ever made it??

17 thoughts on “The most boring Sunday and more recipe links…

  1. My weekend wasn't much better! I didn't have anything to do so I just hung out at home with my dogs!
    I LOVE meatloaf! Mine never turn out very good and are always watery. :( Yours looks really good! I want to try that recipe!
    Logan is so cute eating at the table!
    P.S Im still trying to find a time to go to Dairy Queen for one of those blizzards!

  2. I'm hoping to go pumpkin picking in 2 weeks. We have a tradition where we go with another couple that we are friends with. The wife is due with their first child on 10/16 but said she wants to go that day if she hasn't given birth yet. If she does, I guess we go and then bring her a pumpkin at the hospital afterwards.

  3. We had amazing weather for Sunday. It was a good Sunday at that. Got to have Breakfast with Mike without kids….and did my longest run yet (only 8.12 miles but still!). The weather this week is supposed to be sunny and 72 ALL WEEK. Like how can we get this lucky in Wisconsin in October!?

  4. I've never been pumpkin picking before, but apple picking was awesome last year. i love fall activities!

    sunday was good :) ran my half marathon, then vegged out and ate alot of pizza..oh and watched football. not a bad sunday at all, haha.

    i love meatloaf and yet have never made it myself. this is on my to-do list this fall!

  5. I want to pumpkin picking so badly. My family is visiting me next week so I hope we get around to it. None of us have ever been before!

  6. I love meatloaf, and like to make it… my next loafy project is LENTIL LOAF! I have a recipe to try soon, and will tell you if it's as good as meatloaf. :)

  7. Oh Ali! Guess what I just did!!!!!! Thats right, I just went to Dairy Queen! Omg the pumpkin pie blizzard is amazing!!!!!!!! I am eating it as I write this comment! IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its my new favorite kind of blizzard. 😀 Maybe I new favorite kind of ice cream that I have ever eaten!

  8. @Garden Girl☺ – hanging out /w dog(s) is one of my favourite past times 😉 It was my first meatloaf so who knows it could be b/c turkey is leaner than beef?! and go get yourself a blizzard! you deserve it 😀

    @Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run I wouldn't worry if it's her first child…but you never know. I went to see Avatar in the theater on the night Logan was supposed to be born. Won't that be fun is she has her babe picking pumpkins! lol

    @Sweet and Savory by Sarah – I can't remember the last breakfast I had /w out Logan. Lucky! WOW good run girl!!! and that weather sounds beautiful. and you'll have to shoot me one of your meatloaf recipes

    @Theresa – I have only been the once, last year b/c I want to be a "good" parent and do all the things you should do with your kids LOL …actually I'm just realizing that was a lie, I used to go as a child myself. and I can't wait to run a half. I recommend using turkey instead of beef. It was a lot lighter!

    @Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner Vanessa! you have to go. We go to this farm where the price of your pumpkin and your tractor hayride are included! it's awesome….pony rides, apples and all!! 😀 I hope you have a great time

    @Min Grange – Lentil loaf! that sounds so good. Probably super good for you too. let me know how it turns out!

    @Garden Girl☺ HAHAHA I love it!!!! I apologize if you are now hooked and thus gain 10 lbs during every october from here on out b/c I've already had 2! and it's only the 3rd lol

  9. He does look like such a man eating at the table… but actually so much cuter than most of the men are when they eat! :)

    I'm sorry you didn't get to go get pumpkins… boo. We haven't got ours yet either… for two reasons; 1) it may still get pretty hot here before the end of the month and make our pumpkins look a little wrinkly and old and 2) we live next door to the high school and I'm scared that if I get them too early they will just be chucked in the road. Silly pubescent zit-faced teenagers. (Okay, that was a little harsh… especially since my skin tends to think I'm a teenagers still sometimes.)

    I have only ever had meatloaf like two times… once at a friend's in New York and I think I had food poisoning because I barfed it all up and the other was my sister in law's and it was dang good… so in my head it's totally hit or miss… will I like it or will I lose it? Turkey seems promising though so I'll have to try it. And that bread looks so yummy all sliced up pretty in that pictures… mmmm… I love the smell of bread baking!

  10. @Jessica @ rerunrunning yuck about the meat loaf and I didn't have any issues /w this one. it was YUM! and I agree about living next to the high school. I live beside an elementary school and our neighbs got their pumpkin smashed last year. :(

    I told Colin – hey this year at least if some kid does smask them I can confidently run after them 😀 lol

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