My first 5k recap….

YAY! it’s the race recap you’ve all been waiting for….mainly b/c I reminded you about my “first ever race” more than anyone should in the 2+ months we’ve known each other. It was a little excessive wasn’t it…..

So I had packed and organized as much as possible the night before and we all got up early and Colin & I got Lo all packed up to headed to Toronto – we stopped for the best possible pre-race breakfast fuel; Mcdonalds hashbrows….
mom why can’t you feed me this stuff all the time?
MMMMMMMMMMM…I am loving it – but never again will I race on McD’s it was my amateur mistake #1 for the day – gut rot running = blah.
my little race morning buddy :)
My cousin Lyndsey [PS: her blog is awesome and has lots of DIY projects!] happens to live in the downtown so we were all set to meet her at her place and then walk to the shuttle bus. Problem one happened right away – the highway to get to TO from our place was closed = Major delays and detour. Good thing we left early. THEN once in Toronto it took us about 20mins just to get to her place b/c of all the road closures for the marathon = Upset Colin. We still ended up getting there for just after 10am. SCORE!
I wore Colin’s fleece pants to stay warm – I think they make me look a little “clown-esq”
We walked to where the shuttle bus for participants was SUPPOSED to be and only got there 5 mins before the last bus was due to arrive. Thankfully the cop near there told us he knew the bus was in a northern direction – so off we ran. We probably had the best pre-race warmup anyone has ever seen. It was probably close to 2 or 3 kms. lol but we made it.
YAY we made it to the bus 😀
We ran into some super cool people who were also running for the shuttle bus and lo and behold, they were at the back of the bus when we got on – you know, the place where all the cool people sit :) I’m cool so I always sit there…it’s a must do for anyone’s bucket list.
Anyway these peeps were pretty chill and the guy, Jason actually tweeted during our ride so that’s when we knew we were /w the right people; all on the same page of internet-technology-social-networking #loser-ness :) He ended up finishing just after me at 27:10 WOOOHOO!
Anyway on to the race –
So at this point Colin and Lo were somewhere near the finish line and Lyndz and I were jammed packed in a sea of 5k participants. I for some reason left my running sweater with Colin and thus was FREEZING my ass off, while everyone and their aunt reminded me of that fact by stating redundantly “aren’t you cold?!” – “YES, yes I am you idiot” – mistake #2, dress appropriately.
Yes, those are my nipples and please don’t zoom in on them like a perv. it was cold.
I had discovered earlier in an internet search “what NOT to do for your first race” that you should ask surrounding racers what pace they were running so as not to start in the wrong position. So needless to say when I got to the front of the yellow corral and asked the guy next to me what pace he was aiming for and he said “I’m walking” and then I glanced in front of me and saw what appeared to be a kid Logan could beat up, I was worried.
the starting line (lyndz pic) good thing this was chipped.
We moved to the back of the red corral and found another group of interesting people that were aiming for the same pace as me. They told me not to waste my energy at the start of the race passing people and assured me I’d pass them all later. They were cool and they are also running AROUND THE BAY :)
So when the gun went off or the horn or whatever I heard I basically just walked to the starting line. Everyone was moving so slow like herded cattle…however as soon as my chipped running shoe passed that starting line I did exacting what the pro racers told me not to and I began weaving in and out of people trying to stay to the left and get the F*** out of the slow people’s way. I was feeling awesome.
At about what I can only assume was halfway (I saw no km markers but they were there, apparently) I could tell I was tired. But I just kept running. I had no watch, no ipod, nothing to go on. I started getting kind of worried b/c I thought the water station was supposed to be at the halfway point…I kept running. Passing people along the way.
THEN just when I couldn’t push myself to go any faster my pace started evening out and a guy that was /w the guy who told me he was walking – passed me 😛 ARGH! So I paced myself /w him b/c that really pissed me off. and then what I was told was a “flat & fast race” was all of a sudden going UP HILL on a incline! I thought my legs were going to fall off. Although now the fact that I was only wearing a tank top didn’t bother me, so that was good. In anticipation of the hill I slowed my pace and just focused on keeping my breathing normal and non-asthmatic.
Once at the top I briefly contemplated stopping to walk but talked myself out of it and pulled a “dory” – “just keep running, just keep running” and then – there it was, like a beacon of light in the dark grey sky; the water station and a flag that read “4km” YAY!!!!!
Then the 3rd worst decision/mistake of the day was made by this amateur racer – I grabbed the first cup I saw, I even heard the guy say “woah you look like you need this”, and I tossed it in my mouth and felt like the guy on Seinfeld – it was gatorade and now my eyelashes were being held together /w sugar. I screamed, “where’s the water?!?!” and they pointed to the next batch of volunteers. So I grabbed one drank it and kept running.
My gut was killing me from that unnecessary does of sweetness and finally I saw 500m signs but I hadn’t paced myself properly and just couldn’t run any faster. By this point all the smart people that had been pacing themselves now began to pass me. It sucked.
However, then around the 200m mark (where colin saw me – he could only get a pic of my behind profile b/c Logan was apparently SCREAMING and freaking out) I could make out the time and saw 27:46 on the clock… I ran on then I hear “Ali” “Alison” and I turn and see The Athetarian and I give her a “HEY” /w a smile and keep running – finishing at 28:17 on the clock!!!! (later to find out my chipped time was 26:56!!!)
There I go! I got compliments on my shoes btw 😉
I was soooooo happy to be done the race and under my goal time 😀 YAY ME!!!
The end of the race was pretty cool for a newbie like me. I got my photo taken, got a shinny medal (my first), got a cool wrap to keep me warm that I chose to wear as a cape and then got a plethora of post-race goodies and water. I skipped the gatorade.
Colin managed to sneak a pic of the food….it was really healthy – Canadians. What is wrong /w us??
They call me “The Milf Racer”
Yep, that’s the medal – it’s kind of a “Big Deal”
I waited for Lyndz who also PR’d and finished in 37mins!!! wooohoo! and Colin & Lo found me and then we decided to walk home b/c I couldn’t find Christina and there was nothing cool happening – no free running gear = LAME. We got to watch a lot of the marathoners come in and it was nice to cheer them on for their last km.
Oh yeah, we’re awesome!!!
The balloons were a really nice touch. I guess 5k people aren’t deserving enough for plastic displays of affection.
Logan fell asleep :)
but then he woke up
Despite his pouty face he really loved being held by Lyndz.
What a cutie :)
On the way home Colin bought me a much deserved PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARD (3rd one this October) and overall this day was one of the greatest day’s of my life. I am now officially a runner 😀 and I can’t wait to race more!!!!
I apologize for this picture – scariest eye-to-smile ratio EVER!
Mom I hate your stupid medal get it off me!

1. what is your favourite part of this recap?? photo??

2. how did YOUR last race go?? or tell me about your first race :)

34 thoughts on “My first 5k recap….

  1. Congrats Ali 😀 So proud of you :) I like how you said "I am officially a runner" That must feel so good :) So proud of you <3

    I have never raced before, but really enjoyed your recap AND your blog in general :) <3 just found it xo

  2. Yay! Congrats on running your first race AND having an awesome time finish!

    If it makes you feel better my first race was a disaster. It was the hilliest course, it took forever, I wasn't really prepared, and I couldn't find the finish line (it was tucked away around a tight bend). I saw everyone in one spot so I assumed since it was an unofficial start there was no finish line. Dumb.


    I am so so excited that you ran your first race and completed in such an awesome time!!! WOW. Congratulations!!!!!

    I'm so glad you're up for another race too! YAY for running!

  4. @dashofmeg – Thanks Meg and thanks for stopping by and for the congrats 😀 I am so excited!

    @Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal – YES! I did WOOHOO!

    @Heather thanks Heather :) your first race sounds so confusing! lol made me laugh 😀

    @Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner – thanks Vanessa! now if only I can maintain that same pace for longer distances and I'll be set :)

    @Anna @ Food Fitness Frolicking YAY! so glad it made your day b/c it definitely made mine :) double YAY YAY for running!!!!

  5. congrats on your first race and what an exciting time!! Your son is adorable, and I would say my fave part of the recap was the pumpkin pie blizzard…i kid, i kid (but it did look good), my favorite part was the lessons learned for your next race…always cool to build on race experiences!!

  6. Excellent job on your first race – that is a great time! You should be so proud. :) Pictures are great btw.

    My first race was a 10K and my goal was just not to walk, which I did. When I finished I had never been more excited, even if I ran it pretty slowly, but it was fun running with so many other people.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!! THIS MADE MY DAY! CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST RACE EVER!! Girl, you are so beautiful and I loved your facial expressions. Yeah…probably try not to have Mickey D's before a race ha but the blizzard afterwards IS necessary!

  8. YAAAY congrats on your first 5k!!!

    You totally beat your goal time and did awesome! You totally pushed yourself, which makes me happy.

    I remember the feeling after my 10k last year (may 2010), it was like the best feeling ever and I knew I was hooked…sounds like that may be the case for you as well!

  9. Congratulations mama! Your first race and you smashed your goal time :) Wahoooo! So excited for you!

    Logan is just too cute for words. Holy smokes he is a handsome little guy.

    Pumpkin pie blizzard? That sounds fabulous. I may need to create one at home tonight for desert :)

  10. amazing!! What a great time, and for your first race! ps. maybe your eye to smile ratio isn't your ideal in that last photo but you remind me of the very beautiful, jealousy worthy, Kate Walsh!
    Great job you runner you!

  11. You're amazing! I'm so happy for you! I think you learned a lot of good things in this first race, and I love that you were competitive and went out hard even though people were telling you not too :) I'm glad you went for it! That is so cool that Christina came too. I wish you'd been able to catch up with her after the race also.

    Ice cream is my favorite post race reward too. And I know how much you love the pumpkin pie blizzard.

    My last race…well, you already read about that one. Excited for both yours and my next race! Gonna rock it.

  12. @DEM thanks I love my son :) lol I love those dang blizzards!

    @thisgirlcanrun – why thank you. I am really proud! it IS fun to race isn't it. Why are most people's first race'd 10k's!! I feel like that would be intimidating :) but I can't wait to run one soon. now that I'm hooked.

    @The Hungry Runner Girl thanks Janae, I felt anything BUT beautiful in those pics lol and thanks for your support and inspiration!!!!

    @Kara – if you want a 5k medal you should come to Canada, we have medals for everything :) and thanks Kara :) all your encouragement on dailymile really helped!

    @Neon Blonde Runner – THANKS GIRL!!! I did beat both my goal and stretch goal. Super happy! totally the case now you're running halfs and everything you crazy girl 😀 can't wait till that's me!

    @Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers – thank you and thanks for visiting. I'm gonna go creep you this instant! and yes, please go treat yourself to a blizzard, they're only here for October!!

    @hauterunningmama – Yay! I will admit I was kinda scared when I saw 28:17 on the clock but then when I remembered the chip timer I was freaking out!!! YAY…and you could make your own blizzard; vanilla ice cream, pie crust, pumpkin pie filling and cinnamon

    @evafitness – thank you. It was a great time for me! it surpassed my goals and Kate Walsh! *blush* thank you :)

    @Cecily @ – thanks Cec <3 I did try to go for it. Near the end I probably should've grabbed everything inside me and pushed harder, but I couldn't and I'm happy I have something to work towards in the future 😀 lol I do love those blizzards! I am excited for future races too!

  13. yay yay yay!!!!!!!! congrats! that is an amazing time! love ALL the pics! even though you say you didnt pace well…it sounds like you had an awesome race! i hate when you arent expecting hills and then they are there! ummmm so you live near the athletarian!?! I am planning on meeting up with her when I am visiting toronto in a few weeks! we should all get together!

  14. Wahoo!!!!!! Way to go Ali!!! That is a great time, especially for your first race ever! Isn't it totally addicting? :) Love it. I love the McDonald's pictures because I'm craving some hash browns right now. That and pretty much any picture with that adorable boy of yours. Congrats on running such a great race.

  15. @Julia – YAY! we should get together. I about 1 hour away from toronto but I could even take the train in :) Keep me posted! and thanks for the race love :)

    @Amylee – Thanks girl! :) It IS totally addictive. I already want to race again…like now! and thanks, Logan says he loves you and your BQ photo 😉

  16. Um this post almost made me pee my pants. You are so freaking funny. Who in the world eats hashbrowns before a race?!?! Hahaha you kill me. I hope you got the Gatorade out of your eyelashes. I'm so happy you heard me scream your name because I was actually there especially for you and if you didn't hear me I would have jumped over the barricades and jumped on you. We totally need to get together when Julia gets here and have a little rendez vous! Can't wait! Congrats on an amazing time!

  17. @Christina @ The Athletarian – lol thanks. I don't know, we have this thing where if we are actually in our car going somewhere in the small window that IS mcdonalds breakfast we eat them 😛 race day fell into that category lol but never again! I should've organized where to meet you before hand but I didn't know if you would want to meet me all race-i-fied 😛 lol but I can't wait for a hang out soon!

    @Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run – THANKS you too 😀 hope you are feeling better

  18. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I am so happy for you! I knew you would do great. 😀 This is the greatest post ever!!! I knew that people would love your shoes. 😉
    Gosh danget, you are beating me by one blizzard. :( I need to get a move on it. 😉
    Those medals are awesome! :) I want to compete in a race just to get one of those. lol.
    Great job!!!

  19. Holy Moses – that race looks ENORMOUS!!!!

    I am so impressed, great job!

    And those pumpkin pie Blizzards….I really think I could eat them for every meal.

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