Sunday Morning Group Runs….I’m in heaven

Group runs…why did I not get into them earlier?! I am such a social butterfly by nature it was so awesome to have so people to do my first slow long(er) run /w :)

first sunrise I’ve seen since my wedding lol

I will admit I was a bit nervous b/c I was doing this through The Running Room so a lot of the people seemed kinda snobby /w all their gear and such. Some others spoke to me while we were waiting for our pace group leaders and actually when this one lady ask me how fast I was and I said my average pace is about 9mins and everyone’s face froze THAT’s when I realized I’m Canadian and thus, I should really work on knowing what the km pace equivalents are. lol! That would’ve meant it I was running almost 11min kilometeres!!! where I’m actually running 5-6min ! :)

So from now on I’ll be posting my distances and paces in both miles(my preference) and kilometers(canada’s standard). I think I just prefer miles b/c all the training plans I started and books I read when I got into running were all American. I like running miles! lol

from the post “Ready, Set…

Anyway back to my group run….

I couldn’t have asked for a better day, or better people. I chose to run /w the 10k group b/c the people training for the half where basically running a whole half marathon! lol I didn’t want to up my millage too much. The 10k’s were doing an 8k(5mile) run. Perfect!

The weather was beautiful – nice and sunny, cool but not cold outside and the scenery was more than I could ask for. I really enjoyed it.

kinda fuzzy but I was running after all
I was in love /w this run 😀 melted my heart a bit. 

As most of you know I don’t run in the morning but I actually really enjoyed getting up and watching the sunrise. The only issue is that Colin is GONE from work at 5:30am, which means I’d have to get up at 4am to get a run in….seems kinda early for me. What do you think??

I wore my relaxreflect running shrug and found it to be a PERFECT choice for the weather conditions. People in full jackets ended up taking them off as the sun rose and heated things up but I felt great the entire run. I’ll be doing a review for it in the near future.

The pacer for our run was this 64 year old lady and all I can say is I hope I’m as cool, as athletic and as awesome as her when I’m 64! she has run 3 marathons and will run another in a few weeks trying to qualify for Boston! She was spunky, fast and very informative. I didn’t get a pic but she even took me and this other new guy to this MASSIVE hill b/c I told her I didn’t know if I was tackling them properly. She helped me /w my uphill running form and it proved very effective! I am pleased.

We finished the 8k (5miles) in just under and hour @ an 11:26 pace (miles) or 7:15 pace (km) I thought it was awesome. The other new guy and I led the group for the entire run. Most of the group did 10×1’s so the odd time I took a short walk break (which I NEVER do) so it was weird for me to not be trying to beat the clock. It was a slow, easy longer run and I am SO happy I got to share it /w other people.

The Sunday runs are free at the running room so I’m definitely going to make this a habit!

1. do you run /w a group? if so, where did you find them? (organization, networking at races, blogging, community)

2. how was your Sunday?
– mine was awesome, began /w a run, then halloween shopping then to our friends house for kid hangouts and dinner (more posts to follow)

18 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Group Runs….I’m in heaven

  1. I love group runs. I used to have a running buddy but she is currently injured. I miss it. I did one big group run once and it was fantastic. Pushed me to do what I thought I couldn't. I found it through the running shoe store. Might have to try it again

  2. I've never done the group running thing but I might try when/if I tackle my first marathon. The thought of running a 20 mile training run solo sounds dreadful! :)

  3. I haven't done a group run since high school, but I think they would be fun. You did have beautiful scenery for yours and I love the shrug!

  4. I have been thinking about doing a group run through a local north face store…i am always a little nervous about doing anything organized but I think I am going to try it after reading your post…to bad I have to wait till next year!

  5. so fun! I run with the Luna Chix, which is an amateur running group sponsored by Clifbar/Luna bar, and I LOVE running with these girls. We hold a community run every wednesday, so i get to meet lots of new ladies throughout the season!! I am going to miss the group runs in the winter :)

  6. I don't currently run with a group, but I have in the past. I am in NYC so there are running groups everywhere!

    As you saw, I had a great Sunday… no running though. :(

  7. @Heather aw injuries suck :( for everyone! ya the running store ones seem ok.

    @Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal – ya you should try it it was super awesome and highly motivating!

    @Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog – lol high school…I wish I ran in high school! but alas I didn't. and thanks I'm gonna have a hole review posted soon!

    @Ed – ya you totally should it was pretty cool and they had a whole variety of distances and pace groups.

    @DEM – that sounds pretty awesome I want to get fast so I can run /w other fast girls and be sponsored lol

    @Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run – too bad, but you haven't been running :( and yes looked like an awesome weekend!

    @Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner ahhh good old facebook. NO ONE runs in my city. I rarely see a runner. Some towns I drive through and they are everywhere, here, not so much! :(

  8. Ali, what a fantastic idea! I've only thought about joining a running group, but I've been too intimidated. I'm so glad you went out and tried it. It looks like you had a great time, and you completed 5 miles..great job!!! I love the running top you looks very comfy!

    Ahhh 4am does sound early to wake up. I'd be hesitant for safety reasons unless you were planning on the treadmill. Oh wait, did you mean you would run with your husband? If so, that's a great idea. I guess I'm just too nervous to run by myself in the dark, ha.

  9. So glad your run went well!!! I've seen The Running Room in Iowa but didn't know it was a chain. I can totally relate to the "snobby runner" thing. I usually hate going in runner stores because I usually end up with some person who is so pretentious about running. Like because they just did a 5 or 10K last weekend, they are God's gift to running and want to "fix you". It makes me laugh. I usually just play along and let them impart their vast knowledge on me. But sometimes you meet really cool people too. Hooray for MILES!!! Kilometers confuse me. ha.

  10. I am so glad your run went well… group runs are quite helpful for me too! They definitely give the extra motivation and kick I need when I am starting to struggle and just want to stop and walk

  11. That looks awesomely fun! running by yourself can get boring sometimes. I have never done a group run but maybe I should look into it. :) It looks like a beautiful place to run! Love your running gear. :)

  12. Awesome, Ali! I actually trained with the Running Room for one of my half marathons! I would go Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. It was awesome. The time goes by faster o. The long runs (which are usually on Sundays) and the Wednesday night clinic was great because it forced me to do things out of my comfort zone (usually speed training or hill training). I will probably consider it again in training for my next full marathon. I want to do it right (without getting injured) the second time around!

  13. Girl, you are too cute in those pics. :) I have not done a group run since 8th grade track – haha – though I would love too. We have cycling group in my town but it is a little intimidating since I am not hardcore and that is kind of how I feel about running. I am sure there is a running group but I think it is intimidating unless you are a hardcore runner or training for something like a marathon. Your run looked like lots of fun and beautiful to boot! :)

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