Trick OR Treat? – what about some Active Bands!! [GIVEAWAY]

Happy Halloween EVERYONE! Do I have something special for you…..

first you get the trick….


Have you ever been able to take your shirt off over your head WHILE keeping your headband on your head?!?!?! I know I haven’t; they always shoot across the room!
So how was this trick possible???
Well see this headband?
It’s an Active Band headband and Frances over at Active Bands was nice enough to give me 3 different ones to try out! I liked her and her company immediately b/c for one, she’s an active mom like me! two, they treat everyone like family and you all know how much I love having personal connections /w everyone :) and three – they have a great product!!!!
So I know most people that read blogs don’t like to read a lot at all…no, you are more like me; the scroll through, look at pictures type so in order to give you the BEST review possible with out babbling on and on about how amazing these things are I thought I’d just show you…..
here are the top 5 reasons YOU need an Active Band!!!
1. They claim they don’t slip and it’s actually TRUE! how many other companies can show you a pic like this??? full head tilt, no movement = love! I’ve gone on numerous runs in them, worked, played all day /w Logan and never did I have to adjust (only exception when Little L tried to rip it off my head)
No I am not trying to catch an invisible ball – some headbands just pop off my
head if I have to look up – not Active!
2. They are lined /w VELVET! “I’ve always wanted to be draped in velvet” – George Costanza
the softness of this material is very comfortable and it doesn’t pull on my hairs at all like the “top” brand silicone ones do *cough* lululemon *cough*
Lulu left (silicone tore apart my hair) Active Band right (soft and comfortable velvet)
3. They are fashionable enough to wear out! I work at a women’s clothing store and wore one right from a run to go to work and everyone loved it. Not only did I get lots of compliments on my black glitter one but my co-workers were SHOCKED that it was an athletic head band.
Yep, that IS the same headband you saw earlier and yes it can be dressed up!
4. If you have kids, they stay put on them too! Logan wore his for half a day and it never fell off! I don’t have a girl but I can imagine /w them pulling at their hair all the time this would be a bonus! Although putting them on boys is entirely optional 😉
Logan had no interest in wearing this until I showed him a mirror
– then he just wanted it on all day long 😀
5. They are hand crafted and I always find that makes a difference. You can really feel and see the quality and love that went into making these bands. I love them. I also like that it isn’t a continuous fabric and that the back piece is sewn in separately – not only so they fit my huge head BUT I imagine it’d be easier to replace just that one piece of elastic when it wears as opposed to having to buy a whole new band!
Not the greatest pic – but it’s hard taking a photo of the back of your head.
So bottom line, these were my favourite headbands that I’ve had the pleasure of testing out. Truth be told I have never been a fan of wearing headbands. They are always uncomfortable, and look ugly on me and that hair pulling feeling makes me have headaches. I am SOOOO happy that I now have a headband I can really enjoy and feel sexy in….even if I’m wearing it when I feel the least sexy covered in sweat :) Thanks Active Bands!!!! 😀
I wore this for over 6 miles (10k) and it was still on!! – and yes, I am in the bathroom at the running store :)
Ok so what is your treat…..GIVEWAY that’s what!!!!! (my first one to be exact and I am really honored for the opportunity to host one for such a great product!!)
So Active Bands has offered up not 1 but 2 – $25 gift certificates for two lucky readers!!! I will select the winners this Friday (Nov. 4th)
mandatory – must be a follower of this blog – [only so I have a way of contacting you, just click “join this site” on the left hand side of my blog]
additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each the more you enter the better odds you have!) – Ali Mc says DO THEM ALL 😀
  • “like” ActiveBands on facebook and tell them I sent you!
  • Follow ActiveBands on twitter
  • Go over to their website and tell me your FAVOURITE headband that you are hoping you’ll win!
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  • Follow me on twitter @spatularunner
  • Finally tweet, facebook or blog post this giveaway!!! – b/c it’s my first and I want THE WORLD to know 😀 xoxoxoxo
 …..oh wait, there’s MORE!!!!!!
b/c Active Bands are sooooooo awesome they are offering ALL the RwS readers 25% OFF ANY PURCHASE for this whole week! Just use the PROMO CODE: RWS25 = SCORE!
I hope you love them as much as I do!!!!!
***If for any reason you can not comment or follow my blog OR have any other issues PLEASE contact me*** I will include anyone! :)
PS: I may or may not have a secret bonus question for you mid-week /w a chance to increase your odds of winning!!!

140 thoughts on “Trick OR Treat? – what about some Active Bands!! [GIVEAWAY]

  1. A few things.
    1) I can't believe I wasn't following you before! How did that happen?! You know I've already got you on twitter and facebook.
    2) I followed/liked ActiveBands twitter, blog and facebook
    3) I love the paisley combo pack, probably because I love paisley!

    Awesome review, you've sold me!

  2. Um, if I win, I am 100% getting exclusively glitter ones. Especially pink for my half marathon :) My goal is to wear pink, pink and some more pink.

  3. Tweeted!!

    Can I also say how much it cracked me up seeing your little man in the headband? I love that he wore it like the hippy headbands :)

  4. I'm a follower : ) I would love some new headbands. The ones I have now don't stay on when I run, so I constantly have to adjust them.

  5. This whole post I kept going back and forth in my head thinking, "Ali is so cute" and "Logan is so cute." Loved all the pics and especially the trick at the beginning, haha! I do always lose my headband when I pull of a hoodie. It must be magic! :)

  6. I am assuming it is Colin that is dressed as the freak beard guy from the Giants (I think his name is Brian Wilson) is also wearing an Active Band.

  7. I loooooooove the black sparkly one!!! And good God, you haven't seen big heads until you see my family. My forehead alone is a fivehead.

  8. Annnnnd I follow Active Bands on Twitter!!! I NEVER have luck finding bands that actually sit on my head and STAY… so I'm crossing my fingers!!!!

  9. Well, of course it was Colin who was wearing an Active Band in the video! Remind me to tell you how I messed this up royally. I'm too embarrassed to post it publicly.

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