Weight loss tips and such….

ok so since I have received some messages from a few of you about being moms and wanting to lose weight and after my pregnancy post got some much positive feedback I decided to get honest /w you…

…I am currently calorie counting again. Fact is, you can’t eat all these amazing treats like you’re the hungry runner girl and not gain weight. You just can’t. Unless you’re working out crazy sauce! Ever since I started really getting into running I found that my hunger increased but my weight has also increased. That’s b/c your body needs foods that will fuel it. Like healthy foods rich in protein and good long lasting carbs. Not foods that go through you so fast – refined carbs and sugars. Blah

from the post – The Greatest day ever!

When I started this blog I started making and eating even more sweets and treats! So while that will continue b/c I love baking. I just wanted to let you know how I continue to lose/maintain my weight. I try to balance exercise and calories I consume. Some people disagree /w calorie counting but I think that it’s very helpful if done correctly and non-obsessively. Eventually I hope to not need it but I find unless I can SEE what I’m eating I will eat anything and everything, so it works for me. 

Let’s talk a little bit about calories and weight. 3500cals = 1 pound. So that means that if you’d like to lose 1 pound per week (you should never aim to lose more than 2, which I’ll go into) you would have to carve at least 500 cals off your diet per day OR exercise more. That’s the beauty of exercising – you can eat more 😀 Now most people will tell you that you have to change your diet in order to lose weight and while that does help the bottom line is a calorie is a calorie and so if you really want that cupcake, go ahead and eat it, but be aware of how many calories it is and how much you may have to run later that day to burn it off 😀 

So how do you begin becoming aware of calorie consumption?? Well there are a few free programs out there. I used to use Virtual Trainer by Shape magazine but they discontinued the program. So now I use myfitnesspal and I am finding great success.

I have already lost 4lbs (being sick definitely helped) however that brings me to why we don’t want to try and lose more than 1-2 lbs per week; losing weight too fast SLOWS our metabolism and that’s the opposite of what we want. Why? well b/c then we will just continue to hold onto weight. So since I haven’t been eating properly due to illness I will have many small meals/snacks all throughout the day today to get my metabolism back on track. It’s better to have more small meals than a few large ones. You will eventually get used to it and love snacking :)

I allow myself 1500 calories per day – this can increase depending on what exercise I do.

So back to watching calorie consumption. I don’t care what program you use but you should definitely write it down, even if it’s on your calendar. I think writing down what you eat builds awareness and pretty soon you won’t want that cupcake, not b/c you’re obsessed /w your weight and you’ve learned to deprive yourself, but b/c you’ll be aware that it’s about 25cals PER bite and it’s just not worth running 5 miles just to eat it.

Another thing you should be aware of is INCHES. Inches are a better way to track fat loss, especially when you are doing a great workout regime along with watching what you eat. Why? well b/c eventually you are going to gain muscle and muscle adds weight on the scale but muscle is leaner than fat which means if you want to REALLY know how you’re doing it’s best to get out the tape measure. I measure my bust, waist, hips and thigh. That’s actually how I knew I had been slacking my waist went up almost 3 inches! where as the scale hardly showed more than a pound or two. 

As far as mixing exercise in the weight loss mix goes, slow is best. If you aren’t used to doing any physical activity then don’t expect yourself to all of a sudden start working out 5 days a week. It isn’t realistic. When I started working out I’d aim for 20 mins a day, a few times a week and then I’d slowly increase the duration and then I waited until I actually WANTED to work out more. Believe me it will happen. You will start to crave it. but just throwing yourself into too many things and goals at once is a recipe for disaster. So save yourself some time and just start slow.

You will also find that weight training is actually more effective at burning fat than just cardio alone. I slack at weight training but that’s mainly b/c I actually enjoy cardio. So I can’t wait to start my crossfit in a few weeks, it’s supposed to be an awesome workout. Eventually your body will just burn calories doing nothing b/c it will need them for all the muscle you’ve built up….pretty awesome eh?

Anyway so if you are trying to lose weight here are the tips I will leave you with:

  1. WRITE IT DOWN! – you can’t monitor how you’re doing if you don’t write it down. Plus seeing the results will make you more eager to continue 😀
  2. BE REALISTIC – have goals, but make sure they’re obtainable, you can always change them along the way. 
  3. DON’T RELY ON THE SCALE – use a tape measure, use a mirror or how you’re feeling. Don’t get caught up in the numbers game. 
  4. STICK WITH WHAT YOU LIKE – if you don’t like running, you won’t run. So bike or lift weights, do yoga. Bottom line, do whatever you enjoy. 
  5. DRINK WATER – I didn’t mention this but I cut out ALL beverages except water (I have the occasional glass of wine or latte) but for the most part I only drink water. This can carve POUNDS off in an instant and it’s great for people who’ve just quit an addiction – b/c water cleanses. 
And always remember why you are doing this. If it isn’t for you, then maybe rethink why? I know sometimes we find ourselves so down b/c we’re “fat” or “ugly” so I think making SMALL changes is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Don’t try to tackle everything at once. You WILL eventually want to do more. I promise. Healthy living just like anything else can get addictive. It’s a nice feeling too 😀
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or just need to vent. 

1. any weight loss tips or stories you’d care to share?

2. how do YOU stay motivated?
– I stay motivated b/c I can see the difference. I’m very results driven and thus when I can see that I’m thinner, look healthier and feel great then why would I stop?? I also have a child that keeps me wanting to be a better mom. I want to be alive for him, I want to be able to keep up /w him 😀 

28 thoughts on “Weight loss tips and such….

  1. You mean you actually have to pay attention to what you eat and not shove everything in your face? Maybe that is my problem… :)

    Thanks for the shout out on Sweet and Savory by Sarah's giveaway!

  2. I just started using myfitnesspal this weekend. I was hesitant at first only bc I suck at tracking but I probably only eat 20 different things so its easy to track.

    So far so good.

  3. wow! awesome post! i am loving all the tips. i started losing weight last fall as I started running more. I also cut back calorie wise and started making better decisions about my food. As my running mileage continued to increase…I decided it was "okay" to eat more. Thus I have gained back some of the weight I lost. I am still at a healthy weight and am happy with my weight but would like to lose a few of those pounds again. I think I am going to check out myfitnesspal now in order to keep myself accountable! thanks again for all the tipS!

  4. @Heather Great to hear Heather. My cousin uses it and someone else mentioned it on one of my previous posts so I though, hey maybe I'll try it. I find it pretty easy to use 😀 I like programs that track exercise too b/c then it's more accurate :)

    @Julia Thanks Julia and nice to see you stop by. I love your blog :) I was in the exact same place as you I felt so tired after a long run that I guess I thought that justified a huge big mac and a piece of cake lol wrong. Let me know if you do start using myfitnesspal 😀

  5. Ahahaha Kara, I love that advice :)

    When I was preggo with #1 I threw our scale away so that I wouldn't worry about weight. (Like many women I dealt with negative self image in the past). It wasn't until baby #2 came along that I allowed a scale back in the house. To be honest I don't rely on the scale too much because my weight fluctuates with mileage.

    I utilize nutritiondata.com when I am getting ready for a marathon because I tend to not eat enough. By doing it this way I can see when/where I am lacking.

    Great post :)

  6. I love this post!!! I have never really had to put myself on a "diet" because I've always had running… but I think this is great advice for women who want real results… it's realistic, but not crazy… moderation, go slow, learn to be smart, and don't get obsessive about it.

    You are a smart cookie, Ali! And you're hot… so you obviously know what you're talking about! :)

  7. Great post! It's all about moderation and a calorie is a calorie. However I would much rather have a big 'ol portion of something good for me than a dinky little piece of chocolate. :)

  8. i agree with alot of what you say :) I dont calorie count myself persay ( I am one of those people that took it to an obsessive level, I will probably have a post about this eventually) BUT I am educated on what most things I eat are calorie-wise and I stay away from certain foods for the most part. I am also super active, so I definitely have more leniency in what I can eat, the hardest part to me is focusing on getting good, healthy foods in there :)

  9. How funny that we posted such different views on calorie counting on pretty much the same day!! haha. I totally agree with your post, and if people ever come to me with calorie counting questions I am sending them your way. I think it's just a 100% individual thing and that you just need to find your groove. I also think that a lot of the time for people just starting out, it's good to get an idea of what the calories they should be eating look like.

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