Highlights….you know, the usual :)

A few days ago I decided to get ambitious and rake the leaves all over our property. I put it off for so long b/c we only have 3 spruce trees and although their needles get everywhere usually it’s just a matter of sweeping them up. [I should mention that apparently our leaf collection is already over :D <—yay]
yes, that is my texting glove!
no phone photography awards coming at me this year
I thought – hey, how hard could a few scattered leaves be? little did I realize that it would take me almost 3 hrs & three leaf bags! I was quite surprised. I am not going to lie I was definitely cursing the neighbours b/c all the leaves were from their tree and the small section of property that is mine on their side wasn’t even touched :( I did my neighbs…why would they want to come over to a small little strip of grass beside my side door, even if it IS their property. They wouldn’t. and neither did I!
Little L had a great time playing in whatever leaves I could conjure up in the backyard though so I am on the good parent list again and all is well :D
what? you mean we’re supposed to leave them on?

My tree is up! as most of you know and I am enjoying relaxing beside it. Although now thanks to my amazingly resourceful son, who decided our tree looks better without decorations….

I now am the owner of a very top heavy decorated x-mas tree :D <———–remember my goal. I beamed love at this idea even though I despise every inch of that undecorated lower half of my tree.

Seriously plastic decorations were the greatest thing ever made :)

I called in sick to work yesterday. I don’t know what happened but I feel fine now. I think it may have been the turkey after all…who knows? All I know is that I threw up my lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to fall asleep and entertain Logan. A losing scenario. Glad I didn’t have to go in.

Instead I made a garlic cheese loaf of bread (yeast free) and it was just what my tummy needed! Here is a link to the recipe I used as obviously I wasn’t in the long-winded Ali Mc style recipe blogging mood ;) **EDIT: I forgot that if you DO what to try this recipe I actually modified it and added 3 cloves of garlic to it**

Don’t worry in the new year I promise this blog will be cool again…but as for December it is most likely going to have a lot of other people’s food, a lot of Logan being adorable and a lot of me giving you highlights, even though you don’t want them :P

b/c I was sick all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch my two most favourite shows; glee & the new girl :D yep I am aware I have serious issues. Colin rarely ever wants to cuddle /w me so you can imagine my excitement when I began adjusting myself in an attempt to sneak in for a lie down cuddle and I was greeted /w this……..

This isn’t even a re-enactment I just always have my camera on my phone set to ready and always hold it in my hand all day long ;) …yep. true story ;P

He really does love me :D YAY!!!!

yep, frozen produce is back

I saved the worse news of all for last b/c I wanted it fresh in your minds for the comments ;) I haven’t been having much success /w running lately. I don’t know what’s wrong /w my body but my ankles, and the inside tendon running from my ankle to the back of my knee has been hurting every time a run. My feet have been bothering me too. I think I increased my millage too quickly. I blame Lorena :P lol

b/c she’s on my team and went from running 2k to running full 10k’s every week in less than a month. I guess I just felt like I had to up my game. It’s mainly b/c I really want to be the finisher on our team, so I want to maintain and increase my performance :D

I think I’m just going to drop my millage back and focus on only doing ONE long run per week and I’m going to focus more on the distance and go slow. I am not going to care about my speed unless I’m doing a work out that’s focused on SPEEDAnyway….any tips for me? I’ve started icing again, I’m using TC compression gear [don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to get your own] and for the last 2 weeks I’ve hardly run at all. Should I take a break from running and focus on strength and cross-training like Vanessa?? or should I just drop my millage right down?? Let me know :D

Thanks and I hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!