It feels like Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

so it’s officially Christmas season! and now I can look like I’m so happy every second of every day πŸ˜€ YAY!!! I swear if I didn’t have wrinkles people would think I’d had plastic surgery my smile is so damn big this time of year!

My only goal this December is this: No matter who takes my parking space, pushes me out of the way, buds in front of me in a line, calls me an idiot while running in the snow, yells at me and calls me stupid while at work, takes the last of whatever I need, ignorantly slams a door in my face…..I PROMISE to greet them with this……

…kind of scary isn’t it? well love and happiness shouldn’t be scary. So that’s my only goal I had to post this to keep myself honest. so ANYTIME somebody PISSES me off – the above face is what they’ll get :)


In other holiday news we not only set up our lights, we also celebrated American Thanksgiving AND put our tree up. My regular followers will be pleased to know that I figured out how to make picture collages and thus, instead of having to scroll through 30+ photos of all 3 events – you can look at 10 condensed versions πŸ˜€ YAY!!!! – my gift to you xoxx

So on the weekend we put up our x-mas lights πŸ˜€ <—-sorry these smileys are going to be abundant this month. It was pretty warm out and currently it’s raining…what is /w this weather?

Logan didn’t want to wear his hat….I feel like the first picture captures his resign.
Colin had a great time balancing on the ladder, while Rex waited anxiously inside – he really is a nervous wreck when he’s not /w us.
I forgot to get a photo of the finished product so I’ll show you later on facebook :) better friend me ;P
As I already mentioned above; we went to my mom’s to have another Thanksgiving. She was working this year and I had mine /w Colin’s family so I think everyone really enjoyed themselves :)
I was in charge of making the gravy and it turned out fabulous :) YAY!
My mom had unfrotunately just got home from an emergency trip to the hospital :( – don’t worry she’s fine! and so instead of canceling we all pitched in to help cook. My brother was in charge of the turkey. It was supposed to be easy, it was a ROAST & BOAST. I’ll let you see from the pictures, it was nothing to boast about. It had a built-in thermometer that POPPED out when it was done. Ours popped, we took it out, Colin began carving and THIS was the result…..
Yep, that sure is a RAW bird…..we cut off the cooked meat and shoved her back in the oven πŸ˜› none of us have been sick thus far πŸ˜›
TELL YOUR FRIENDS never to buy this product (although I’m sure being foodies you all make your own anyways :P)
I liked everything we ate regardless and I was so satisfied at the end πŸ˜€
The meal turned out amazing and I ate every bite!
I made Patty’s pumpkin cheese cake again. It was a big hit. I took photos but I guess I forgot to upload them, oh well. I did it in a spring form pan and it looked like a million bucks. Try it!Β 

My brother “Uncle J” is little L’s favourite! this may or may not have something to do /w the fact that he always gives Logan rides in the most interesting ways…..

Nothing to see here folks…..this is normal treatment of a toddler I swear πŸ˜›

I always love hangouts /w my family. Mainly b/c I think they’re all so cool! Now that we are all grown up it gets more difficult to see them all the time. I am totally looking forward to more hangouts over Christmas πŸ˜€

Speaking of Christmas, we put up our tree :) This is the first Christmas where Logan actually knows something fun is happening. Last year just wasn’t the same…..I swear the older he gets the more I like him πŸ˜‰ I think my son is one cool person!

Ya, we do have a fake tree. It was my late G-ma’s and although I grew up in a house where we always got a real one I must say I like not having to worry about Logan ingesting pine needles. Maybe next year!
SIDE TANGENT: Colin is the scrooge of the future and unfortunately he’s married to Santas lost elf (me) who sings, dances, and beams sweet xmas happiness and love for all the world to see. So while he is saying bah, humbug I’m singing songs from the Muppet Christmas Carol – like this oneΒ 
I don’t normally do youtube vids, but I LOVE this song!!!!!!
Colin looks like Michael Cane – especially if I start singing. Sometimes I wish life was one big musical and everyone automatically knew the choreography and we could convert heartless souls like Colin into Christmas lovers just by singing together…..but that’s another story or fantasy…most likely fantasy. sigh :(
Little L LOVES Christmas and I’m determined to keep the love and spirit alive in him. Yep I DID make our star :)
Colin taught Logan all about the star and how it goes atop of the tree. Logan wanted to put it on so I helped him….

I think parts of Colin were converted that night and that maybe his heart grew 3 sizes and all will be right :)

Our tree, Our family, Our big fat reindeer dog Rex :)

Yes, I AM a Christmas nut – you new followers better stop following after my GIVEAWAY is over!!!!
if you haven’t entered please do so winner gets their choice of any TOMMIE COPPER sleeves πŸ˜€

1. do you have Holiday goals?

2. what is your general feeling towards Christmas??Β 
– “Christmas is for shopping and the shopping God is everything” – Matt Good – should NOT be our societies slogan.Β 

3. did you decorate your tree?? house?? yet??

23 thoughts on “It feels like Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Love the smiling picture. And that is a great goal! I might copy.

    We decorated for Christmas this weekend too. Loved it. Got a fake tree for the first time in many years (I always had a fake one growing up, but had bought a real one since I was old enough to have my own.) With a fake one, we can have it up longer, and it really is less hassle. We also did a gingerbread house and train, which the kids loved!

  2. I love all these pictures and all this Christmas happiness! Yay!! You're family is adorable! Gah I need to enter your giveaway, I keep forgetting because I'm old.

  3. The EXACT same thing happened to our turkey on Thanksgiving. We didn't have the pop thermometer but my regular meat thermometer died when I put it in the turkey so my husband went and bought a new cheap one. Yeah, it said the turkey was done and when we cut into it the meat was still pink. NO FUN! Oh well, we cooked it more and no one got sick!
    LOVE the Christmas pics! We have our outside lights up but that is about it so far. I always feel like I miss out on Christmas because I get really busy at school now and I have finals and graduate in 2 1/2 weeks and only get about a week to enjoy the Christmas stuff. Guess I'll just have to O.D. on it in a week. :)

  4. Such a happy holiday post! I have a little fake tree a friends gave me set up, and that's it! I'm hoping we get more to decorate with, but the cats love to chew on everything….so we will see! I love Christmas and get really into it but usually only a week into December or so.

  5. Yes! So excited for Christmas!!!!!!! Can't wait! Our turkey was the exact opposite! I left it in for wayyyyyyyy too long and the needle on the meat thermometer went off the charts! It was really dry. πŸ˜›
    I haven't gotten around to decorating anything yet, but I was thinking about putting our tree up the other day!
    I love your new banner thing! It looks awesome!

  6. i bought a fake tree for the first time ever last year, with three other roommates and a Tripp who is similar to Colin's views on decorating, it was just easier :/ maybe next year we can splurge for real….the decorations look great though and I am glad you are smiling more :)


    Seriously I'm all giddy and will probably re-read this later today.

    If you are ever looking for a backup elf to burst into song with you and help convert your Grinch, er, husband- let me know!

    PS- can you teach me how to make a collage? I wanna learn, too!

  8. Love all your pictures and Collages!! Glad you figured it out.

    We have our tree up and the house decorated! Yipee to that.

    I LOVE Christmas so much…..Thanksgiving and Christmas, that whole span is the best time! I'm always smiling to CHEESE!!! :)

  9. Beautiful tree!!! I love Christmas so much too, I can't wait to celebrate and get all festive.

    I'm going to pick mine up this afternoon I think.

    Score with the collages, they are awesome. I've tried that a few times, I think I may need to reintegrate that into my blog :)

  10. LOVE YOUR GOAL and you have a gorgeous smile! I love all of the extra smiley faces:) Your meal looks amazing and Logan really is the cutest thing in the whole wide world!

  11. Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really make Christmas goals- but this year I did. I'm reading the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament. I'm halfway done and it's not even December! So I'm also going to read The Robe as well. I think it will help me stay focused on Christ. Your house and tree look so cute! We had similar experiences the last few days and it makes me smile.

  12. I can tell you love Christmas! It comes through your fun post loud and clear! And your tree is lovely. And the family pics are so fun. Glad the dinner turned out so good. It sure LOOKS good!

    I am doing some holiday fitness challenges to keep me moving. Also trying to avoid starting baking too early too! :)

  13. I love love love this!
    I'm so glad that Logan is excited about Christmas, it's such a wonderful family occasion :-)
    He is so cute in all of your photos!
    And I'm also really glad that you had a lovely Thanksgiving!
    Just to let you know that I tagged you in the Liebster Blog Award :-)

  14. @Patty T add your email to your blogger profile so I can reply directly to you πŸ˜› I always want to laugh, joke or be like – I KNOW totally my favourite…to all your comments but I never can :(

  15. I have my tree up, but it's still not decorated…I got sick this weekend – blah…and just didn't have the energy. It will get decorated a week later than normal I guess.

    Raw turkey – yikes….glad you guys were able to make it work.

  16. I'm pretty sure we have the same green shag rug in our den!

    Looooove Christmas and my birthday is 12/21 so this is my favorite time of the year!

    We haven't decorated our house yet but that's on the agenda!

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