TC stands for Tommie Copper….. [Review & Giveaway]


…but after reviewing some of their awesome products it could also stand for TOP-of-the-line COMPRESSION :) so needless to say I was stoked when my gear arrived…

I am down /w the healing power of Copper ­čśÇ

I’m in love <3 I know quite a few bloggers that already got to test this product out but most of them were either a) skilled runners that had something to compare it with or b) individuals with a medical illness or severe injury.

I however am neither. What I am is a brand new runner turn addict over the last 6 months. I suffer from “runner’s knee” aka pattellofemoral syndrome and started getting shin splints once I hit over 3 miles runs.

Jordan over at Tommie Copper is AMAZING btw and they deserve customer service of the year award thanks to her alone. *I just wanted to mention that b/c to me – a product is only as good as who’s selling it! I assure you they are all awesome over there! I even measured wrong and Jordan sent me out new sleeves after I already ran in mine (sorry for the next person who needs a small :P)

Anyway I was lucky enough to be sent everything I asked for and then some. I felt greedy but I obviously wanted to try everything so I got 2 calf sleeves for my cramping back calf muscles and shin splints, 2 knee sleeves for my pain in the ass knees and 1 shirt – which I LOVE btw. You can see that I have run quite a bit┬áin it┬áand I find it keeps my shoulders from going all tense :)

When I mentioned I was going to let my mom (who has bad arthritis) try one of my knee sleeves Jordan even offered to send her one! she is just so nice ­čśÇ SO here’s what my mom thought…..

At first she said it was too tight and that it wasn’t comfortable (the tag is kind of annoying and they’re a bit tight at first but then they get better and you don’t even notice they’re there) after an hour or so she was so surprised she could finally bend her knee the whole way! I asked if they were comfortable and she said she had completely forgot they were even on!! **It should be noted that my mom just re-injured her knee and it was so swollen and she could hardly walk.

My mother had actually just gotten home from the hospital and didn’t want her photo taken….
but I know she’ll understand ­čśÇ

She kept asking me what the secret was. I explained to her that copper is magical and does wonders for our immune system and removes free radicals as well as aids in healing. The compression increases blood flow and aids in recovery. She decided to take the sleeve off and instantly she was hurting again. She’s now a believer ­čśÇ and was already contemplating whether she wanted the fingers-less gloves or full fingers┬áfor Christmas :) lol

**she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia**
Then Colin tested them out too b/c his knee has been bothering him…..

He gave them 2 thumbs up!!!!


Ali’s thoughts on Tommie Copper:

After testing out both calf sleeves on the run and for recovery I found that the pain I normally experience in my calves after a long run was gone! I actually prefer both running in these AND sleeping/lounging in them. To be honest I was skeptical at first b/c they are so soft and light but they really do work. I love them the most <3

The knee sleeves are awesome on runs although I have super sensitive skin and found that if I left them on for too long for┬árecovery purposes┬á(over night) I’d get a small rash just where the silicone part is holding them up. So I don’t sleep in them. I think it’s just my skin. I prefer using them on the run anyway! I don’t know if compression gear is designed to do this but it almost feels like my knees are better supported while they’re on during a run.

Oh ya, recovery just got a whole lot nicer :)

* I also want to add b/c most of you know I went from a 21 mile week to a 7 :( b/c of my knee. I think I pushed it too hard last week and when I got out of bed on Monday morning I almost fell over; my knee was so sore and tight. This kind of pain has not happened to me since I was regularly playing soccer on it. So before freaking out I just took out my good old TC knee sleeves and I am not exaggerating, literally minutes later I was walking fine. I also wore them on both my runs this week and they really helped *

The shirt is great. very light and since I was lucky enough to win another compression shirt ┬áfrom a different company I actually CAN feel the difference. The other one I have feels tight and very restrictive in my chest where as TC’s shirt is nice and lightweight and comfortable – both relieve the tension in my back and shoulders….so why would I wear the other one when TC is more comfortable??

another bonus feature is that it’s very slimming ­čśë

I also like that the shirt has a V neck so you can wear it under more clothes. Speaking of which, there were numerous times I’d come back from a run and go to work wearing all my gear under my clothes and no one was the wiser ­čśë

I have the shirt and all the sleeves on….can you tell??? shhhhh

Bottom line – I think Tommie Copper is on to something. This compression gear feels light, soft and non-restrictive. It worked instantly on my tight calf muscles and helps aid in the recovery of both of my knees. They removed my mother’s arthritic pain in a matter of hours! and they wash and wear well. The healing properties of copper must work because my body just feels better. I used to have excruciating pain in my shins after a long run, now I feel amazing!!! I definitely notice a difference when I don’t use them on my runs and I think I may just ask TC if they will design an entire body suit or socks, or both! So I can wear it all the time! b/c now I’m addicted! I love this compression gear!

Thank you Jordan and Thank you Tommie Copper ­čśÇ

Now that’s not all….

Jordan @ Tommie Copper was nice enough to allow me the privilege of hosting a giveaway!!!! The PRIZE for one winner is – 1 pair of sleeves of YOUR choice) YAY!!!! ­čśÇ

mandatory – “like” Tommie Copper on facebook and tell them Ali @ RwS sent you ­čśÇ (+1)
(if you already like them just write something positive about their company/product that you love on their fb wall) – tell me that you did in the comments
extra entries (+1 for each)┬áplease do as many of the following as you’d like and┬áleave a comment for each┬áthat you do below :)

follow TC on twitter @tommiecopper (+1)
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BONUS entry for people that did ALL of the entries – Let me know in the comments below whether you agree /w my plea for TC to make socks and/or a full body suit ­čśÇ (+1)

I will select a winner on Friday Dec 2nd at midnight my time – post winner Saturday.


I wish everyone could win b/c I REALLY love this product ­čśÇ I give it a big thumbs up!

Giveaway is now closed – winner posted here ­čśÇ Thank you!!!!

257 thoughts on “TC stands for Tommie Copper….. [Review & Giveaway]

  1. I want them to make compression shorts next!!! If TC does, can I try them out for you TC?!?! Pretty Please!??? I hope they read this comment ­čśÇ But yes all of the above would be awesome too!

  2. I like your blog on FB, and follow you here. I'm heading over to like Tommie Copper and share this on FB and my poor aching shoulder really needs a shirt! Great post!

  3. I could use some ankle sleeves for my achilles flair up! I commented on their fb page, not only that you sent me, but how awesome they are as well!

  4. I also follow you via GFC! And die reading your posts every day. You should consider becoming a comedian ­čśë

  5. I totally agree with the socks! Ankle and calf support/compression combines would be amazing! I don't know about a bodysuit though….hahaha maybe some compression shorts? Those would be awesome!

  6. ~K~
    I follow with GFC! (though i'm having weird issues on some blogs – i hafta click Anonymous even if i can see my lil pic over there on the followers! weird!) runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  7. You look so cute in your work clothes!!!!! We get so used to seeing people in their workout clothes that sometimes I forget that everyone dresses normal. I liked Tommy Copper on Facebook. I hope I win! I need some knee sleeves.

  8. I did all the entries and completely agree TC should make socks! I talked with Jordan about long sleeves & leggings — long sleeves and shorts are coming soon, so lets get on them about socks and leggings–er body suit!! ­čśë

  9. I liked them on facebook and commented, I already like you on facebook :) and I am now following you on twitter (I can't believe I wasn't already!!).
    Those sleeves sound so good, your review makes me want some knee sleeves so bad! Especially after reading that they worked well on your mother who has the conditions that I most likely suffer from!
    Especially after my knees gave way last Thursday…
    Love the photo of Colin by the way ­čśŤ
    And I would totally love to try the shirt too but I think I'd best stick to what could actually make a huge difference to my life!
    (Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, I got carried away :-P)

  10. And finally…I did everything and I absolutely agree with your plea for TC to make socks and/or a full body suit! That would be awesome!

  11. I already liked Tommie Copper on FB- so I asked them if the calf sleeves would work on pregnancy leg cramps =)

  12. I follow your blog via GFC (totally took me awhile to realize that I'm already a follower! I blame preggo hormones)…

  13. Bonus- If these compression sleeves are as awesome as you and JennsAdventures say they are, then yes, there should be a body suit! LOL

  14. OK so turns out I'm really stupid and totally didn't get that you have to post each thing separately… ­čśŤ
    I'll try again:
    1. Liked TC on facebook and commented that you sent me!

  15. I absolutely support/agree w/ your plea to have TC make compression socks (and anything else for that matter!) Soooooo could use some sleeves for my knees. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me please?!?!? Thanks for having such a great giveaway! Cheers!

  16. "Liked!" And im entering this for my mom bc she has to wear compression stalkings all the time and these are way cooler!

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