shopping & winter fun!

I am well aware it’s winter…..but I asked for running shorts for xmas knowing they’d be on sale in the off season. My mom bought me some black ones that were too big but we I went to exchange them for a smaller size everything in the store was 40% off!!!! YAY :D so I ended up getting a whole (summer) outfit for the same price! YAY!!!!!

you may remember this look from posts featuring the same shorts in pink and the same shirt in black ;) lol


In Logan highlights…..we have role play and games that including combining every possible tool or piece to make a “town” in his room. I found this resourceful set-up one morning this week….
Yep, that is his nightlight…..complete with tower racing flag.
We also received a gift certificate to buy Lo some new shoes. He ended up getting these light-up storm trooper ones.  I’ll have to show you a picture of them in the future.

look down there! little people.
Logan is growing up. He’s been a great “hand-holder” and he’s been doing way better at listening. Obviously, like every toddler, he has melt -downs but overall I’m loving this stage. Play time has never been more fun!!
Ok so remember how I was getting the best Christmas present EVER!!!!? ….and then remember how what that present was would enable me to be the best mom ever?!?! …..and then for those of you that managed to creep me over the holidays, remember how it turned out that present was a snow suit so I could play /w Logan and Rex outside like a pro-all-star mom??
I wrote that note for Colin b/c I love him sooooo much :)

so needless to say we all got suited up in as much snow gear as possible……

I can’t move mom!

Santa brought Logan a sled for xmas and Rex a harness….so we let the winter wonderland fun commence!!!!!

I think Rex liked having a “job” to do. You could tell he felt important.

We had such a great time outside as a family; tobogganing, walking /w the sleigh and throwing snow around :D I loved every second of it!!!!

Me in my new suit :) and rex passing by

On the way home Colin & I had reminiscent talks about how we discussed these visions (playing /w our son in the snow and sledding) on winter walks way back when I was pregnant /w Logan. sigh. It is nice that he is finally old enough to really start to enjoy winter. I can’t wait to show him the world in it’s beautiful frozen form. 


1. do you catch snowflakes on your tongue?? 
- Colin was teaching Lo how to do it and he loved it! lol

2. have you played in the snow yet??

3. what was your workout today?
- 5 miles on the treadmill – 43:07 @ 8:35 pace….I’m thinking that a realistic finishing time for my 10k is around 55mins.