Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts /w "C" …..and bike ride

so ya, cookies….I made a lot this year [this being my second year trying to bake cookies] Although these turned out better than last years I have come to the conclusion that cookies are NOT my forte. 

They all taste good….I would like them to taste AMAZING!

I spent Sunday morning packaging all the cookies I had made earlier in the week. I took some photos in case anyone didn’t know how to pack a mean ass Christmas cookie 😉

I use coloured tissue paper, then waxed paper and always tie a pretty ribbon and slap a bow on them 😀 beautiful.

For those interested [b/c every recipe had some form of disaster in it OR I forgot to take pictures of it] these are the recipes I used this year:

I also made these Gingerbread Cupcakes…..

even the icing was a complete disaster :(
Which turned out to be my BIGGEST fail in baking to date! I have never baked /w molasses before and I used cooking molasses as opposed to unsulfured molasses….not to mentioned I DOUBLED the recipe [NEVER double a recipe] and they tasted disgusting! I even attempted another batch….let’s just say they turned out concave….sigh :(

Anyway on /w the cookies!

It is also my family’s tradition to decorate rolled cookies together. We asked my mom how long this would go on for, as my youngest sib is now 24! She said forever. So if by chance I’m still blogging at 40 you can expect that I will always have to throw sprinkles on her cookies 😛

Don’t we all look so thrilled to be involved in this occasion?

top left to bottom right: Sis & Bro; Nic focused on task at hand, Jay trying to make Lo laugh. Me smiling beautifully for the blog 😉 Colin – bah humbug face as per usual and last, my awesome mother who only posed for this awesome shot after I took a horrible one of her and Colin threatened that I would post it on my blog ;D

Logan also took a whack at his first year decorating….although knowing my mother she probably “helped” baby Lo decorate last year and I have no recollection of it. 

Logan LOVED decorating his….and by decorating, I really mean destroying.

Overall Christmas baking [for me] takes the fun out of baking. I like making new recipes and such but overall I am always a stressful mess when it comes to figuring out WHEN I should start baking, HOW I’m going to get everything organized and finished on time, WHERE I will store them so they don’t go stale, WHO should get a tin of them, WHAT I was thinking and WHY I put myself through this????????

I guess I just do it so hopefully one year my cookies will a) be AWESOME and b) I’ll feel proud to give them as a gift and c) Logan will love decorating my cookies just like I do my moms 😉


In fitness news….I WAS going to save this for another post b/c honestly it just didn’t fit in /w talks of cookies and baking but I wanted everyone to know that I got in a 1hr and 40min ride on the bike yesterday while watching the season finale of Survivor.

I would like to thank Steve! anyone on dailymileknows who Steve is – he is one of the nicest, motivating individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of “meeting” I don’t know how he does it but he manages to write nice comments on EVERYBODY’s workouts 😀 He sent me a msg asking why I hadn’t posted in a while and so I got right on the bike :) Thanks Steve xoxox

I realize this info isn’t accurate

I am so glad I took this shot b/c when I hit 100 mins is reset the time. My ending km’s were 43.3! which is basically 27miles!!!! This was the longest ride spent on an in door bike and my bum was sooooo sore yesterday. 


1. do you bake for Christmas?? if so, will I learn to like it more once I get into the rhythm of doing it??

2. do you have any silly family traditions??

3. ever have a baking/cupcake disaster?? what was your WORST one??

16 thoughts on “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts /w "C" …..and bike ride

  1. I so need to start Christmas baking. I'm the dedicated cookie baker in the family and haven't made any yet. Have my recipes planned, just need to get on it! Yours look good, even the cupcakes, too bad they didn't turn out.

  2. I think I'm going to find Steve now… :)

    You know, I used to feel the same about Christmas baking. It's always been a tradition in my fam to bake, starting with my Grandma. That's why we switched over to that big cookie baking extravaganza that you read about a few weeks back–you get all the cookies but it's less work and so much fun. Plus, you realize so many other (female) friends are in the same boat: they want to bake too, just not 85 dozen all by themself!!

    They all look beautiful!

  3. I don't even know what you're talking about… You're cookies look like the bomb! And those packing skills! Supreme! Sorry the cupcakes were a bomb. I'm not a big fan of gingerbread junk, so I probably could have told you before you even started that they'd be nast.

    What an awesome tradition! I want to come decorate cookies with your family!!! My mom was never a sugar cookie maker, so we didn't ever really decorate cookies for anything, but it looks way fun! I think I'll probably have to start doing that with my kid(s). Lo looks so cute decordestroying those cookies! :)

    As if cookie escapades aren't enough (ps I love that cookie song in the title!), you also rocked a friggin long bike ride?! Way to kick trash. I don't think I've ever ridden a bike so long, outside or inside… in fact, I know I haven't! So awesome!!

  4. Amazing job on the bike – I rode for the EXACT same amount of time on Saturday morning!! I think the endurance on the bike definitely helps when it comes to endurance for long slow runs!

  5. Oh man all of those cookies look AMAZING!! I never bake because whenever I do I just want to eat it all. he he!

    Looks so delicious!!

  6. We have the same family tradition! Although we decorate what I think is Grandma's scotch shortbread cookies rather than sugar cookies. I'm sure my mom has a batch all ready for us to decorate on the 24th!
    Remind me to give you the recipe next week. It's so old it tells you to bake in a 'medium' oven, no temperature. Not that it would help me as I proved in my baking experiment blog from last week…

  7. I started baking when I got into law school & was too poor to buy gifts. It was right after my grandfather had died, so it became a ritual to help my grandma do the christmas baking and bake some gift cookies. They don't ALWAYS turn out great, but it's so nice to give homemade treats as gifts, & learn our family recipes.

    My favorite christmas tradition? My mom and I watch "Muppet Family Christmas" while we put up the tree. Best movie ever!

  8. I always bake cookies for family for Christmas. My husband's side of the family has tons of kids and I never know what they want (and don't have money to buy all of them gifts) so we just make a bunch of cookies for each family. I LOVE baking but Christmas cookies are such a pain. AND you have to make them all in a matter of a few days so they don't soft or hard before you give them away!

  9. great ride!! TWSS – anywho…I am going to try to bake something to give as presents this year too! I am thinking mini-pumpkin bread loaves and some sort of truffle or cookie…I need to pick up more tins at Micheals, but I think it will turn out ok…I love your idea with teh tissue and wax paper…probably keeps them from getting too soggy or stale!

  10. mmmmmmm those cookies look so good! I plan on making some truffles and maybe cookies today. :) I made some molasses cookies that other day that were out of this world!!!

  11. I baked a couple of things this year … got started a bit late cause we moved last week and we are still getting organized.

    Don't fret. Everyone loves homemade baking!

  12. I didn't bake much this year but I'm having a lot of people around New Year's so I can make up for it then. I'm sure everyone loved your yummy cookies!

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