Logan’s antics & White Chocolate Oreos

Logan has been giddy /w what I can only assume is Christmas fever! I think even though he is still too young to understand the full concept of the holiday that the happiness of everyone around him has gotten him excited. He knows something’s coming!

I think I’ve mentioned this before but we moved Logan into a bed (Colin’s buddy had his daughters old bed in his basement = SCORE)
Lo has finally begun sleeping in to a reasonable hour again but some things about this new change are unavoidable…..
…like room disasters!
if I can’t see you, you can’t see me

As I mentioned yesterday I was planning on doing some of the x-mas cookies I’ve tackled thus far but truth be told, I haven’t even gotten around to completing many of them. Today I am going to have to get my butt in gear!

My only advice for all the moms of toddlers out there is don’t let them “help” they aren’t ready….

I wish I could tell you this is the only time that the vacuum has seen my counter, but it’s not. lol One time I spilt a plethora of different spices and I mistakenly chose the vacuum as my cleaning tool of choice = smelly spicy vacuum for month and months after! I just couldn’t get the smell to go away 😛

As I was cleaning the flour mess from the shortbread dough that now resides in my freezer b/c I had no time to make it before heading off to work…..I hear a huge crash….

Our poor tree. Now I know we made the right decision waiting another year before getting a real one. Although maybe a real one would’ve been too heavy for him to pull down? Anyway…..Glad we opted for plastic decorations 😀

I did manage to make one type of cookie – it’s so easy it hardly requires a “recipe” but I’ll show you always….
White Chocolate Dipped Oreo’s 

  • 8 ounces of white chocolate
  • 24 oreo cookies (or in my case “Mr Creamy”)
I realize these photos were taken /w my phone

Chop all the chocolate….

Stick it in a microwavable bowl and heat in 30sec increments, stirring in between (the time to melt it varies) Then Dip each cookie!
way better than a glass of milk 😉

I find scraping the access off the bottom works best. Lay the cookies onto a sheet of wax paper and allow to cool for 1hr.

I am planning on using the extra icing from the gingerbread cupcakes I’ll be making on Saturday to make cute little “snowflakes” on the top of these bad boys 😀 needless to say I am really excited!
These cookies are easy-peasy and keep really well wrapped in waxed paper and stored in an air-tight container.

1. At what age did you and/or your kids start to get super excited for Christmas??
– I can’t remember when I did….but I also can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Christmas! so I must’ve been young. I love the concept as I’ve stated before of the TRUE meaning of the season. I actually enjoy making people feel better in the mall while they’re shopping too! 

2. ever had your tree come falling to the ground?? for some reason I believe I recall reading a similar tale in a blog not so long ago???

20 thoughts on “Logan’s antics & White Chocolate Oreos

  1. It is getting so close to Christmas and I am still not in the Christmas spirit. :( I think it is probably the lack of snow. As I type this there is a thunderstorm going on! Thunderstorms are not supposed to happen in December!!!
    Those cookies look soooooooo good!!!! I would eat all of them! I have to get cooking too!
    I do think that our tree has fallen over in the past. Probably due to a cat trying to climb up in it. :)

  2. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS Ali let's hang out and eat all of those cookies together PLEASE! Seriously… And I actually prefer the no name Mr. Creamy cookies! They are way creamier than oreos! I used to eat them almost every day (years ago) and think they need to make it back into my life!

    You know what I love most about this post though? That your tree fell and the first thing you did was take a picture for the blog! Hahaha I would totally do the same! I wouldn't even THINK about picking it up until I got a got shot of it!

    Logan is such a cutie. I want to squish his little face :)

  3. OH NO you tree!!!!!
    When I was a little girl, I remember my cat climbed up in the tree and it fell over. I remember my parents being SO UPSET. What a hassle! But as you said, at least you had plastic ornaments :)

  4. I will be making those as well this year!! You are just overloading my holiday baking list :)

    BTW – As cute as Logan is, I would not be able to handle baking with a tot – I make those messes on my own and can't imagine what they would look like with the added mess from him! You are definitely wonder woman in that department!

  5. just in case you still were not aware…you have the cutest lil kid ever. omg. that first pic with his smile is just tooooo much cuteness :)

  6. Oh my gosh. I am sort of a mean mom and don't really let my girls help me in the kitchen…even now that they are older. I like to just get it done. When they help, it is constant fighting on who does what and when and there is almost always a mess made.

  7. The easiest way to keep room disasters from happening is to not have anything but the bed and his dresser in the room, that way he can't get into anything else. As he gets older you can gradually add more stuff back to the room. That's what worked with us anyway!

  8. That's why we don't have a tree this year – because they cats jump onto everything and I KNOW they would knock it down!
    I'm pretty sure I would overlook the messes that Logan makes just because he is so dang cute!

  9. This post really makes me wish I had a kid for the Christmas season. Christmas is so much more fun when there are kids around. The cookies look delicious! Yummy! And your little boy is seriously the cutest thing alive.

  10. I can remember one year my parents had to tie the top of the Christmas tree to the curtain rod because the tree kept falling over, we were classy. My tree has never fallen over but my sister had two kittens that literally destroyed their fake tree last year. Every morning they came out and the tree was knocked over and the branches were awry. They finally let the cats have it as a toy.
    Those oreos look AWESOME! I might have to try it!

  11. Haha so very cute and those cookies look Sooo good. I've never had a tree fall…yet, but I would totally do the same thing and take a pic for the blog!

  12. @Jenn I usually make that same "bark" but this year (after seeing these mentioned on HRG) I decided to do them instead. lol let me know how yours turned out and I'll for SURE post the GB cupcakes on Sunday

  13. OMG I can't believe he got the whole tree down! That's too funny.

    When I started baking with my niece (maybe at 2 or 3) I would premeasure everything into plastic bowls and then she could just dump it all in. It worked well! Then I would just give her some dough to just play with while I made the rest of the cookies.

  14. Haha! I love Logan!!! I mean, he's not here spilling flour on my counter and toppling my tree over… but I'm pretty sure that even if he were, that adorable face of his would make all the darn cutest thing in the world anyway! :) That bed is great! Way to score on that hand-me-down!

    I had older brothers who I think did a pretty effective job of getting me excited for Christmas, so as far back as I can remember, I was always pretty stoked about it!

    Oreos are one of my serious weaknesses. Ask anybody. They were like my only grocery store request when I was younger and I could pound like 10-15 a night!!! Chocolate on top could only make them more awesome!!

    And the snowflakes on the top will be such a cute touch!

    Colin and Lo are lucky to have you… I think Jay is wishing I might follow your example and get working on the holiday baked goods. :)

  15. Haha I love Lagon's antics 😛
    He is just ridiculously adorable, I wish I could meet you both and play! :-)
    Mmm oreos covered in white chocolate is such a great, delicious idea!
    According to my mum I got excited for my third Christmas when I was two and a half years old because I was starting to understand what it was all about.
    And as for the tree falling down that's never happened to us but when we had kittens they used to climb the tree and pull decorations off – my cat at the moment still pulls my favourite bird decoration off every year!

  16. OH gosh I cant believe your tree went tumbling down! Good call on the plastic ornaments. I think our tree came down once when my sister or I ran into it. Guess we didnt quite see the big giant green thing in front of us.

    Those cookies look delish! You should sprinkle some crushed peppermints on them for a festive twist

  17. This is one reason we did not put up a tree in our small apartment this year, we figured our puppy (90 pounds) would knock it down lol.

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