Snack alternatives, Logan and Bachelor

Ok so let me just start by saying I’m the worst blog reader ever! 

I try to go to all of your blogs and I tend to bookmark recipes, or articles here and there but sometimes I completely forget who wrote what. So I sincerely apologize. Is this a sign I should have pinterest?

who did the baked chickpea recipe last week??? <——-I will link you up right here if I could find the recipe because last night while baking kale chips I decided to test out that baked chickpea idea too! 

Edit: I found out who it was! SimplyLife :) here’s her recipe :D

I have an old recipe for baked kale chips and I found when I was calorie counting it was an amazing snack alternative. Only 35 cals per cup!!! eat a whole “bag” they are my only movie companion. Or in the case of last night – my Bachelor buddy. Who else loves Courtney?? I know she’s a liar and is just trying to “win” but I just can’t help but love every second of her ;)

Logan was up continuously throughout the night last night. I am not in a good mood today because of it. I wish I could just put him back in a crib! hahaha

As mentioned above I couldn’t remember where I’d read about baking chickpeas but I thought I’d just try to remember what I’d read. I basically tossed them in paprika, pepper & salt and olive oil and baked them for 40 mins at 400F turning every 10 mins or so…..delish!!!! basically high protein crispy corn! yum!

The kale I just sprayed with PAM, sprinkled with sea salt and baked for 10 mins -top rack @ 350F while the oven was warming up – double yum yum!

Rex didn’t think so, although he did eat it ;) don’t beg for it if you don’t want it….

There was a good discussion Tara started on dailymile about how to curb snack cravings yesterday and I think that it’s much better to indulge if you need to but pick a healthier alternative. 

I know I don’t eat very healthy a lot of times but when I get in a – crunch & munch mood I immediately wash some kale and bake it or cut up veggies and make hummus….anything I don’t mind gorging on ;)



1. what are YOUR snack alternatives?? how do you stop yourself from over-snacking?

2. who do you want to win on the Bachelor??

I don’t know all their names but I like that one brown haired girl that Ben really likes. She seems genuine and cute.You know who I mean right??