2012 – the year of Change

YAY 2012 :)

it’s actually a pretty important year for me. You see while others believe this year may bring the Apocalypse upon us I for one believe it will bring change in a more positive way. I think it may be the beginning of a deep personal and thus communal growth happening for the planet. I like to believe this will be the year of great changes!Β so that IS what I’ll believe.

Anyway for whatever reason I like to think there’s something bigger working with us to make the whole world a better place. I just like being an optimist ;P (except when I want to bitch)


kissing the old blog goodbye

So…..the new blog.

YEP – I own “www.runningwithspatulas.com” I am one happy girl. THANKS COLIN <3

What do you think?? – for that, is something that will be helping me transform RwS; YOU. that is if you’ll grace me /w your opinions and advice πŸ˜€

I wanted to make this switch to an awesome self-hosted blog. The original plan was to have this baby up and running TODAY, but I suck at wordpress, suck even more at html and creating a theme. I have only ever used blogger – which is so easy! I keep having to tell myself that this WILL get better but right now I can’t even figure out how to change the colour of my text! that’s what kind of learning curve I’m on right now. but you know what?

I like it πŸ˜‰

So b/c I wanted to share this educational journey with you I’ve decided to just make the switchΒ with YOU πŸ˜€ YAYAY!!!!! then you’ll have more control and I’ll have more help and information on how to make my blog better.

Hopefully some of you know what’s going on!

b/c I sure don’t πŸ˜‰

welcome to the new year – the change of RwS and Ali Mc



1. anyone know how to help me?!?! lol

48 thoughts on “2012 – the year of Change

    • Thanks so much! I just love that I can reply to comments (otherwise I will always love blogger) my sister just needs to help me fix my header. I’m excited to get tinkering!!!!

    • thanks. this is the most basic theme. I’m still working on constructing my own b/c don’t worry….I’ll keep it clean and crisp for you πŸ˜‰ lol

    • thanks that was a birthday present from my sister. just needs to be sized properly so it’s not so fuzzy.

      You should anticipate a lot of changes in the design over the next month until it’s the way I want πŸ˜‰ as I loved my old look too πŸ˜‰

  1. Awesome! Change is good and fun! Love the new look! But I kinda miss the old spatulas… love the pic of You running with the spatulas though… very cute.

    • I know. I loved those spatulas. Maybe I can still add them somewhere….don’t worry. This is the beginning….there will be lots of changes to come πŸ˜€

  2. Love love love the new site!
    Your header is so cute and I love the layout :-)
    Congratulations on the move!
    I’ve been thinking of becoming self-hosted so I may have to email you with some questions some time soon πŸ˜›
    Happy New Year!!

  3. Congratulations on a self-hosted blog! It looks great so far and I’m sure that it will only improve!

    Maybe one day I will move over to a self-hosted blog, I used to be pretty good at html in high school so hopefully I remember some of it.

    • if you remember some of it please tell me some πŸ˜‰ lol I’m using the most basic set up right now but I hope to improve as I go πŸ˜€ Thanks for your support xo

    • lol thanks girl! I want to find out how to get that thesis theme for free so I can customize everything! lol PS: do you know how I set these comments up so they automatically email you /w the reply?? or is that already done??? THANKS for all your help! xo

  4. Yes!!!! A new blog! Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I will be much help considering it is taking me about 20 minutes just to figure out how to post this comment! haha! Your new blog is awesome though! How is it different than blogger?

    • sorry I want to change some things around but wordpress is a LOT of coding and such. so we’ll see how it goes. blogger is like coles notes, wordpress is a book πŸ˜‰

  5. Holy crap, YEA!!!!! I LOVE IT!

    I’ve been totally neglecting my stalking lately (because I’ve been stalking through the jungles of Guam instead… so fun!) … I can’t believe I almost missed this awesome surprise!

    I don’t know a ton, but Cec and I blog through wordpress, also… so if you need anything, we’ll do our best! I think the blog looks great and I’m stoked to poke around some more!

    Happy New Year, ALI!

    • YAY! Thanks πŸ˜€ I loved you Guam pics, they look beautiful. I can’t wait to change this all around but I basically just LOVE that I can reply to comments.

  6. Ha! You didn’t keep us waiting very long. Just as well cause the suspense was killing me.

    The new layout looks great. And learning new stuff – you’ll get there in the end and they say it wards off dementia :)

    • I didn’t keep you waiting b/c I decided – hey, you guys don’t care if it isn’t 100% the finished product. it’s up, it’s working…I can change things a long the way πŸ˜€

  7. LOVING the surprise, it looks great :-) Sorry but can’t help I’m brain dead in the technical department (drives hubby mad heeheehee)

    Can I follow or only subscribe via email??

  8. AHHHH I am so excited for you! This looks great!! I am really excited to see the changes this takes and that you are taking as well!! Happy New Year Gorgeous!

  9. Congrats!!!! I desperately want to switch to WordPress and tried over the break, but I get so frustrated because it is soooo much harder to navigate than Blogger….grrrr! But I really want to do it before my blog grows too much. Congrats on making the switch :)

  10. Hooray for the new site! Sorry it’s taken me forever and a day to finally get caught up on everything. I love the new layout and how you have everything set up. I like having the GFC right there. It makes it so easy for new followers to add your blog to their reader. I’m sure you are going to be a self-hosted blogger expert in no time!

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