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So, this weekend I went and tried on a whole bunch of shoes. What did I find?

I found out I love Brooks. I love them more than anything, aside from Logan.Β They fit my feet snugly but always have room in the toe box I just LOVE them!!! HAPPY FEET!!!

…however, they are pretty pricey. So the lady suggested I get the older version of my shoe ordered to my home store. However, they refused to send them. I could buy them online but they didn’t accept my gift card.

So I followed K’sΒ advice and emailed customer service…..

And lo and behold – I just bought Brooks Glycerin 8’s online using my gift card and the shoes are being sent to my home store. YAY!!!!

I’m not going to lie my feet really loved the Ghost 4’s but how could I refuse a $7 out of pocket shoe ?!?!? Β I couldn’t. FACT.

I will miss my Glycerin 9’s but they will always hold a special place in my heart because they got me through me first race πŸ˜€

*pic from the post Running Love & Foam Rolling *



what I’d like to know is this, can I start training for my marathon right now? or will that ruin me for my 10k? my only concern is that my training will be more focused on endurance and not enough on speed. Thoughts??

I designed a plan on SMARTCOACH and I know HRG brought this up yesterday and I completely forgot i had made one for my 10k race (oops obviously not sticking to it) so I altered it to a massive 39 week marathon training plan and it’s pretty sweet.

Ali (not me sillies)Β recommended Hal Higdon’s plans so I bookmarked his too. I just don’t know. His has me running more, shorter runs and the SC has me running less times per week but better workouts. I just don’t know.



ya so I grouped this part together because you guys aren’t going to believe what went down yesterday…..

Colin came home with Reese Peanut Buttercups and THIS is what he offered me!!!!

Half eaten chocolate?! can you believe it?!?!?!?!? A pack comes with 3! I know this because I bought one the other day, you know Colin, where we all shared it! and this is what he decided to give me…that smile is getting you no where mister!


Guess who’s mint chocolate is getting eaten today….yep, yours Colin πŸ˜›



1. do the people in your life take your food/sweet/chocolate love seriously??

Colin thinks I’m greedy, he thinks he should be allowed some treats that he shouldn’t have to share. What I say – then buy TWO! :)

2. training plans?? should I finish my 10k training or swap for the full marathon right now?

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  1. I steal Dean’s chocolate when he’s either sleeping or not looking!! I am very serious about it because I don’t eat it all the time so when I do, I go all out. I don’t like to share either. If we buy a treat each, I hate when he asks me to try mine because his bites are so big!!! But then I just take a bigger bite out of his… I seriously love chocolate. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, and snacks. But that would not be good for my mind or body!!! I get headaches from it when I eat too much! Dang it.

    • that’s awesome. I’m going to steel all of Colin’s chocolate today! and yes, what is with men and their HUGE bites?!?!?! I always try to get as much as humanly possible in as well. Better get as much as you can while you can πŸ˜‰

  2. Not sharing chocolate is a sin in marriage! Ok, my opinion is that a 38 week marathon training plan sounds like the worst thing ever. Really! Even following a plan for 18 weeks is LONG and HARD – I would really reconsider! Maybe just focus on the 10k, and try to keep your mileage a little higher, building slowly. But no need to pick a marathon plan yet at all, in my opinion!

    • hahaha I thought it’d be better to have lots of time to work towards it. PLUS the end result had me BQ’ing – which I was not complaining about. I trained for soooooo long for my 5k….like 3 months!

      But you’re saying shorter is better?? and I’m curious why that is?? :) thanks!

  3. 38 weeks is TOO LONG! OMG kill me now. There is no way to stick to that! You’re destined to give up on it eventually.

    I hate when my chocolate is just gone. Like someone ate it without telling me. It’s rare that I have chocolate though, so I’m pretty greedy.

    • I would totally stick to anything I commit to…..but ya, it seems like long it the common theme here; when would you start training for one???

      and I am always greedy when it comes to chocolate πŸ˜€ YUM!

      • I’m not being sarcastic. Also, you’re planning BQing for your first marathon and you didn’t even run your 5K at a BQ pace? Sure, why not.

        • no I wasn’t planning on BQ’n ….that’s just the time the smart coach spit out based off that 5k time (my only race). I am obviously ignorant in this regard, as I’ve never trained for anything like this so your opinions matter to me. Any plan suggestions???

          • Just don’t get an over-inflated view of what you’re capable of doing. Even awesome runners like Running Ricig who regularly train at an 8:30 pace don’t BQ at their first marathon.

            • believe me, I obviously, like any runner have these over-inflated DREAMS but I realize that my first marathon will most likely involve walking/running and take me well over 4-5hrs πŸ˜€

  4. My husband understands not to mess with my SPKs (sour patch kids). They are my downfall and I never share (maybe sometimes I can spare a green or two).

    I did Hal Higdon’s novice marathon training program and I don’t think I started off with a strong enough base and had disappointing results. Next time around, I’m going to build a strong base so I can stick to the regimen more diligently. :) Best of luck!!

    • SPK are good ones too….Colin would never steal candy from me….but he is bad at sharing his own πŸ˜‰ I have been developing a good solid base for a while. After reading all these comments I’ve decided to just stick with my 10k training for now :)

  5. Oh how dare he give you half eaten chocolate! My family knows the seriousness of eating my treats. I willingly share when I buy something, but by no means are they to ever eat the last of it…….although the five year old is still learning this, lol!!

    • hahaha Ya, dogs are great that way arent they. Awww tals….you need more tally pics on your blog :) I’m in dire need!!!

      and thanks Heather, but since I know nothing of training i’m going to trust you all that that would be way too long and just focus on my 10k πŸ˜€

  6. Tons of people love Brooks which is cool. I like it when people are that happy with running shoes. I feel the same way about Newton.

    Depending on what your goals for the 10K are, the Marathon are and the time between the 2 would have a big part in what the best course of action would be. There are so many variables that need to be considered and potential choices to be made. Pretty rad “non-answer”, huh?

    • I think the majoirty of runner’s love Asics, but Brooks are definitely for me :) I loved you rad non-answer.

      10k is march 26th
      (I am actually doing 10k of a 30k relay) but I’m training with the people doing the full thing (hence my sunday long runs)
      marathon is way off in October.

      I’m going to plan my marathon training in April at the advice of Vanessa πŸ˜‰

  7. DON’T START TRAINING NOW! Do a training plan for your 10K if you want a plan to follow. You could make one using smart coach and then that way it wouldn’t have you doing long runs.

    Our marathon is September 30, and we aren’t going to start training for it until May 28th (18 weeks)! No way do you need to do yours yet! We will probably do a combination of smart coach and Hal Higdon since we used his half marathon training program.

    My husband and I like different candy so it typically works out!

  8. yeah i dont think you necessarily need to start training for the marathon yet…maybe focus on the 10k and then just keep up with long, slow runs and build up your weekly mileage so by the time you get into training you will feel good. i think ive read somewhere that you should be running at least 30 mpw before starting training..dont quote me on that though!

    i wont be starting my training until probably april/may and mine is on october 7th, but i already have a strong base built…i would just keep working on building a strong base for yourself!

    • You guys are all so great!. I was just getting so excited about marathon training I forgot I already have a tast at hand – rocking my 10k :) so thanks for keeping me in check.

      and that’s great b/c mine is in October too so we can bump training ideas off one another, ie: you can tell me what’s good πŸ˜‰ hahah

  9. New shoes, yay! You definitely can’t beat $7. Way to work around their dumb rules. Have you looked at the run less, run faster plans? I was a firm believer in Hal Higdon but my body just doesn’t like to run that many days per week. I think if you just do some speed work too along with marathon training you’ll do great at the 10k!

    • Yay ….well they were 67, but 60$ was a gift card from my awesome uncle :) and so & out of pocket aint bad :) and that was my original plan – to add in speedwork and such but since the majority of people are saying wait to train, I will…..I need to be as awesome as possible in my leg of the relay. The last 10k is supposed to be CRAZY hills πŸ˜›

  10. hahaha Tripp does that to me all the time!! Love the new shoes and what a deal!!

    I would say a 39 week training plan might burn you out mentally, might be easier on the mind to start a training plan after the 10k?

    Also, my surgeon told me that he has seen better results with more days running (2 – 3 quality workouts + 2 recovery runs) than less days running – but it is definitely a split topic…to each their own I believe with that one – I have been only running like 3 times a week to limit the impact on my knees while I try to get back to 100%

    • Well they’re last years model so that’s why they’re so cheap but I’ll take it!

      and ya, I am not even going to worry about marathon right now, good call!

      cool, I liked the way the Hal plans had more runs too!

  11. When are the races? I’d say you can probably do both, just make sure you keep your speedwork more focused on the 10k to keep that leg turnover going.

    Can anyone really take chocolate loving seriously enough? ; )

    • the races are march 26th and oct 21st – so a ways away. I’ve just been kinda running whatever I feel like during the week, making sure I get a tempo or speedwork in once a week and one long run at a super slow pace :)

  12. So excited you got the shoes. Yay!!! About the training I think you can marathon train and 10k train at the same time. It is all about balance. You definitely have plenty of time until the marathon and don’t want to burn out so I wouldn’t start too soon.

    Yummy resses’s!! My sister is the absolute worst! She is always taking food from everyone and drives us all crazy. She always wants what everyone else orders and sneaks bites without even asking. How rude!

    • Thanks Rachelle πŸ˜€ I am just going to focus on being an awesome team member for my 10k and put marathon on the back burner.

      I can’t believe your sister is one of “those” – the take without asking. I’d have to tell her to ask nicely or to watch out hahah πŸ˜‰

  13. haha I loved the look on his face! And yours!!! I am a chocoholic, especially chocolate and peanut butter, and I do not like to share! When I go to the store I’ll buy two, even when the boyfriend says he does not want any. Because you know the second you start eating it, they want “just a bite” as well! ha
    Can’t wait to hear about your marathon training! Good luck!

  14. I think first thing I need to know is when these two races are! But I don’t think you want to train for 38 weeks – yikes! I’d focus on your 10K and focus on speed work and then keep a base and keep long runs and then start your marathon training – that would be ideal if the timing works out. I loooooove Hal Higdon’s plans and you can always modify them to meet your needs and preferences regarding how many times you run a week, if you want a mix of cross-training (I would recommend that), strength training, and speed work, or any other preferences. Just make sure you are comfortable with the distances of the first week of the training plan before you start!

    • I have loads of time so it sounds like sticking to what I’m already doing will help the marathon training by building up my base. and the novice plan started at 3miles! definitely comfortable :)

      I am excited for yours and megan’s training too!

  15. I’m not good with sharing food! On the training plan front, I don’t see anything wrong with planning out runs, etc. before the 10K but if it has you doing super long runs or something early in the game, then no, that’s probably not a good idea…if it’s more just to start slowing building your base now, nothing wrong with that!

    • I’m not good with sharing food either, but we always share treats. but no one better take a bite off my plate πŸ˜€

      I have been doing super long runs on Sundays….well maybe not super long in your books. but I love them, I do them with a group and they are slow and easy.

  16. ahhhh. i would be stealing chocolate right back as well. dont mess with me and chocolate :)

    i think i would stick with your 10k training plan and then move into the marathon training plan. 39 weeks sounds like a super long time to be focused on marathon training and I normally get burnt out…I think by having the 10k goal and then switching plans will keep you with some variety!

  17. All I can say is….I LOVE my chocolate and Hubby knows to buy enough for all cuz I am normally not sharing AND I wear Brooks too!!! I bought my first pair about a year ago….never had a pair on before and I just loved them. Ran my first half marathon in mine too.

    (I have no comments about the full marathon training you are ? doing….I ran my first half last Oct. I thought that felt long enough for me. No desire to run a full marathon….but, I will be tackling another half in April. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Kathy! thanks for visiting :) YAY for brooks! I just love them, as stated above. I have decided to run a full marathon this fall, right now i am only doing a 10k πŸ˜€

      and can’t wait to creep your blog and see your training for your half in April!

  18. I would definitely focus on the 10k first… 38 weeks is long enough to go through 2 complete marathon training cycles! You would probably be burnt out by the end. Excited that you’re thinking ahead tho!

  19. I was gonna say … 38 weeks is tooo long! You might get burned out. THEN I read through all the comments and I see that you’ve been given that advice A LOT.

    So, here’s my advice — after your 10k focus on keeping/maintaining your base or building some speed for a few weeks then think about a 16-20 week marathon training plan :)

    Oh, chocolate, I miss you. I gave up “candy” for January since my candy consumption between Halloween to New Years was ridiculous. I can’t wait to get a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day! Me and the husband don’t share treats/sweets well so to be fair we always buy enough for two {two bags of M&M’s, etc.}.

    • Thanks so much for reading the priot comments and making some other suggestions :) totally appreciate this!

      and I love this idea. I usually like to have longer training plans so I’ll start to think about it in April….as for chocolate and candy, GREAT job giving it up. Sometimes I see all you healthy people and I wish I could do it, but I just love eating bad too much :)

      • Haha, I love eating bad too! I think that is part of the reason that I’ve been hanging on to weight I want to lose even though I workout daily and I eat mostly good. I have my bad days, weeks, etc. I couldn’t give up everything at once so I only gave up candy in January but I’m still enjoying ice cream and other treats like popcorn and hot chocolate.

  20. I’m glad you got the Brooks… especially since you love them so much! Shoe love is the best!

    Oh, I would have been so mad if Jason handed me only part of a Resses cup out of a three pack! But then Jason doesn’t much like sugar, so that would never happen thank goodness. For instance, we went to coldstone last night and I got a HUGE cup of cake batter and brownie mix in… I got it huge so I could share with Jason… he had 2 bites. Seriously, that’s all! It was awesome… until I made myself sick. haha.

    And I don’t know much about either training program… but doing the marathon training program shouldn’t hurt your 10k… probably the increase of mileage can only help your 10k time. That’s my guess anyway…

    Enjoy eating Colin’s chocolate! :)

    • Thanks Jess. I wish Colin hated sugar whenever we share stuff I always accuse Colin of taking the bigger portion! hahaha and sorry you made yourself sick πŸ˜› that sounds like something I would do.

      That’s originally what I thought too – that increased millage would help me, but whatever, I’ll just keep running to my own drum πŸ˜‰ hahaha

  21. I would train for the 10k and then after you can start your marathon training. You can do a marathon with about 5months training as long as you are running regularly. I think Hal’s plan starts with only 15miles total running for the week. You will do great, whatever you chose.

    • Thanks Missy :) did you also use Hal’s plan?? I am already running btwn 15-21 miles a week right now :) so I’ll just rock this 10k and then come April start the big training

      • I did use Hal’s plan and I only had 9 weeks to train for my marathon and I made it. This time around I’m following it again but from the beginning. :-)
        So kick some 10K booty and the on to the marathon!! How exciting!

  22. First off- let me just say that you will find what works best for you.

    That being said, I think a 39 week training plan for a marathon is NUTSO. You are asking for burnout on a training plan like that. I only trained for my marathon for 3 months before, and even that was too long. I’m going to zone it in this time. I’m not really training yet and my marathon is in May.

    If I were you, I would really focus in on the 10K and the half. I would get a couple of good races under my belt, work on speed and endurance, and then I would move into marathon training in June (because isn’t your marathon in September?)

    That’s just my two cents. I would recommend Hal Higdon’s plans as well. Right now I’m reading “Run Less, Run Faster” and it is very intriguing. I might use it for my upcoming marathon. I’ll let you know how it goes. You have LOTS of time to make a decision.

  23. when is your 10k?…if it’s soon then I would stick to the plan you’ve got going on…but if it’s not for a while you could definitely add some longer runs! I’m still trying and testing plans, everyone is sooooo different in terms of what their body responds too. I love how excited you are! you will have a great race regardless! :)

  24. My husband and I don’t share. We have our own thing but if ever there comes a time when we share food or candy he should eat no more than 1/4 then wait until I tell him to eat the rest of it because I can’t finish it all or there is no more left and to go buy another one lol. Oh i sound so selfish and controlling.

  25. I am good at offering to share things but I have to admit I don’t really like it when they take me up on my offer hahaha

    As for the 10k, I saw a Hal Higdon training plan that recommended having official races (if available) to complete during your training so maybe the 10k is a good thing?

  26. I love Brooks too. I actually need new shoes too. (I still have not bought new shoes, I know it is bad) for me it is a tie between Brooks and Mizuno for my favorite shoes.
    Luckily, JT (my husband) isn’t really into sweet like candy so we rarely have it in the house otherwise I will eat it all in one sitting!
    I can’t give you any advice on marathon training, sorry. I’m clueless in that area.

    • I’m clueless in marathon training too, so don’t worry. and brooks, so awesome. I don’t think it’s bad to not buy new shoes unless yours are giving you problems and you’re logging a lot of miles on them.

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  28. So I have seen people say 39 weeks isnt long enough and other says its too long. I would totally agree that 39 weeks is too long! You have been running and are consistent with it so you are not building a base. Even if you are trying to BQ (which I would wait to even think about until you see how some of your long runs are) 39 weeks is crazy. I dont know I could be wrong. With that said most training schedules should have you running races inside the schedule and your 10k is a two months away, you should be running that in 10 weeks at least of a marathon training.

    • No I’m an in NO WAY trying to BQ – that would be crazy. First off I am not fast, second the longest distance I’ve run to date is 11 miles. so ya, no πŸ˜› That was the end time that long ass plan spit out and some other people got confused.

      I imagine it will take me 5hrs. and I am going to train for my 10k and worry about the marathon come spring :) thanks Courtney!

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