Vega Review

Vega Sports System: The First Complete, Natural, Plant-Based Sports Performance System

WOW now that’s a mouth full. Unfortunately I hardly ate more than a mouthful of some of their products.

So let’s get down to business.

I was asked by Cristina @ Vega if I would sample some of their sports performance products and review them on my blog. I agreed of course as although I am not a vegetarian the environmentalist in me loves the idea of using less animal products.

The package I was sent consists of 3 main components:

  1. Preparedesigned to get you in the zone!
  2. Sustainproviding immediate energy!
  3. Recoverreplenishes your system!

What I loved:

  • the Recover Protein Bars were amazing! I was sent a chocolate saviseed one and a chocolate coconut one and I wish I had a whole box! I loved them. However there was 30g of sugar in them, so how could you not? but on the plus side they were also both gluten free!
  • I loved both of the sustain Electrolyte Hydrators the berry was better than the lemon/lime but I did notice that during my long runs I felt much better drinking that then just water. I also don’t like gatorade so this was a welcomed substitute.
  • Loved that it was a Canadian product!
  • I loved the sample box I got and would highly recommend it for anyone wishing to try this product. It had a great balance of what they offer at a reasonable price of $24.99
What I didn’t mind:
  • The Recovery Accelerators were ok. I didn’t mind the taste but I can’t tell you whether they did anything magical or not. I really don’t know.
  • Performance Protein was something I’m not used to having. That’s why it’s in the “didn’t mind” I actually wouldn’t drink these but I think most people that use protein drinks after a workout would. The vanilla didn’t taste bad, it was just something I’m not into.
What I didn’t like:
  • The Pre-workout Energizer just felt like I was drinking a gatorade before working out. I didn’t notice that it did anything more for me than coffee or tea, but who knows because I only tested these before my long runs on Sunday (the only early morning I workout)
  • Endurance Gels were disgusting! Although I don’t like GU’s either so maybe it’s the texture again.
  • Endurance Bars  were by far the grossest. They remain uneaten, each with one bite out of it. Both the mocha and the acai berry tasted horrible. Once again, I’d rather have some PB and toast.
  • The price. Vega is super expensive. I don’t think I could afford it. In fact I know I couldn’t.

Bottom line: Vega Sport System has some great pieces, some of which I would continue to use but as a whole it has too many, well, holes. It’s awesome that it’s plant based. Especially for the vegetarians out there. As an ex vegetarian I imagine that all the products would taste GREAT for you! As I distinctly recall liking things I never had before while depriving myself of meat 😉


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1. Have you tried Vega? if so, yay or nay?? if not, would you??



21 thoughts on “Vega Review

  1. I’ve see it mentioned on some other blogs before, I haven’t tried it yet though! I would love to try it and that’s awesome that you were sent some for free! I would love to review products, but I haven’t had the opportunity to yet.

    • I think it has a lot to do with (and I tried to mention this) that when you’re a plant-eater your tastes change. I think anyone that’s veggie or vegan would probably love this stuff but I eat everything and so it just didn’t cut it for me 😉 so I think it makes sense that the vegan would like it 😉

  2. So far the only Vega product I have tried is the (chocolate) Whole Food Health Optimizer. I have been seeing the Vega reviews through out the blogosphere and would absolutely love the opportunity to test their products, because yessss they are a bit pricey.

    I’ve got to learn more about the Vega products, but I particularly want to try the chocolate performance protein because after a full body workout & hitting the weights hard, I have always consumed at least 20g of protein and this product has 26g so it’d be a perfect recovery:)

    • you should asked if you can review them!!! and aren’t you a veggie??? you’d probably love all their stuff as much of it just had that “plant-esq” taste.

      • I am raw/vegan! I know that taste you’re talking about and understand what you’re saying about the pallet. Some foods/recipes/products are definitely more “earthy” than others and I suppose I am more tolerant if that’s the right word;)

  3. I love all their products, my wife and I love the pre workout energizer, and it feels nothing like Gatorade in my opinion. The endurance bars are not bad, they have a lot in them to keep you going, which is the most important part to me. I also love the chocolate sport protein. Tastes delicious, and I drink it every night I have a good workout.

    • Ya, I think you’re right they’re grittier than gatorade. I don’t normally use supplements so I didn’t really enjoy them That’s great that they work for you and your wife though! I want a whole box of those protein bars!! haha…..with 25g of protein it’s a solid bar. I don’t know if I was sent the chocolate version of the drink though :(

  4. I should have pouted out that I am vegan. Might be why I like the taste of all the products. Vega products are going to get me through my first 50 mile ultra marathon this summer!

    • Great job at making the switch. I was a veg for 5 years but once I was pregnant my body wanted meat. I could never be vegan b/c I love cheese and honey….but I admire people that can :) and an UTLRA!!!! way to go. I read quite a few 50 mile recaps this year and it seems insane to me but exciting nonetheless. I hope you rock it. You need a blog.

  5. Love the totally honest review! I was just reading Christina’s review of this the other day and thinking… yeah, they look okay, but unnecessary and overpriced. I’m with you, I think toast works fine for me. Seriously, how often do you need to fuel in the middle of a run? And regular foods can boost you before and after… I don’t know if I believe in any magic running foods… but then I’ve just been running most of my life on regular old cold cereal in the morning and water to rehydrate… :)

    • Actually I lied… I think the review I read before was on Tessa’s blog… anyway… it was still a good review, I just think my assessment of the product would be closer to what yours reads. :)

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