Worst long run ever!

I know that heading sounds so negative but don’t worry there is a happy ending :)

I’ll spoil it….I finished :) but every single step my mind said “just give up” <—–my mind was mean today.

I missed last weeks long slow group run due to sickness. Even though I still wasn’t cured from sickness (what is with this cold that never leaves?!) I knew I had to get out this weekend because next week we’re doing 20km – so almost a half marathon! So get ready to come visit next Sunday for tales of a new PDR! I’m super excited :)

I think fueling with a donut didn’t help my run either, but man was it delicious!!! I love yummy circles of sugary goodness. (don’t worry I had pb and a banana too)

The first 5 miles of my run were spent struggling to keep up with the group. Normally I have other people that run at my pace but this week only the “speedy’s” showed up. I know a 9:40 pace isn’t that fast but it was for my slow run!

I spent those first 5 miles inside my head – hating my group for saying I was running my slow runs too slow and that I should be at this pace. I think part of me just felt frustrated because I had to continuously blow my nose and kept coughing, new brooks didn’t help. The pace leader told me that this run would make me sweat it out and I’d feel better….sure it will 😉

Half way point a wave of relief washed over me, I felt like “I can do this” and for the next 4 miles I sailed along right with the group ….the last mile felt like the first 5 😉 but I can’t even tell you how great it felt to finish! I love that I stuck with it when every part of me wanted nothing to do with that run. I remember even shouting out – “and I want to run a marathon?” = nuts!

Total distance 10.75miles @ 9:37 pace = 1hr 43 mins. I’d normally do a sunday run @ a 10:30 -10:50 pace so that shows you how much faster it was for me at that distance. However, I did it! so I am pretty happy 😀


I was even more happy when I arrived home and Colin showed me what letters Logan had come upstairs with….

Yes my little boy, spelt “run”! I am so excited about this. Logan is spelling more and more each day and this was my favourite word thus far. I can’t wait for “race” 😉 haha


McDonalds is good for you post run right? 

I thought so :)

PJ’s and fuzzy socks are optional but so highly recommended :)

Showers are over-rated.



1. what day of the week is your long run? 

2. McDonalds breakfast – yay or nay?? What’s your favourite thing to order?

I love their hashbrowns. I seriously think they’re better than most things in the world :) I always order a bacon egg mcmuffin and 2 hashbrowns 😀 YUM!!!!

**Patty – how did your exam go??? Elizabeth – how was your first half?!?!? **


82 thoughts on “Worst long run ever!

  1. ConGRATS on that pace! I have never run a long run that fast. How cute that Logan spelled ‘run’!

    I love hash browns but my tummy broke up with McD’s years ago.

    • thanks! I would have NEVER been able to do it alone. I would’ve a) given up and made it a short run or b) run it a LOT slower. This group is so fast 😛 crazy!

  2. WOW! I’m so impressed that you ran that entire long run at that pace! That is a HUGE drop in time for a long run. And you were sick too! You deserve major brownie points for sticking that out!

    • Thank you so much! I literally had to tell my brain to SHUT UP! the entire time and push harder than ever. I don’t know how people run marathons at sub 9 paces! I think maybe all these nice slow long runs help my endurance ?? but ya I carved a whole minute off my mile!

  3. AWESOME job on the run and extra kudos for doing it feeling like crap. Sorry no Micky D’s here – I can’t even convince Dillon to eat it if there is nothing else available (like long road trip and in the middle of no where). I will break down for a Tim Hortons donut for sure – oh I miss those every here and there. I will make up for it when we come this summer. By the way we need to check schedules and possibly meet up – I will be flying into TO of course and headed to the farm and a cottage or 2. Have a great Sunday!!!!!

    • Oh YA!!!!!!!! this news makes me soooooo excited :) I live about 45 mins away from TO so it’s totally doable! and you’ll have to keep me posted we can do an event together :)

    • Thanks….my legs are hating me right now and I KNOW my speedwork will be impacted this week b/c of it :(

      and I was instructed to get mcD’s breakfast by Colin – hahaha normally we never make it on time

  4. I’m no expert but I thought it wasn’t possible to run your long runs too slow?! Your group might be crazy?!?! :-). Way to persevere despite feeling bad, that’s the sign of a true champion!!!

    • you’re right – they ARE crazy. or more so they’re just way faster. Seasoned runners. – normally there are about 20 or more of us in this group today there were only 8…..8 of the FASTEST. that;s why. it was either run alone, or keep up!

  5. I like bacon and egg McMuffins too… hashbrowns only very very occasionally!

    So happy for you for your awesome hard run today, Ali! That is soooo fast!

  6. Nice job, Ali! I know it can really suck during those types of runs, but (for me, at least) it’s so worth it once I finish. It’s great that you ran so much faster than your normal Sunday pace. Very fun that Logan spelled “RUN” – you have him learning well at a young age. :)

    I used to do long runs on Saturday or Sunday, and occasionally during the week in the summer, but they’ll probably be on Sundays now due to my schedule. I rarely eat McDonald’s breakfast, but I don’t mind having it once in a great while.

  7. I heart their hashbrowns too and it is a good thing the nearest one is 20 miles away or I would eat them more often!

    Great job pulling through and finishing the run and not listening to the negative thoughts in your mind!

    Way to go Logan!

    • I wish mine was 20 miles away! that would be a good run to get some 😉 hahaha and thanks Christy! it was one of my most challenging runs to date. that’s why it’s so nice to know I finished!

  8. Again, nice work!!! We all know I’m a snail, so a 9:40 pace to me is like sprinting!! I usually do my long runs on Sundays also, but I’m literally starting my running “for real” this week….so my long run was only 3.2 miles lol.

    So, I need to ask this– are the people in your running group nice??? I sometimes get the feeling that they aren’t very friendly..?

    • ok Heather….so the OLD running group = mean bitches. (well not a few of them, but the ring leader, and that’s enough) so I left that group. I think you told me to actually 😉 haha

      this group is a lot nicer HOWEVER as I’ve stated before the group is soooooo large that everyone runs at different paces and the pace leaders never adjust their pace to slow down…..my slower pace group wasn’t there today….however as much as they pushed me I don’t think they would’ve left me behind. Also at the end of every run we always give each other high fives and say great job! so I like running with these guys better. Do I wish I had a group that I was more “in sync” with, of course, but I don;t….so

      sorry for that essay response! haha

    • well holly 10 miles is a LONG time. So I understand. I was questioning my ability to do a half or a marathon every step of the way. so good on you for getting out there!

  9. Awesome job on your distance and pace! I finally got out and ran a 5k today for The Boring Runner’s virtual Freeze Your Thorns Off race. Since I won’t be studying for a few weeks I figure I should run. Not sure how the exam went, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to take this section again. Oh well. Live and learn.

    • YAY!!!! boring runner! I love that blog. I should add in my 5k time 😛 and PATTY! it’s b/c you’ve been blog creeping 😛 I ruined everything! let me know what you’re studying and I’ll do a post a week on the topic 😉 hahaha wouldn’t that be awesome!

      • Yeah, the boring runner is awesome. Believe me, you don’t want to post on what I have been studying. The auditing section for the CPA exam, quite possibly the most boring topic ever!

      • Random question but I was just googling Foam Rollers Running Room Review and an old post of yours came up about you buying a foam roller from the running room!

        What one did you buy and how did you find it? I am researching foam rollers and it’s so overwhelming and there’s not a ton of info out there! Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Wow congratulations on managing that! I think it’s fantastic that you managed to keep going and had a positive outcome :-) Go you! And 20 miles?? That sounds insane, I can’t wait to hear about it next week! I love how Logan is getting more and more into his spelling, what a smart boy!! And spelling ‘run’ for you is just adorable :-)

  11. Way to go on finishing! I have those not-so-fun long runs probably once a month or so. Sometimes I feel great, sometimes I’m just tired and sluggish. That’s an awesome pace for a long run, too! I usually do mine Sat morning, and it’s become our routine now that daddy and L go do something special while I run and have a bit of quiet time in the house afterward, which I need and love. :)

  12. Holy cow you were speedy!! You are going to kill your 10k, seriously!! Word of advice? amp up on your immuno boosting stuff for like 24 hours after a hard/cold run like that and you usually keep yourself from getting re:sick. J thinks i’m crazy but I drink like 8 gallons of orange juice & eat veggies all day after a long hard run. (Although McDonalds Hashbrowns are a definite substitute…yummmmmmmm)

    • I don’t know….we’ll see, next week we’re actually going to the race course and running all those crazy hills. Hills definitely slow me down and I haven’t seen the one huge hill yet but today one guy was saying I’d be better to walk up it and then bust out afterwards!!!!! = how crazy is it?!?! hahahaa

      and you’re so right. I’m going to put this coke in my hand down and grab a juice….I’m so awful. Such a bad role model.

  13. I thought the whole purpose of a long slow run was the slow part. Our coach has told our group that we run our long runs too fast. He wants us to be about a minute slower per k than our normal run pace. It’s good that you managed to push through and finish. And really good that you got that second wind.

    • Tell me about it! as other have said….aren’t long runs supposed to be slow. I am sitting on the couch feeling like I just ran a race! = not good. Next week I’ll hold back even if I’m alone.

  14. Congrats. Thats a great run and proves you can do more and faster than you think :) I have never run with a group- but I guess that would be a be advantage.

    Maccas brekkie- eh… not too much. I prefer fruits, cereal, granola etc.

    Plus fries aren’t on til 10.30 and isn’t that why people go to maccas? 😉

    • Maccas!? is that what they call it in Mexico??? so cool, I’m officially stealing it 😉

      I love their fries and Thanks Joise….but even though I could go that fast I think I’d still rather save the speed for the speed work 😉

  15. Great job on the run. I think it’s good to get pushed sometimes, however I totally disagree with your group about whether you should always run that fast. Your LSD run shouldn’t be a struggle to that extent.

  16. Awww… Logan spelled run! I love it! Way to go on your long run… I haven’t run that far in months and months! That’s amazing! I feel like you’ve improved so much in your time as a runner that by the marathon later this year, you’ll be kicking trash and thinking that 26.2 isn’t even that bad. :)

    And I’ve totally done mcd’s as a post run meal… probably more than I should admit. :) I know everyone else hates on it… but man I love me some mcdonalds.

  17. Mmmmm… I like you. Doughnut before the run, McDonalds after. Sounds like a good day to me! Great job on your run!
    My long run day is Saturday- that’s the plan at least!

  18. Great job on your run and I’m glad you were able to get through it! I love that Logan brought up the letters to spell “run”, very cute!

    Our long runs are on Sundays, we might change that during Marathon training but I doubt it. I enjoy doing it on Sundays, it works for us!

    I don’t like McDonald’s, not even their breakfast food.

  19. Funny how our brain can make us hate something then in the end the brain decides “Wow i actually like this” Great job with the run. You were really pushed. I think you can do it again =]…yumm mcdonalds breakfast. The last time I had that was a very long time ago but I can still remember ordering the pancakes, smothering it with more than enough butter and bathing it in syrup lol.

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  21. Great job with the run. Some runs are just harder, physically and mentally, than others and they just make the good runs that much better :)

    How is your hip doing?!?

    My long run days are Saturday :)

  22. Hi! I’m so glad I came across your blog! Props to you for telling your mind to quiet down and let you finish your run!!:-)
    Good luck on your 20K this weekend!

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