Strong Stride [workout DVD] – Review & Giveaway

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Remember this?

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It’s the strength DVD I’ve been using for the last 3 weeks: Strong Stride by Lisa Watson.

All I can say is I love it!

I am super impressed by Lisa. She is pretty amazing. I just want to give you a little review of her workout DVD because it’s specifically designed for runners and not just for strength – but it helps minimize injuries and as the title implies, improves your stride.

The DVD is broken up into 4 sections: program 1, program 2, strength training and dynamic warm up.

dynamic warm up – it has proven great for shaking my hip out before short runs. I had also only been doing a lot of these exercises after a workout instead of before. Any time I did do them prior, I noticed that my muscles adjusted to the run faster and easier.

strength training – this section is divided into sub-sections; non-running muscles and running muscles, then again; with weights and without. They each had 3 sets with a dynamic cardio move in between. I loved all of these workouts and found it very easy to change them up to create my own routine. I was definitely sore after and they are super convenient for people, like me, that workout at home.

programs 1 and 2 – these are two different ~ 1hr long workout sessions that tackle the glutes, hams, hips, hip flexors, abs and back. They are super tough (well they were for me) but I am slowly getting better at them. I liked that they are broken up into 10min targeting sections so I can have a sip of water or catch a breath in between.

here’s a sample of the Strong Stride experience:

So now that we have the run down what did I think about it?

what I liked:

  • loved Lisa and found that she instructed nicely, counted down when I wanted to die and kept encouraging.
  • liked the yellow bar at the bottom of the video to show me how much time has elapsed/is left
  • loved all the workouts and though challenging, there are two other girls that do modifications that you can follow along with.
  • liked that the workouts are designed to be interchangable so you can switch things up and trick your body.
  • liked that the workouts did what they said and I immediately noticed that my running form was better (my abs were tighter and the hip exercises really helped)

what I didn’t really like:

  • I find this with a lot of workout DVD’s but I didn’t like the videographer in the dynamic warm up vid – there were odd times where the camera would be on her face so I had no idea what her body was doing.
  • the yellow count down bar was great but I didn’t like that there was no clock or times written. I like to know what time I’m committing to b/c as a mom, I may only have 20 mins to spare.
  • this is probably because I’m so weak but I found it hard to work on one leg constantly and then switching. I prefer DVD’s that switch legs for each exercise. ie: right then left, right then left as opposed to left, left, left, right, right, right.
bottom line: I really like it. It’s convenient. It is great for moms or anyone else that finds working out at home easier. It has definitely worked me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Lisa is a great instructor and I can already see improvements in my form while running. I can’t wait to see what it does after months of using it. I love that it’s difficult, it gives me something to work up to. I have never seen another DVD do this much work on the hips and legs and as a runner, that’s where I want my strength :) LOVE!

“Make every step count. Maximize your running potential with increased core body strength and improved stride” – Strong Stride

If you want more information about the Strong Stride workouts, Lisa and her program you can find her here, on twitter and on facebook.


So I guess now you want one??

Well good thing Lisa is one of the nicest people ever because she gave me an extra copy to give to one lucky reader 😀 YAY!!!


to enter: leave me a comment telling me why you want to try Strong Stride!

extra entry: leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite at home workout is and why?

BONUS entry – tweet, blog or facebook this giveaway including @StrongStride

I will choose a winner Saturday February 25th @ midnight EST and post it in the morning :)



*disclaimer: although I was supplied with this DVD the opinions expressed on this blog are my own. I was not endorsed in any way. thank you*


109 thoughts on “Strong Stride [workout DVD] – Review & Giveaway

  1. I would love this DVD! I have actually been looking for something like this… I have such a hard time doing strength training on my own… a video would be awesome!

  2. I am always looking for something I can do quickly at home when schedules don’t allow for me to get out for a run. Plus, I think it would be a fantastic birthday gift for me from you!

  3. Right now I’m loving my recumbent bike as my at home workout choice! Low impact and I can still cruise the internet while doing it. Always multi-tasking here. BUT, I’d love to incorporate more strength into my training.

  4. Sounds excellent! I love the idea of having something short & sweet I can incorporate INTO my runs, rather than using them only on my XT days

  5. I think you may already know this but I LOVE Hip Hop Abs. It is not an olympic calibur workout or anything (for that, I hit the Insanity DVD’s) but It’s fun, it works, and the workouts are short enough that I can mix & match depending on how much time I have

  6. This looks like a great DVD! It focuses on 2 areas I need to work on, Strength Training and Warming Up! I love following DVD’s for warm ups and cool downs that way I know I’m not cutting them short and will actually do them if someone is leading me.

  7. I like doing yoga at home in my living room, and I’m fortunate enough to have a rat wheel (treadmill) in my house too where I do all of my speed workouts to thumping music!

  8. My favorite home workout is a pilates DVD that I have. It is a KILLER workout and only 20 minutes long so I can squeeze it in any time.

  9. eeeek! pick me pick me! i want to try this because i feel like i have little direction in my strength training and after a couple injuries…i KNOW i could benefit from sport-specific training!

  10. right now my favorite at home workout is either a tabata style workout that i make up on my own or jillian’s ripped in 30!

  11. My favorite at home workout is- I don’t have one! Which is why I need this. I do have the 30 day shred with Jillian, but I don’t love it. I will occasionally do lunges while watching the biggest loser, so there ya go.

  12. Wahoo! I would love to win this! As a runner it’s hard to remember you need to switch up workouts and do other things, besides just running. This is not good for your body, and doing other strength trainings will only increase your skills as a runner. I have heard about this video and heard amazing things from other runners. I would love to be able to give it a try, see if I can improve my not so great running skills! :)
    I love doing tabata workouts at home. I usually only have about 20-30 minutes in between jobs and school, so I usually don’t have too much time to get in a good workout. I will search one one youtube and squeeze in a good 12 min tabata workout.

  13. That’s such a great idea for a DVD. As runners we’re often a bit slack on doing the little things that will help strengthen and ward off injuries.

  14. I want to try strong stride! One of the things I know I slack on in my running is a good strength training workout aimed at runners. We use a lot of muscles repetitively and some barely at all. It’s hard to use traditional workout videos because they often spend a lot of time working muscles I don’t need to work on. I am looking for something to compliment my running, and this sounds like a perfect fit!

  15. Some of the workout videos I do a lot include Iron Strength by Runners World (it’s an informational video about the exercises, but not a workout video you use when you workout, which I thought would be hard but actually works really well) I do the P90X core synergistic video a lot too (I’ve done the whole program and it was effective but not conducive to someone who’s main goal is to become a better runner.)

  16. My fave workout at home has been my windsor pilates, ever since college, I have loved her DVDs – they burn, they keep me motivated and I think they work 😉

  17. 1) I want to try strong stride cause I am ALWAYS after ways to tone, prevent injury and do strength training thats actually targetted at RUNNERS.

    Scallywag x

  18. 2) my current fave workout is my one prescribed by physio: squats, lunges, clams, one leg squats, dynamic lunges, hip raises- all with utter focus on FORM and not letting my left knee curve in! x

  19. Is the giveaway open to Australia? I’ll go ahead and try anyway LOL
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Strong Stride DVD because my podiatrist has told me the main reason that I am struggling with my left foot is because I need to build strength in my ankles and calves. Since Strong Stride is running specific I think it’s just what the doctor ordered! :)

  20. My favourite ‘at home’ workout is currently ‘Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown’. It was Bob’s TBL Weightloss Yoga but Jillian gets the job done in half the time :)

  21. I love new workout DVDs – this one looks good as it is broken down into shorter segments so I could still do it on run days. If you like it, I want to try it!

  22. I like doing navy seal workouts….They are brutal and I usually walk funny for a few days, but you know me I always have to keep up with the boys!

  23. I will like to try Strong Stride becuase I am a mother of two adorable children and also a runner, I work out at home with DVDs. By the reviews that you give this DVD program sound fantastic.
    Favourite work out is Zumba…Why becuase all my family enjoy it, especially my children, we can dance all day long! Thank you.

  24. I would love to try this for the sole purpose of having an at home DVD. I currently do not own any workout dvd……I know right!!

  25. My favorite at home workout is a circuit workout that I use. I actually have two different ones that I rotate between. One is a workout I recieved as a treat from a trainer friend, the other came from pinterest!

  26. I need Strong Stride b/c I need a workout video. I don’t go to a gym or have a membership and don’t really have time to go to the gym. But I do need the cross and strength training.

    I love my Gaiam Pilates Mat Workout DVD, b/c I love pilates, does give me a stronger core and the lady instructor in it has a lot of helpful tips and is also encouraging.

  27. Sounds like a great workout! I would love to try Strong Stride as I’m traveling a bit over the next few months and would be a good way to keep up with my workouts without relying on gym access!

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  29. I have been trying to figure out ways to get some cross training in to better my new love for running, and this DVD seems like it might just be the trick!

  30. I would love this DVD because I’ve been struggling with a hip injury and want to get strong & run again.

  31. I’d love to try Strong Stride. It looks like it would be a valuable cross training tool for runners — plus, I’m always looking for new exercises to try!

  32. My favorite at-home workout is … yoga from You Tube. There are so many videos to choose from. Plus I really enjoy doing yoga practice at home as opposed to at a gym because I feel more relaxed at home.

  33. Ok, entering. I just spent 5 months in physio, learning how to stay strong while running, so I think this DVD could help me stay on track. Now let’s see some winning up in here! 😀

  34. My favourite at-home workout is probably one of the body-weight-only Body Rock videos. I haven’t done one in ages but I’m usually huffing and puffing after 20 seconds :)

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  36. I want to win this DVD because I love running but I really need to work on my running posture and stride, so a strength workout for runners would be perfect for that!

  37. My favorite workout to do at home is Zumba or the 30 Day Shred. I did the 30 Day Shred regularly for the past month and a half and it’s really improved my strength, which my running will definitely benefit from as well.

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