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Hey all!

Favour to ask you – I have a photo entered in the Tommie Copper contest (so skip the story and go VOTE for it for my mom or read on…) and while it is a photo of my legs, I am actually not in it for myself at all. I am asking for your support to help me win this for my mother. (you can vote every 24hrs) *can’t vote from mobile devices*

My mom is such a strong person. She has been living with chronic pain for as long as I can remember. My father wasn’t much help when he was around and from as far back as I can remember my mom did every thing for us and for the house. When they finally ended their relationship my mom was just beginning to treat her recently diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis. For those of you that don’t know Rheumatoid is basically where your white blood cells identify your joints as enemies and attack. Hence the swelling and build up on the joints.

Did this stop her?

Not at all my mom’s motto became “I don’t need a man” and boy, she sure didn’t doesn’t. If she didn’t know something she would read about it and do it herself. She was known to own books titled “1, 2, 3 electricity” and “home decorating 101” – she rented a water saw from Home Depot and ceramic titled our entire main floor! There is really nothing this woman couldn’t do.

This “I don’t need help” attitude made her disease worse and later she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I obviously have no idea what it is like to live with that but later when I was in college and I met another person with that same disease I was in complete shock that my mom was so positive and able to do so much without complaint.

She really never gives up. She blew her knee out this year and still went on vacation – driving herself and walking the beach on crutches!

Then one day Jordan from Tommie Copper and I were discussing which sleeves I’d like to review on my blog and I just coincidentally had noticed that people with arthritis used them and said “Oh I think I’ll let my mom borrow my knee sleeves” – Jordan so kindly offered to give her one and as mentioned here in my original reviewWithin hours my mom noticed a difference. Since then we’ve bought her the full finger gloves for xmas and she wants MORE! She really swears by it.

Here is the review my mom wrote that I sent into Tommie Copper:

I have suffered from the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and fybromyalgia for years.  Many people have given me their ‘sure cures’ over the years.  I usually give them a try, but none have actually done anything for me.  Recently I injured my knee for the third time in eighteen months.  My daughter said she had something I needed to try. She started to tell me all about Tommie Copper products.  My knee had been so bad that I could hardly walk.  I was no longer using my crutches, but I was still taking a lot of pain medication.  She was so excited about this product, I gave it a try.  I put it on and forgot about it.  When I next went to get up, I couldn’t believe it.  The pain was almost completely gone.  I have been in physiotherapy for months and the Tommie Copper reduced the pain and swelling within hours.

People at work even noticed the difference and asked why I wasn’t limping any more.  I told them all about Tommie Copper. Recently, I started using the compression gloves.  I have tendonitis in my hand as well as a trigger finger that gives me problems.  I use the gloves usually just at night.  My trigger finger problem has been much better and the pain from my tendonitis is almost gone.  I tell everyone about Tommie Copper.  I never believe in wonder cures because none of them have ever worked for me ….until now.  So, if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain, try this product.  It is truly amazing.  I feel so much better and I am so grateful that my daughter introduced me to this product. I intend to order more products for the rest of my painful body parts.  I only wish they made a total body suit.  LOL” – Mom Mc

Needless to say, I think my mom deserves this win and I am hoping and begging that you will help me, help her :)

All you have to do is go to facebook HERE and VOTE for my photo!

(“liking” my photo does nothing, you’ve gotta VOTE)

*you can’t vote from mobile browsers so sorry for the inconvenience – please remember to come back when you’re on a regular computer and VOTE! thanks*

the first prize winner gets $100 in TC cash, their new shorts and a $100 Amex card. – which she will most likely use on more TC 😉 lol

SO please please please help me spread the word and vote for the picture DAILY! You can continue to vote EVERYDAY so please share it EVERYWHERE and keep voting. There are some big bloggers up against me and my mom needs this :) THANKS!!!!! 

For your convenience I have made an easy one click button at the top left hand side of my blog so when you come to visit just click and keep voting – contest ends March 6th :)

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! xoxoxooxx


65 thoughts on “Tommie Copper Contest for Mom Mc

    • Thanks so much Steve and you should totally try out Tommie Copper (Id even try emailing to see if they will send you some to review on your blog)

      and you can vote daily so please! thanks xo

      and great post. I love your outlook, love how friendly and positive you are and love that you are like the “dad of DM” 😀 xo

  1. Ali, awesome story. I was going to enter but when I saw that had, I decided not to.. but to support you and your Mom instead. Voting now! And I do hope you/she wins!


    • Oh Elle I would’ve voted for you :) but thanks for supporting me and my mom 😀

      truth be told I’ve had to stop myself from voting for the competition just b/c I want to win :) hahhaa

  2. Voted!!! I sure hope she wins! Sounds like an amazing woman! I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and it was horrible, I cannot imagine having that with fibromyalgia!! What a strong woman! I’ll be voting every day for her!

  3. Your mom sounds like one strong example in your life! A huge hug to her. I’ll be finding computers to vote from in the office. (My home computer is on the fritz.

  4. Your Mum sounds like an incredible woman. I’ve just had a few weeks of feeling off and I’ve been a cranky nasty person. Your Mum has put up with pain for years and her photos show proof that she hasn’t let it make her bitter. I’ve definitely voted for her.

    • Aw thanks Char, she definitely has her moments but she is a naturally fun-loving person at heart. I actually just got the call from the dr that I have osteoarthritis and my mom was really supportive even though Rheumatoid is way worse

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