New April Abs!

So I haven’t been able to find a “Rad Abs April“, “Bad Abs April“, “Dad’s Abs April“? ….that’s weird.

I’ve been trying for weeks! Since I got addicted to doing the Mad Abs March! I completed the challenge today and I feel AWESOME :)

I did however find this challenge….


I think it’s amazing! and I plan on tackling it for the next month.

Who’s with me??? 

I love the “power hour” and I think it’ll be a great way to maintain the ab and arm muscles I’ve developed over the last month.

I actually think I look really scary in the above photo and you can clearly see my right arm is stronger than my left. However, I like that there’s definition ;) lol

I ended the Mad Abs March today and I am so proud of myself…..

You know you’re hardcore when your wrists have ingrained marks from holding your planks!

but that’s just how I roll.



1. did you do Mad Abs March?? are you going to do this April arms & abs challenge??

2. muscle definition on women – yay or nay??

It depends. I really want to look strong, fit and sexy, but I hate looking like a man ;) …..maybe I need implants, or wait – I have a Handful Bra :D

PS: I have been working on figuring out all the final prizes and such for the race & photo contest. I have the time winners but have much to do, so please bare with me :) thanks!