I can’t see – a glimpse at the photo contest

First things first: Long Bangs

a) cut

b) grow

What do you think?? as I am on the growing them out train and Colin is on the trim train, either way I can’t see right now…..


In regards to the Spatula Runners Virtual Race: In less than one week we already have 77 people registered!! YAY!

Remember to sign up if you haven’t already because registration closes this week!!! We have a lot of amazing sponsors too and more just keep joining! Check out my side bar to see who’s already become a part of team Spatula Runners!!  

<——–Grab the button too while you’re at it :) SPREAD THE LOVE

Logan was super excited when Handful donated some hats along with their amazing bras :)

There has been a surprising amount of interest in the “Running with Spatula(s)Photo Contest! This excites me more than anything else, because I love the thought of you with all your little spatulas.

So far 46 people out of the 77 have agreed to send in a picture of them, a pet, their child,  spouse – I don’t care (creativity is beneficial) and email it to me at alimc@runningwithspatulas.com or use this handy form I’ve created here.

I just wanted to tell you that there will be 1 winner and 3 runner-ups in the contest.

1st Place – Gets a spatula gift package from me complete with the “SPATULA RUNNERS” tech tee from MyRaceRagz [I already “like” them on facebook. You can too if you want to check them out. They do giveaways all the time – you could even make your own shirt] – full review will be posted after the relay race as Jamie, Lyndsey and I will be running in them :)




1. a or b in regards to the bangs??

2. did you enter the photo contest?? anyone have their photo done yet??

3. would a insole designed for running and perhaps a heel pad make a not so great pair of shoes better?? I can’t afford brand new ones. 



67 thoughts on “I can’t see – a glimpse at the photo contest

  1. I kind of like the long, growing out bangs you can sweep to the side, but I also get that they can be super annoying in your face while that’s happening…I would say grow them babies out, cause you can always cut them again later. :)

    I am getting ready for my photo contest picture. I think you will like it. It is entirely possible you won’t think it is as awesome as I do, but hey, I will do my best. :)

    • me too! I love side swept bangs….right now they are neither 😛 lol

      and I am SO excited about your enthusiasm over the photo contest. I imagine half the people that signed up will forget to submit a pic anyways 😉

  2. I’d say grow the bangs, but remember that it takes patience (I probably wouldn’t have it!).

    I would not add insoles to shoes–can change your gait, so just go with what you have. I think the need to change out shoes as often as the shoe companies recommend is overrated!!

    • well I ask only b/c I am an underpronator and really need arch support! my current shoes barely have 80 miles on them and I HAVE yet to have a comfortable run in them :(

  3. a. If they are totally annoying you then I would continue to grow out your bangs.
    b. I am a goof ball I can’t remember if I signed up for the photo contest!
    c. Yes, an insole or heel cup could make a good pair of shoes great.

    • hahaha – thanks Ali :) hope all is well. Did I miss your surgery! fill me in!!! I am studying for an interview and have minimal creeping time till tomorrow 😉

  4. 9 months! Wow – my hair must grow faster – luckily I believe hair grows faster in the summer? Or maybe it is only mine. It is going – 24 this morning with a few curse words in between. You’ll love my gift that has encouraged me to do this!

  5. Well I personally think that you look awesome with bangs and you should trim them! But if they are really bugging you then grow them out and you can cut them again later. :)

  6. I didn’t know you were doing a photo comp. How did I miss that? My little spatulas are all over 6 foot now but I’m sure I could scare up one of my old photos of when they were cute and couldn’t drive a car.

    I really like the bangs – but it’s not my head so do whatever you want to do. Colin will just have to pull his head in.

    • ummm please sign up :) it is the virtual race/photo contest so that everyone would have a chance to win :)

      and thanks. I haven’t decided yet but I think growing them out for the hotter weather might be a good idea

  7. woo hoo!!!! your race is going to be an awesome success! i am so excited! and for the photo contest as well :) i say grow them out…but for me…i have always just eventually gotten frustrated while running/working out, etc…especially in warmer months. but they do look soooo good on you! so its a tough decision for sure!

    • I am too!!!!! the companies behind me have been nothing short of amazing and all of you guys participating has been such a pleasant surprise 😀 I love it.

    • Ya I hear you – they are super annoying 😛 lol and thanks, I’m still waiting to hear back from some other potential sponsors but I am super excited about the response we’ve had 😀 YAY!!!!

  8. I say grow the bangs. For the first time in my life (I think) all my hair stays back in my ponytail and I have to say I dig it. Ok I just got a really whack idea for a photo. Need to go see if I can execute.
    Thanks a million for the blog redirection info. I’ve done it and have never felt so accomplished!

    • I know how you feel. although in my scenario I wish I had found that site way earlier, not all of my links redirect :( and I still haven’t fixed them all. I had already removed GFC and I wish I had just brought it over (although now it doesn’t matter) however I am sooooo happy it helped you. I love that my feed subscribers still get directed here as well as any posts from the old blog. PLUS you remain in google with is awesome!

      I am so excited to see your photo now 😉 lol

    • Oh ya, I hope your ankle is getting better. I’m glad it’s almost run ready 😀 and you can always sigh up and then just walk it,as I do have a few door prizes :)

  9. I really have to come up with something super creative for the photo contest and get my photo in!

    I vote for growing the bangs out but that could be because I am super jealous that you can pull off bangs and I can’t LOL

    • I love your blog banner btw….just thought I’d let you know :) and I am so excited to see everyone’s pics …and I am gonna grow them out b/c I’m a runner. Runner’s should not have bangs 😉 lol

  10. oh girl, i feel u like none other on not having the extra fundage for new shoes but i cringed!! no amount of insert can bring a dead pair back to life, and i just would hate to see u injured! but in reality, okay, how many miles do u really think u’ve already put in them? if it’s creeping towards 500 but not there yet try a cushioned (or arch support if u pronate) insert for a few runs more at the most, but if they are older than try to find a way to get some new kicks. :(

    on the bright side…SO cool about this spatula supported run…that’s AWESOME, and i’m lame as it’s news to me…lol. if i could run i’d totally join up. 😛

    • ok millage on current shoes:

      brooks glycerin 9’s – 300 (I checked dailymile. I can feel there is still a lot of cushioning in parts but it’s gone where I smack my foot down the most – forefoot on the right, heel on the left – yep I’m obviously NO aligned)

      Clearance Brooks glycerin 8’s – not even 60 miles!!!! < —–even right out of the box the cushioning was minimal. I’ve never really loved them but they were cheap so I bought them, unfortunately they were final sale. :(

      So I was thinking of putting a good insole in them to see if that make a difference. So be honest I hear these tales of runners getting 500 + miles out of shoes and it has never happened for me.

      I also have about 9 miles on my altras. I am wondering if I might just start training in them and say goodbye to not minimalist shoes???

      sorry for the essay but I know how smart you are in regards to this sport 😀

      and you can enter the photo contest and just pretend to be running – that’s fine with me :)

  11. I’m currently in “bangs” mode. I cut mine a few months ago and I’m rocking the heavy bang. I get alot of people who tell me they like them. I’m totally in on the photo….can’t wait to see what I come up with.

    • I’ve noticed your bangs and to be honest I love them! I even love them on me too (when shorter and not in my eyes lol) I just recall hating short bangs in swimming season 😀 lol

      I am super excited too – I think yours will definitely be creative.

  12. I just signed up for the race and photo!

    I have no bangs, so I would grow them out. Bangs look cute on you though, so I’m undecided. I know, big help, huh?

  13. The bangs look great on you – but they make me crazy when I have them. I’m in the grow them out category.

    Looking forward to all of the “virtual” fun! thanks for hosting.

  14. Sorry I’m late on commenting on this post!

    I agree with the side-swept bangs comments! I have no patience growing out my hair but I just refuse to go get a haircut haha!

    I did sign up for the photo contest, trying to think of something good to do!

  15. I say grow them because you can always cut them later if you decide you would rather do that.

    Our picture for the photo contest is in the works. I’ve discussed my idea with Allan so now we just have to get it done!

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