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Yesterday I had an appt with this amazing Sports Dr – Dr Jan Harvey. She’s supposed to be like the “bees knees” of all the sports docs in the area <—– did I just type bees knees? She really was, but I’ll get to that.

First here’s a completely unrelated explanation of the bees knees purely for your enjoyment.


Next, I have to thank yet another random stranger for getting me to my appt. Ya, that’s right when I stopped to ask for directions I would’ve never guess that a kind university employee would offer to get in my car and personally direct us to where I needed to be in less than 2 mins. (don’t worry guys one day I’ll be an ultimate blogger and snap random photos of these events)

I told him I’d pay the favour forward. He was awesome. I would’ve NEVER found where I needed to go without him – THANK YOU!

*it should be noted that I don’t let crazy strangers into my car but this guy was so nice and it helped that he looked (and sounded) like Richard Gere, something about those accents, gets me every time*

Anyway once at the dr’s I had some other doctor guy and a med student examine me. He scolded me for not stretching – something Elle can assure him I used to do A LOT of but when you have an injury you know nothing about you don’t want to pull anything, so I’ve been slacking.

by me πŸ˜‰ lol

Then I got to meet Dr. Harvey. You know you’ve chosen the right Doctor when she says things like “Oh, I ran Around the Bay this weekend too”Β she finished in 3:45. YOU GO GIRL! and when I told her I had not run for 2 weeks just so I could race, she replied “well, you’re a runner, that’s what runners do<———– that’s when you’ve found someone that is going to look after you.

There’s still no diagnosis but I have to have a bone scan on April 10th to rule out a stress fracture. To be honest I prefer this to that ink injection MRI. She said once those results come back we’ll go from there.

As for right now – she told me ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING (see it’s a good thing I waited till after the race) and that apparently I’m allowed to swim, bike and do whatever else I want (the exact opposite of what this guy told me) as long as it’s not hurting me, obviously. I can’t do anything that jars the area, so no more squat jumps or mountain climbers :(

I am justΒ happy to know that we’re getting somewhereΒ and that I may find out answers soon! I amΒ not going to fret over the possibility of a stress fractureΒ or anything else because Β I think it’sΒ pointless to waste energy worrying about the “what ifs”Β – so for now it’s back to all my hardcore strength training and following through with my “mad abs march”


at least I got to race :) ….with spatulas no less!

ya, I wore my finisher’s medal to work again πŸ˜‰ it’s kinda my thing.


I am absolutely LOVING all the photos that are trickling in :) you guys are amazing and I am so happy to have all these “running with spatulas” shots! I can’t wait to make a huge collage of them all.




1. have you ever had a random stranger get into your car??Β 

I believe this is my first time but I’m so friendly and trusting of people, you never know. I have yet to pick up a hitchhiker. It’s on the bucket list.Β 

2. have you ever had a bone scan?? stress fracture??Β 

3. any weird sayings that you say on a regular basis I should know about??

Lyndsey just told me she said she was “over the moon” which made me laugh. I probably say a lot of random and weird sayings but I can’t think of anything cool off the top of my head.Β 


67 thoughts on “Injury News & Random Stories

  1. You look so cute in your pic with your finisher’s medal!!

    And that is pretty awesome you found a doc you like…sometimes that can be half the battle.

    I think you are the bee’s knees! And even the cat’s pajamas!

  2. Well….I have never really had a random person in my car. I am all down for helping people out but I am not sure if I could do that.

    Never had a bone scan. Had an MRI of my head once…guess what? The declared I was normal!

    I don’t think I use any phrase that often but once, many years ago, I went on a trip to Oklahoma to see my Mike when he graduated Boot Camp. I went with his mom. Mind you, I was 19 and not yet married to her son but getting married to him in a month. Him and I had only dated about 9 months and I didn’t really know her. She uses the phrase “Trip my Trigger” constantly. Nothing was “tripping her trigger” on the menu etc. I had never in my life heard that phrase until those few days. I never want to hear that phrase again in my life. End of Story.

    • well this guy was helping me – and I don;t think I’d let a random stranger in my car every day, but this was circumstantial – it just felt right…and ended up helping me greatly. He said it was his good deed for the day. He even introduced himself to Logan :)

      and this is my first experience with “trip my trigger” – stealing it πŸ˜‰

      lol j/k

  3. Haha! I love it that you let that guy into your car! πŸ˜€
    Thats so awesome that you wear your medals to work! Haha, love it!
    I seriously LOVE your hair! It looks awesome in every picture!!

  4. Yay for an awesome, I mean “bee’s knees” doctor! And for the stranger who helped you get to your appointment!

    I have had a stranger in my car but it was kind of an accident. I thought it was some guy I knew and then it turned out not to be, but at that point I had already pulled over to give him a ride. Good thing it ended alright!

    I don’t say these any more but I used to say “wicked” all the time and “took a digger” (which means to fall). I said it one time my first year of college to one of my friends after I had seen someone fall on the ice outside, “that guy took a wicked digger” and he looked at me like I had two heads. Since then I don’t say Mainer sayings haha.

    • Ahhh yes, the Mainer :) I have always wanted to visit Maine. I’ve only driven through.

      and I used to say wicked…..I think I say awesome far too much! like and totally are probably even more so adding to my valleygirl-esq persona. argh.

      I love the expression “took a digger” lol I’m gonna try and use it in context!

  5. hahaha, your blog cracks me up! I hope you get all fixed up by the magical doctor soon! I have never let a stranger in my car…it helps that I don’t drive. Or have a car. I haven’t had a stress fracture, but I have full out broken my leg! As for weird sayings, “toss my cookies” and “shut the front door” are prob my current faves!

    • Shut the front door is a popular one right now :) I like it. Toss my cookies makes my giggle b/c my dirty mind makes it sexual πŸ˜›

      and thanks so much Danielle!

  6. I’ve never had a random stranger get in my car but when I was in high school my car broke down on the freeway when I was on my way to work. Some older man in a Porsche stopped and gave me a ride home. Yeah, probably not the brightest thing to do but he was really nice and nothing bad happened.

    • I think it’s all in your intuition – I trust my gut at all times over my head. I would hope I’d know when not to take “that” ride. but if not, I guess I’m screwed.

      and I am glad you’re here today!

  7. OK..Did you look that cute with the medal and all when the random “Gere Guy” got in your car? No wonder, he was willing to help you out. πŸ˜‰ And was hubby with you? hahahah!

    • no, Colin wasn’t with me – no I definitely didn’t even have make up on. There’s only 2 times I’ll wear makeup (other than mascara) 1. when I go ‘out’ because that’s kinda a big deal when you’re a parent 2. to work.

      oh I guess there’s 3. – when I’m racing b/c of those dang camera men and their ability to make even the prettiest person ugly.

      I thought I looked like crap and my car is falling apart. He was just kind. He couldn’t wait to get out of the car (I could tell) lol

  8. I was so happy when I found Dr. Natalie Labelle in Markham – if you’re a runner in the area, go see her! She’s a runner and athlete and was amazing about helping with my knees and ankle. I’m sad the clinic is so far away from me now, because I would continue to go and see her if it was even slightly convenient.

    I’m over the moon about that cat montage! πŸ˜‰

  9. My weird saying is “THATS SUCH A PITA (Pain in the @$$)!!!!”. Glad to hear you should be finding out what has been ailing you. I am waiting until after my first half to get my ankle looked at.

    PS – if you ever get blood work – have them check your vitamin d – it is important!!!

    • I had to ask Sarah what “PITA” was when she once left it in the comments on my blog πŸ˜‰ lol

      I suck at acronyms. FACT!

      I hate needles of all kinds. I had a hard time reading your last post just seeing the elastic band around your arm. ARGH!

  10. Hilarious post! Except the no running part. Glad you found a Dr. that is willing to get to the bottom of this pain and help you get back to running.
    It is a prerequisite for all my Dr. to be runners. No joke. I ask.
    Yeah for awesome DR’s!

    • Thanks Missy πŸ˜‰ and that’s such a good idea that you ask. My family Dr isn’t a runner but he was married to a marathoner – so he knows all about “our kind” πŸ˜‰

  11. 1- I haven’t had a stranger get into my car, but I have gotten into a stranger’s car. Yes, stranger danger I know, but I was walking home from work and a giant storm hit and this guy pulled over because he was worried I’d get hit by a giant branch or a tree. Frankly, I was a little worried too and I figured the storm danger was more than the car danger. When I walked to work the next morning, there was indeed a giant tree branch right where I would have been walking…who knows if the timing would have been the same, but I was glad I took the ride.

    2- I’ve had 2 stress fractures and 1 bone scan. Honestly? They aren’t that bad. They suck but once I got to run again I was so grateful to be out there that I appreciated it more.

    3- I’ve been known to say “holy dinah” as an exclamation…apparently that makes me about 90 years old.

    • Well I would’ve pick “car” too! Speaking of branches falling, one time (when I lived in the country) a huge branch fell on this old man in his car, at 5am in the morning when there really wouldn’t have been any other cars on that deserted road. So wise decision, you never know what can happen.

      I am so happy you are saying the bone scan isn’t that bad :) as I hate needles of any kind.

      and thanks for visiting and sharing “holy dinah!” lol I can’t wait to pull that one out in future events! lol

  12. Good for you to have a positive attitude! I had a stress fracture once. It sucked. I had an MRI, Cat scan, and a bone density scan. The bone scan was the easiest

  13. So glad you got a second (or is this the third?) opinion. Hopefully you get some real answers this time.

    I just saw your comment on facebook about bodyrock’s feed and I couldn’t agree more. I just liked them a few days ago and I’m ready to “unlike” them. My feed is filled w/ asses and half naked women. Their shots during workouts have a very sexual undertone as well and, other than in the privacy of your own home w/ NO cameras running, you really don’t need to workout in your skivvies! I don’t care how awesome your body may look, put some clothes on! OK, I’m done. lol

    • That’s how it made me feel too – I felt like they were selling sex more than the workouts. I read some of the comments on one of the workouts I thought was awesome and a lot of them were gross men stating “nice ass” and “I’d tap that” <—– which is a saying lol to each their own but ya, I didn’t find it motivating. I found it more like masturbation material πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks :) I can’t take credit for the cats, those weren’t mine – but I did construct the others πŸ˜‰ lol

      I am just happy to be heading in the right direction. How’s your hip holding up???

  14. I say DUDE way too much. I blame the Big Bang Theory.
    I have never (touch wood) had any xrays etc. My hubs is virtually radioactive for the amount of scans etc. he has had. He has had the dye injection done …I think a couple of times I believe.
    It’s hard to keep track of his foibles anymore. :)

    • I say dude too….and other valleygirl/surfer saying’s πŸ˜›

      and you’ll have to ask your man if he minded being injected with radioactive solution :( argh!

  15. Sounds like we are in the same boat. I’ve had an X-ray and an MRI and still no diagnosis on my leg pain. Hope you get some answers soon!

    Never let a stranger in my car. I watch too many scary movies for that!

    • that sucks :( we are in the same boat – I’ve been dealing with this since Jan! but it hasn’t taken me out of running till the end of Feb. SUCKS!

      I hope we both get some answers soon.

  16. Well, hopefully they’ll figure out what in the heck is wrong so you can start running again! Ya know, I’m guilty of the medal wearing too! I wear mine all day most of the time! It’s a badge of honor :)

    • hahaha I love it :) We should wear our medals together and go drinking πŸ˜› the everyone would know we’re cool!

      and I hope to find answers soon too…’d be nice to discuss running on my blog again πŸ˜‰

  17. I don’t have too much time here as my kids are calling and my “fake poop” here is OVER so that means my computer time is up. Love your positive attitude and that you wear your medal to work. And thanks for the laughs…Note to self: visit your blog more often once I get more blog time after my next race. :)

  18. A doctor who is an athlete is perfect! Glad you have someone great helping you out now. When I lived in Hawaii my family picked up hitchhikers all the time – there no public transport really so if you don’t have a car you have no choice! I wouldn’t feel comfortable on my own, though.

  19. I can’t believe you let a random get in your car to show you the way.. TOO FUNNY! Good thing he was a nice guy :) I have never picked up a hitchhiker and don’t plan to in the near future lol. When I lived in Cuba we hitchhiked everywhere..but that’s how they get around there so it’s normal.
    Sorry to hear about your injury..I hope you get some answers soon. That’s great your doctor is a runner too. Keep us posted :)

    hey, what area/city do you live in?!

  20. Mmmmm Richard Gere. LOVE.
    I’m so HAPPY FOR YOU that you are getting the situation figured out! I loved my ortho (even though HE couldn’t really help me because he wasn’t a surgeon) and my PT because they never once told me that I should just lay around and were fully committed to helping me get answers, get healthy, and eventually get running again!

    Initially, my hip injury was thought to be a pelvic stress fracture but I went with the MRI with injection first and not the bone scan which for me turned out right because it wasn’t a stress fracture.

  21. I had the same problem! Bum knee, couldn’t run, had a useless doctor who looked at me like I was nuts, and then found heaven when I met my now chiropractor and kinesiologists! They just get it and it makes the injury recovery time that much better – you will be more patient when you have someone who understands and can give you solid feedback. The ATB was my comeback race…pretty psyched! I haven’t worn my medal to work though….and I would let Richard Gere in my car any day.

  22. You look super cute with your finisher’s medal! Sports doctors that understand runners are the BEST! I’m glad you found a good one and hope you get some answers soon!

    I’ve never picked up a stranger, but apparently my Dad would hitchhike with me when I was a baby and he was in college. :)

  23. I’m so glad you found a doctor you love, and are getting so much closer to an answer! You’re right- don’t stress about a stress fracture. Even if that’s what it is, the way to heal it is the same. LOVE your comic about the stretches.. that’s so true, too!

  24. That picture of you with your medal is really quite fabulous you know! Hope you get this injury thing figured out soon and it is easier than a stress fracture to deal with!

    No random strangers in my car lately, maybe in college or my crazy days before I met my husband…

  25. i have never picked up a hitch hiker either! you are a brave woman.. glad you found the way!
    so sorry about your injury. hope you get answers soon.

  26. haha I just love that you wear your medal to work! So proud! That’s awesome! ha
    I’m so glad the doctor went well! Hopefully they’re able to find some answers for you!
    Is Mad Abs March kicking your butt yet?! It is for me Those pushups are killers ha I love it though!!!

    • it is KILLING me – you should get a dailymile account. It’s more for cyclists and runners but I log everything there!

      only 2 more days!!!! we got this :)

  27. She sounds like the perfect doctor for you. My fingers are crossed that you get a result from the bone scan.

    The only time I’ve had a stranger in my car is a couple of Christmases ago. A girl stopped me at the local shopping centre and asked how to get to the university. I was filled with the Christmas spirit and gave her a lift there – but part of the reason was because I suck at giving directions.

  28. First of all THANK YOU for that picture…. you’re cute too, Ali, but I meant the one of Richard. OMG those eyes!

    And yes, I can attest that you have told me I need to stretch more so I must assume you take your own advice, right?

    Great to find a doc that GETS you. I once had a podiatrist fix an ingrown toenail and I felt so much better having him do it when I found out that not only was he a runner, but that he also had an English Springer Spaniel… as did I at the time!

    I once had a guy get in my car just as it was going through a car wash… that was weird! Glad it turned out good for you to get to where you needed to be.

    Love this post and your curly hair… go stretch!

  29. I’m really glad to hear that you liked the sports doc a lot. Hopefully she will be able to give you some definitive answers soon. I’m sorry you can’t run for awhile but that is good news that you are allowed to do other things in the mean time.

  30. Good thing you waited until after the race to go to the DR!!

    When I was in HS, my friends and I were in San Francisco and my friend hurt his leg and we asked for a ride from a stranger, who turned out to be really nice! I also hitchhiked when I was in Africa; it was so easy and everyone who picked us up was really nice! I have never picked up a hitchhiker though. I would be too scared!

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  32. WILLY NILLY! lmao

    Mine and my husbands new saying to our kids. you can not just use toilet paper all “willy nilly” and waste it.

    “I think it’s bedtime, you are acting all willy nilly”

    I swear it works for everything! Congrats on the relay of the ATB! I did the full 30km! SO FUN!

    • Congrats on running the ENTRIE ATB :) I can’t wait to do that, maybe even next year πŸ˜€

      and willy nilly just made me laugh so hard! I love it…..I may have to wait till I’m a Grandma to pull that out of the box though πŸ˜‰

      thanks for visiting

  33. Sorry you can’t run :-(. Hopefully they get to the root cause soon so you can get back at it.

    I’ve given two strangers rides to get gas and one a ride to work when she was obviously walking from a broken down vehicle in 90 degree weather and town was a couple miles away. I try not to stop and help but sometimes just can’t help it.

  34. Great post, Ali! I loved the bees knees pic sequence. Too funny!

    When we were in Costa Rica, we asked a woman on the side of the road for directions. She was headed that way, on foot, so we let her direct us from inside the car. She was super nice. Not sure I’d make a habit of it though – perhaps because I’m usually on foot or bike. πŸ˜€

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