It’s my healthy anniversary!

I forgot to tell you all my good news because there has been so much going on…..


now I just eat cookie dough instead :)

*If you’re a smoker and want help please feel free to contact me for tips and tricks of how you can kick that habit goodbye* <—–it’s the new slogan, go with it πŸ˜‰

The main mantra that has helped me never to start up again has been this “one puff = life time addiction” and this picture…

I drew this on day 3 [the first three are the toughest] and every time I felt like having a cigarette I would look at it and have a glass of water instead – I think it clearly shows what happens: one cig leads to more because they “travel in packs” and it’s a continuous chain unless you vow never to have that one smoke again.Β 

Never again.Β 


Also just to keep you informed:Β 

The sports doc is sending me forΒ more x-raysΒ he said my hip is most definitely injured and I’ll have to have physiotherapy. I don’t want to say what itΒ couldΒ be, because to be honest I’d rather look on the bright side –Β I’m a non-smoker! and I’m allowed to run once I’m not limping anymore πŸ˜€



1. ever smoke? or quit an addiction??

2. ….I’ve got nothing, just give me some celebratory smoke-free validation already :) you know I love it!Β 

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73 thoughts on “It’s my healthy anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!! I’m glad you quit!

    No real addictions, but I don’t drink alcohol very often at all anymore.

    p.s. I love that you don’t wear your wedding rings very often (or so it seems, maybe that is an old picture) either! Mike and I only wear them at work and out in public and sometimes we don’t even do that! I definitely don’t wear them while running!

    • I got over-excited and hit enter before I was done. Way to go girl! I am so proud of you. This is a great accomplishment. Congrats on being an EX-smoker / NON-smoker!

  2. In the best interest of keeping you smoke-free for longer, I’m going to give you my favourite cookie recipe. The dough tastes great!

    125g butter
    1 C white sugar
    1 egg
    2 C self raising flour
    100g chopped white chocolate
    100g chopped dark chocolate
    1/2 packet M&Ms

    Cream the butter and sugar. Mix in the egg then the flour. You may need a little extra flour to make the dough quite stiff. Then mix in all the chocolate.

    If you want to bake the dough – roll into palm – sized balls and bake at 180 C for 20 – 30 mins.

    Or just eat it raw.

  3. Congratulations!!!! What an incredible accomplishment. I used to be a smoker, 12 years ago. I smoked throughout college and then I met Ward and I stopped. It was so hard, but he was totally against it. It was during a time that I had a lot of new going on in my life, so it was almost easier to start a new habit then, new college grad, new man, new job, own apartment. The days. My mom was a smoker for at least 40 years and she died from lung cancer 5 years ago. Everytime I see a smoker I immediately think of my mom and my sadness that she only got to meet one of her grandchildren.

    I really hope the therapy works and you get back to running soon!!! How do you like your Altras? I’m thinking of getting some.

    • Jen thanks so much for sharing all that. I can’t imagine losing a loved one to lung cancer. sigh, but that IS the harsh reality of smoking. My father actually took his own life, which I may post about one day, I’m only mentioning it so you know I can relate to the feeling of “my parent will never meet their grandkids” – sometimes I think, man, he would’ve loved Logan, but alas, he’s gone. It’s sad that they miss out.

      So happy you are 12 years in the clear! I can’t tell you how many times I’d try to quit, and start back up. So glad I found running to keep me on the right track :)

      and I like the Altras! I am not a huge fan of the company side stepping me and to be 100% honest I haven’t been running so I don’t have a lot of miles on them but I’d say if you want to go minimal – they’re a great shoe for the price πŸ˜€

  4. SO. PROUD. OF. YOU!

    I can’t imagine how hard it was to quit. The only thing I’m addicted to is running and sugar- and I’m trying to keep the latter under control.

    I have a cousin that is an addict. It has been the scariest/saddest thing in the world. I’m really close to his family and watching the roller coaster ride of addiction is terrifying. I would hate to feel so controlled by something.

    • you nailed it – addiction is super scary, b/c you aren’t in control. My dad was an alcoholic and it was crazy! and I just hated the feeling of not being the one who decided what I was doing…..I’ve had friends addicted to hard drugs too and SCAR-Y

      cigarettes (IMO) aren’t treated like an addiction – they call it a habit – it’s not. There are only 2 reasons why people smoke:

      1. nicotine addiction
      2. brainwashing (ie: they believe it does more than remove the withdrawal symptoms of the previous cigarette)

      Anyway I am so sorry you’re dealing with that. My advice, as mean as it is a lot of time family and friend enable addictions with out meaning to, but you’ve just gotta “rip the bandaid off” so to speak and walk away. I hope your cuz gets the help they need. xoxoxox

  5. So happy for you! Happy Happy one year smoke free anniversary!

    At one time I was a 3 pack a day smoker! I had a laser treatment to quit and never looked back… dreamed about it for years though. Do you dream about smoking?

    I just know this is gonna help your skin too …. so happy happy for you.

    • WOAH!!! I can’t believe you were a smoker. You and the Capt are like what I picture Colin and I being like ….well maybe Colin will never eat the healthy treats I make but such is life.

      To be honest I used to dream about it a lot but whenever I do now it’s more like a nightmare – where I have a smoke in my dream and then go through the panic and stress wishing I never had it πŸ˜‰ lol so it’s all good.

      yes, it did help my skin a lot too! but I’ve always had horrible skin, it’s getting better though! πŸ˜€

  6. Congratulations, Ali! That’s great – keep up the awesome work. :) No addictions for me, luckily (other than running, haha), so I haven’t had to quit anything. By the way, good luck with your hip!

    • Aww thanks so much Matt :) xo and you know I wouldn’t even believe you had any addictions if you said otherwise πŸ˜‰ you just seem to know yourself really well! I think people with lower self esteem have addictions b/c they need to fill that void. I am beyond happy to be FREE πŸ˜€

  7. Just think – if you can beat smoking, you can tackle whatever comes your way with this injury. Just like anything else, one day at a time!

    • Thanks Jenn :) funny you should say that Colin was always encouraging me by saying things like “you know that once you tackle this you’ll get more confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of” – so true!

    • You should get her the Allen Carr book – even if she doesn’t read it right away she will one day. Smokers are angry, stressed out people that are constantly going through withdrawal so they kind of have to be ready to quit. I hope she does.

  8. I have smoked and quit a few times but haven’t smoked at all in over a year. Awesome job on quitting! Also, I voted for you mom from all my different devices :)

    • Awwww thank you sooooooooo much Patty :) I am super happy about this. and don’t even smoke! lol not even one with a drink, not worth the chance of getting cancer, or worse – getting addicted. but congrats on your clean year too!

  9. BABE You have NO IDEA how proud I am of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love you. Going to vote for your Mommy now too :)

  10. yay yay yay yay!!!!! I am so proud of you! You are one of the strongest and most amazing people I have ever known. :) And I don’t even really know you! Haha! Keep it up!

    • it is only difficult b/c when you smoke you’re blind to the reality of it – some people even convince themselves they like the taste (um ya LIES) – there is only ONE reason people light up a cig, to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of the previous cigarette so in all actuality people smoke to feel like non-smokers.

      So weird.

  11. YAYAYAYAY!! Congratulations you beautiful woman! You’re so inspiring, seriously, I think this is fantastic πŸ˜€

    I’m so proud of you girl (conflicting descriptions of you here but I’m gonna go with it!) I think you should do something to celebrate!! I bet you’ve made Colin and Logan so proud :-)

    p.s. I left the tab open on your previous post last night because I was feeling like death but I wanted to comment and then this popped up too! So expect two comments from me in a row πŸ˜‰

    p.p.s. I’m voting for your mamma in the competition everyday :-)

    • lol YAY!!! and I was sleeping when you commented so didn’t mind two comments in a row πŸ˜‰ haha

      and Colin is so proud and happy and Logan, well I had this picture in my head that I never wanted to be ….

      The parent kneeling down with a cig hanging out the side of their mouth zipping up their child’s jacket while the smoke is blowing in their face – ew, did not want that for Logan πŸ˜€

  12. Congrats to you!

    I have never been a smoker….but I eat my share of food so I WISH I could get my binging out of my system. Maybe I need to draw a picture of that? Hmmm…could be interesting and embarrassing…it just might be the kick I need!?

    • hahaha Kathy you could draw some food pics but for some reason I think that would make me want to eat more ???

      the cig drawing works b/c it’s true – endless chain. However maybe the same is true for food??

  13. I used to be a smoker too – after a few weeks of dating Tim he was NOT having it! Even though at the time I hated him for encouraging me to quit, I’m so incredibly happy that he did. I can’t believe I used to go to the gym and then SMOKE afterwards – what is that?
    Congrats on a smoke free year healthy lady!

    • this comment blew me away – at first I was thinking “wow, I’ve never had guessed” but then I thought about it and felt like “yes, this actually makes a lot of sense” – lol

      So glad you are smoke free. Colin HATED my smoking too. It was one of the only things we’d fight about.

      and I hear you on that – there were times I’d be smoking at half time of my soccer games!!!!!! or riding my bike or roller blading WHILE smoking ??!?!?!

  14. CONGRATS Girl!!! That is a phenomenal accomplishment, and your drawing skills are really great too!

    I wish you the best of luck with all of the hip stuff, just keep that positive thought flow going, and deal with whatever it is when the time comes.

  15. I did use to smoke! I use to be 225 lbs about 4 years ago. I met someone who encouraged me to go back to my old ways of being healthy. I use to run cross country in college and I knew that I still had a runner in me. The same day I joined the gym is the same day I quit smoking. It was odd because I never looked back or craved one after I decided to make a change. It was all or nothing! It’s a good feeling isnt it!!?

    • WOW! I can’t even believe this. It is a good feeling and I feel the same way. Once I found fitness it’s hard to even want to have a glass or two of wine….let alone smoke lol

      Congrats to you too!

  16. Congrats on such a huge milestone. I was never a heavy smoker – at most in Uni or early days in my job, I’d smoke just less then a pack of 25, but I smoked from about 14-26. Then I met my husband who hates smoking with the fire of a thousand suns and I stopped all of it, even social smoking. I don’t say that I’ll never ever have another one because I can go on a girls weekend, smoke a few and be fine after. I didn’t find quiting hard at all. No cravings, nothing. On my last girls weekend, I didn’t even think of smokes though because I just didn’t. I think I’m 100% over it now.

  17. I quit smoking in 1991. Yes, that would be the year that my son was born. I knew I didn’t want to smoke around him so I gave it up. Though, it didn’t really help deter Ty. He is now a smoker! Dammit! I was able to quit easier because I watched my mother pass away from lung cancer. She insisted on smoking right up until the moment she went into a coma. It was very difficult to get her to the smoking area when she was attached to a oxygen and couldn’t move from the gurney. That pretty much sealed it for me!

    So congrats to you for quitting! It is not easy and you conquered it! I am doing a happy dance for you right now!

    • Wow I can’t believe he’s a smoker….but I can, as they aim smoking at youth. You know I read in that book that if smoking were to taste good less people would do it – for this reason:

      if it tasted good kids trying it would go “Oh, that’s why everyone does it” and then they wouldn’t want to get addicted…..just like how most people are with drugs and alcohol….but since it tastes bad and is horrible they think “Oh I’ll never get addicted’ makes sense

  18. this is huge! congratulations for doing something great for your life. I have never smoked a cigarette or anything else. Both my parents were heavy smokers when I was growing up. My dad was on 2 packs a day and he quit cold turkey when I was in HS. My mom quit a year later I think she got tired of my brother and I saying every day..”how can you still be smoking and do that to dad!” anyway…major congrats to you!

  19. Congrats Ali! I too am an ex-smoker and was 3 years smoke free just this past Christmas. I actually didn’t find it hard to quit – I was ready and just made the decision together with my hubs that we were done. So, that was it! Sometimes I “miss” it, but honestly, it would make no sense now to have smoking in my life, it goes against everything I stand for which is HEALTH and WELLNESS!

    So, good going girl and never go back!!!!

  20. I’m a little late to the party but huge congrats to you!!! Remaining smoke-free is such a great accomplishment! I quit smoking on November 1, 2006 when I moved to the US. I quit mostly because they didn’t sell my brand in the US lol but also because we planned on starting a family and I wanted to be as healthy as I could be for our future children.

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