Jamie’s Race & Sugar Bush fun!!!!

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SO today is Jamie’s Birthday – and with that comes her 3.4 mile Virtual Race. YAY!

I actually couldn’t run. My hip is getting worse and the pain is migrating. I am beginning to doubt Dr’s and their abilities and since Colin’s mom is a retired PT (though she’s in Florida right now) she emailed her Sports Therapist friends and I am going to see them instead. They sound smarter just by their suggestions in the emails ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, so instead of running I walked it with the fam, through the sugar bush. So we guestimated the distance but I’m pretty sure we walked over 3.4 miles today. It took us around 51 mins to complete so I guess I won’t be winning points for speed ๐Ÿ˜‰ lolย 

We got invited spur of the moment to the maple syrup festival in Mountsberg and couldn’t resist a fun family Sunday!

Here are some highlights of our day together…..

Entry Fee – $14.50

Horse Wagon Ride – $8

Pancake Mealย (with real Canadian Maple Syrup) – $6.25

Raptor Centre (Birds of Prey) – Included

Finding a pile of frozen Pancakes complete with targets to throw them at – PRICELESS!

Overall it was a great day and it was nice to go out with some new friends that have children :)

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1. do you love syrup??ย 

I’m pretty much like Elf and consider syrup a main food group. I never used to be like that but over the past year I’ve developed quite the sweet tooth, in case you hadn’t been reading long or didn’t notice ;P

2. did you do anything fun this weekend???

3. Pancakes or Waffles??ย 

I actually prefer waffles but these huge pancakes were pretty good :)

42 thoughts on “Jamie’s Race & Sugar Bush fun!!!!

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Love love love love love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HATED pancakes when I was younger and never ever ate waffles. Not sure why?

    But now I love both :)

    P.s. YES I do still go to Western babe

  2. It’s so hard to find just the right person to deal with specific injuries or medical issues. I do think you’ll have more luck going to someone who deals with sport injuries.

    Your weekend looks amazing. I love the frozen pancake idea. A little like Frisbee.

    • Thanks Char – well I did go to a SPORTS Dr…..but he seems like an idiot (though I’m trying my best not to judge him until he reads my xrays)

      and yes! frisbee pancakes were a genius idea!!!!!

  3. ryc..I am so sorry. My mom in the middle of no where is getting one! But hers is called Cherry Berry, and honestly, if it is open when we hit the area we are so going in April.

  4. As soon I heard syrup I was automatically thinking Elf! We looove syrup so much that I’m almost positive there are 5 different bottles in our fridge right now!

  5. That looks like a lovely day! :)

    I am a waffles girl. I never had them in Australia so I was very pleased to get to the US when I can have them with strawberries and cream whenever I like! muahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I went to a Japanese wedding this weekend :)

  6. Thank you for participating (don’t forget to input your results and enter the giveaway ๐Ÿ˜‰ )!

    It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love the throwing the pancakes photos!

    We had a great weekend! Pretty relaxing with the exception of our 11 miler today.

  7. Yummm syrup yummmm. I must say I love waffles. They get crispier and pancakes just seem to EXPAND in my gut. Glad you had a fun pancake tossing weekend!

  8. How fun!!!! I’m a syrup snob- I make my own syrup and I won’t eat pancakes or waffles without it. Seriously. I’d rather just go hungry!

    This weekend we took the kids to see the Lorax. We thought it was meh, but the kids loved it and that’s all that matters.

    • you make your own??? do you have a tree to tap??? do tell I am so curious!

      and I want to see the Lorax, but I LOVE that book so I know this take on it will most likely leave me unsatisfied. Glad the kiddos like it though :)

  9. I love pancakes AND waffles!! haha!! and I’m not a syrup fiend, but I do own agave and grade b maple syrup! Why does real Canadian Maple Syrup ring a bell for me? I can visualize it and can’t remember why it’s a big deal? help me out girl!!

    • Real Canadian Maple Syrup is only special b/c Canada produces 80% of the worlds syrup :) There are other places that do too, including some states like Vermont. I mainly has to do with the fact that we are a colder climate. The trees hold onto starch in the form of sap to live throughout the winter and then in the spring it thaws and drains.

      SO it’s not really a big deal, it’s just that we make the most :)

  10. Syrup is a staple around here….unfortunately. Too many frozen waffles get eaten for breakfast by my kiddos.

    I have been loving waffles with peanut butter and mango (or banana cut up) then a touch of syrup drizzled over the top. Fattening? Healthy? A little or a lot of both? Who cares….delicious!

    OK..we leave tomorrow for FL…no more comments from me til we return…take care of that hip….good luck!

  11. All of this looks beautiful! What a lovely way to spend the day as a family :-) That horse wagon ride sounds like great fun! And your pancake looks so tasty, I haven’t had pancakes in such a long time, need to change this next time I’m home!

    I’ve been voting everyday and I even got Tom to (he says hi :-P), I really hope you win!!

    I prefer waffles too, I actually had some this weekend – amazing :-)

    • YAY! thanks so much Sophie :) that’s awesome and thanks to Tom too! (hi Tom) and the festival was fun but it was too old for Logan’s age group. The kids couldn’t care less the highlight was eating the pancakes ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  12. This festival looks SO fun and right up my alley! What a blast! I also majorly prefer waffles to pancakes, especially when the pancakes are made my someone else – they’re usually soggy and I think they’re gross. But I LOVE syrup! Although I usually prefer peanut butter and jelly on my waffles. :-)

  13. Mmm syrup! We love Montsberg. You should sign up for the Santa’s village lottery. That is amazing!

    I ran Chilly half this weekend and PB’d. I’m just waiting for photos so I can write my post.

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