Most random post to date (final day to virtually kick some butt)

First off….


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I want to thank everyone who participated and joined team SPATULA RUNNERS!


In other news, yesterday my hip was killing – it’s a really deep pain and the outside bone actually feels like it’s bruised (which is a new feeling for me, as it’s never bothered me) So I didn’t feel like working out – alternative??

I spent 30 minutes rocking out in the spare room while Logan was napping……

I know, I know! mirror shots - vain! ...ya, I'll call it like I see it ;)

Anyway, I worked up such a sweat that I decided to log it into dailymile…..

and to my surprise I wasn’t the only one who does this!!!

[you guys are never going to comment on one of my workouts again, are you?]

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to share this because prior to becoming a mother, dancing alone in my room was a daily occurrence for me! I loved it – it had really been too long and I can’t wait to incorporate more little “me times” into my life, just for good measure and happy spirits!


did you miss Rex?? I did.

you have got to try this - it's such a rush!

seriously, I feel like I'm flying.....but in my mind!


and of course, every Friday post has to have Logan! Since it’s apparent I suck at doing High Five Fridays! – go visit Meg, I’m sure she has a good one :)

must have toothpaste before activity

anyone else’s child addicted to tooth brushing? or is that just mine?? to top it off he demands “real” toothpaste so I have to put on a microscopic amount, because obviously he just likes to swallow it 😛



1. do you ever dance alone in your house?? be honest! 

2. does your pet ever sleep in odd positions?? do you think they do it b/c it’s fun? or just comfortable?

3. any toothpaste/teeth brushing addicts out there??? how many times a day do you brush??

I’m a twice a day person (unless I have to go out somewhere important, am heading to work in the evening or ate something smelly) <—- those just call for an extra brush! 



25 thoughts on “Most random post to date (final day to virtually kick some butt)

  1. My mom used to do this all the time! We had this concert dvd of the Talking Heads band and she would go crazy dancing! She would sit down and be completely out of breath. Haha too funny!
    My dogs sleep in such weird positions. Alex will sleep on his back with all of his legs up in the air and he looks dead when he does it! It gives me a mini heart attack every time. 😛

  2. My kids call those camera shots “selfies”. LOL I used to love dancing in my bedroom when I was young. I haven’t done it in years mind you. There’s always a chance of getting caught in my house and my family would destroy me with their ridicule. 😛 BTW, did I sign up for the photo part of your challenge? I can’t remember. If I did I’ll try to get one of my boys to take my pic this aft.

    • I KNOW! but I think it’s fine, I literally put a speck on – he hates the kid toothpaste. he has some serious issues already, he also begs us for tylenol! sigh 😛

  3. Your son is the cutest and probably will have the best teeth ever in school (can that be a superlative?)! I want a doggie so bad to run with – but the dogs my parents own sleep in very odd positions.

    Quite the saucy mirror pic!! I dance every day in my apartment. I also like to blast “I’m So Close To You Right Now” RIGHT when my alarm clock goes off and dance in bed. But I’m odd….

  4. that is actually really funny about the toothbrush thing because i did the same thing when i was a kid!! haha, my parents got so worried they talked to my dentist to make sure i wasn’t doing any damage, like stripping the enamel!! haha….but since they are only the baby teeth it should be fine and he’ll no doubt grow out of it…i did. :)
    that said, i LUV to dance around and way to Vogue girl! :)

  5. Love the freestyle dancing and yes that is definitely a workout! I just submitted our 5K times. We both had to bail on the 10K. Allan got kicked in the knee twice during his soccer game Wednesday night and he’s bruised and afraid to run at all. I’ve got a random pain in the bottom of my right foot and I don’t know that I could make it for more than two miles. I may get out and try to run to see how it feels but I don’t think it’s going to hold up for a 10K. I reallllly hope you like our pictures. I worked so hard on coming up with a creative and different idea!

  6. I tried to race the 10k this morning but COMPLETELY failed, so we’re going with my very very VERY dehydrated 10k I ran on Sunday! Ughhhh!!!! I’m sucking at running! Nice job putting together an awesome Virtual Race!

  7. WOOOOOOO, finally finished my 10K — cutting it close!! I almost thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it when I was sicker than sick all last week! Anyway, hopefully I submitted it correctly:)

    PS: I love the random!! I routinely brush my grill 2x a day, however, there are some days I feel like brushing them more, so if I can… I do!

  8. SO glad I am not the only one that likes to count this as exercise haha you really do build up quite the sweat!!!
    My nephew is that exact phase, always wanting to brush his teeth! He likes the vibrating one though, every time I call my sister I can hear it in the background. It was kinda awkward the first couple times till she told me what it was!! hahaha

  9. I pretty much ONLY dance randomly alone in my house. Well, and in my car. Your hip is bugging you, too? Dang…I think we just were such animals on Sunday that our bodies just couldn’t keep up. I wish that weren’t the case :(

  10. I LOVE to dance… I definitely dance in my living room… In my bedroom… In the hallway… Even in the kitchen which has a big window through which the whole neighbourhood can see me being a numpty… LOL I just wish I had some grace or finesse :)

    I love toothpaste to, I guess you could call it an addiction. I literally can’t sleep unless I have brushed my teeth… The minty freshness puts me right to sleep hahaha

    ps. I am with James… Bring on the Dance Vlog!

  11. Honestly, I do dance at home by myself. I’m unco and an awful dancer but when I’m baking up a storm with my favourite music playing there just might be a little bootie shaking behind the apron. And then my kids come in and laugh at me.

  12. You should post more mirror pics – you look HOT!!

    Me? I post the odd mirror pic b/c then I don’t have to wait forever for hubby to take a pic of me!

    Anyways, to answer your questions….

    We used to ballroom dance in front of other people, so dancing alone isn’t anything really. These days I try to get Evie to dance with me…now THAT’s a challenge!

    Yes, all of our 3 cats like to sleep in many odd positions (tho not quite like your dog – so cute!). I’m assuming it’s somehow comfortable…altho some we’ll never understand….

    No toothbrush addicts here. Getting hubby to brush his teeth every night and my daughter to brush her teeth at all are continual challenges….

    Hope your hip feels better!! It must be so frustrating for you!

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