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Well I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you who commented on yesterday’s post. Thank you for your amazing tips and tricks :)

A lot of you had expressed some worry, suggesting I take walk breaks.

Not to worry! I’m not a complete idiot, maybe only half πŸ˜‰ I know I will have to walk. If a 4 hour shift at work causes me to limp, running full force for 6 miles will kill me.

So I thought I’d share my (tentative) race plan with you:

My doctor advised against me running the last leg of the race (I never told you because I knew I wouldn’t listen) I spoke to Jamie and Lyndsey about it and they know how much I want to finish this thing! So they’re letting me do the last leg :)

*The race finishes inside Copps Collesium and I really want to be the finisher… me a spoiled brat, I won’t argue* …in fact, I know it’s true.

Obviously I’ll give it up if come race day nothing it working right because the last thing I want is a DNF.

So my stretch is actually 10.5k (as mentioned on the ATB website) and the first 6.5k are all rolling hills, (I’ve run itΒ before) super step, gradual inclines, followed by drops that force you to speed up faster than you want to go and then – THE MONSTER hill (I’ll take a pic on race day) that everyone advises walking up. Followed by 4k of flat road until the finish line.

So, what is my plan??

I am pulling a George Costanza and i am going to do the OPPOSITE πŸ˜‰

Β Best show ever. FACT.

what is the opposite in hill racing??

well, instead of pacing myself up the hills and flying down them, I plan on burning up them so fast I’m exhausted and then walking down to avoid jarring anything :) <—– I think I’m a genius!

I am hoping the walk down will give me time to recover and then during the flat parts I can go at an easy pace. Plus, based on any injured runs I’ve done it’s the downhillsΒ that hurt me.

I also plan on walking through EVERY aid station. I want to get a good drink of water and relax! maybe even take a few pics in the name of the blog πŸ˜‰

For the last hill I am going to walk and I am going to walk slow. Allowing everyone to breeze on by me, thinking that I’ve given up.

At the top I plan on busting out into a comfortable 8:40-9min pace and once I hit the 2mile mark I plan on busting out my 5k race pace ……

When I see that stupid 400 meter sign we all want to punch, I will run so hard that tears will be flying out the side of my eyes, a smile of mixed emotions will appear on my face and I will wave my silly spatulas at everyone cheering as I come flying past people who past me on those hills :)

I will turn and enter into Copps, most likely limping and look up at the clock – BEAMING!!!

Time: 1:09

I hope.




PS: if you signed up for my virtual race PLEASE check your spam folders incase my newsletter went there :) THANK YOU!Β 


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  1. All the best for Sunday. I hope that everything goes the way that you want it to. Take it easy and dont hurt yourself!!! I’ll be cheering for you. :)

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!
    I was recently hiking and twisted my ankle really badly and it is not swollen and very painful to walk. Otherwise I would have signed up for your virtual race. :( So sad that I am missing out.

  3. A stubborn girl after my heart. I would do the same thing. Just remember, listen to your body! We may be stubborn but we don’t want to be stupid!

    I will send great vibes to you for this race. But I better see some great pics come Monday.

    Go get ’em!

    • nice, good I’m glad it’s not just me! got some negative comments about that strategy but whatever – people want to comment when they know nothing about my back story, so be it.

  4. I think this is an awesome plan, running down hill hurts like a B, even when you aren’t injured. I know a lot of people are going to be telling you to be careful, but I know the exact determination you are feeling. I’ve been in dance performances where I hurt so badly that when I went offstage for a bit, I would cry, then I would get back out there and perform. Just enjoy yourself and have fun!! And make sure Collin is waiting there for you at the finish with a cocktail of painmeds, and a cocktail… :)

    • I agree! I can’t get it right…..I try to go with the downhill and lean slightly forward but it never feels good lol

      and that sounds way more painful than I hope this is….but cocktails or any kind are always welcome! lol

  5. I think your idea with hills is a good one. I did the same thing and have had significantly less calf pain by going faster up and taking it easier going down! Who knows – maybe it will help the hip! GL!

  6. So…your plan is to burn out your legs on the uphills and then waste time slowing down on the downhills and then pretend to give up on the last hill…and then wave your spatulas as you finish? Man, you should be a running coach

    • Sorry, it appears I may have been mistake, however, I have to go slow downhill due to an injury. and I haven’t even been running a year yet….so I don’t claim to be a running coach.

      Maybe you have a better suggestion for what someone should do with a hip injury?

      and “not run” isn’t an option

  7. Why would people cheer for you if you finish with a slow time, but are sprinting through the finish? Wouldn’t that mean that you didn’t pace yourself properly at all, and have way too much energy at the end?

    That’s like cheering for people who get back $10000 on their taxes.

  8. Good Luck on the race – completing it will be an accomplishment regardless of time or how it happens. Take care of yourself and try not to push to hard. I understand how you are – I played an entire coed soccer game with broken ribs – just to show that I could to the ignorant meat head that caused the injury. I will send positive thoughts your way!!!!!! xoxo

    • OMG! I could never do that…..although I did play a month of soccer on a busted knee πŸ˜‰ lol before collapsing onto the field, crying, not b/c of the pain, but at the defeat of my body not performing. lol

      I feel you….though ribs KILL – you’re hardcore Chey!

  9. Doctors always go around like they know everything just because they spent 8 years studying the human body. Good for you for following your heart. Medical advice be damned!

    • Thank you Sade :) and you’d laugh about the sports dr. I went to, he didn’t even ask me anything about my running, nor my shoes! which I found completely ridiculous.

  10. I dont’ think you are nuts- I would do the same thing. Pop some ibuprofen before hand and take it easy on the downhill. You’ll be fine- just be sure to rest well and properly recover following the race. I can’t wait to read your race recap!!!

  11. I have confidence in you and as your teammate that’s all that matters! I’m glad you have a plan in place and that you realize that it might have to change depending on how you are feeling. You are playing this the smart way and I know you are going to do the best you can given your circumstance.

    I ran our first half marathon injured, no one really knew except Mike, and in the end I have turned out just fine :)

    Oh and my race recap is up :)

  12. I’m stubborn. It works to our advantage during a race – TRUST ME. Pain is your guide though – more than time or pace. If you want to be a runner for life, then you have to listen to what the pain is telling you. I hope it shuts its mouth for you on Sunday.

    Oh and being stubborn is why I won’t be walking up those hills. NO way. I don’t care if my pace is 10min/KM, my motion will be running. I will say HI if I see you!

  13. I REALLY like your race plan – and better yet, it seems like YOU like it! I’m definitely with you on the sprint up, easy down. You’ll kill those hills and be such a bada$$ when you get to the top you can just strut down the other side :)

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