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So let me just start off by saying what originally attracted me to MyRaceRagz when I was looking for a custom T-shirt company to jump on the spatula train was the fact that they make race shirts! That may seem redundant to mention, but I assure you, it’s not.

I spent countless hours trying to find a company that could make me some custom technical tees to wear for our relay and all of them fell flat: they only had ones made of cotton, they had a minimum order of 10 or more shirts, they didn’t let me upload my own design….the list went on and on.

So when I found MyRaceRagz, as a runner, it was like a breath of fresh air. ALL they had were technical tees, they let you upload and design whatever you wanted and supply you with over 700 pre-made designs, for those not skilled at creating things themselves. They were exactly what I had been searching for – it said it right in their Brand name and slogan – “MY RACE RAGZ create your racing experience – which is exactly what I wanted to do!

Then when I saw “what will you wear on race day??” posted at the bottom of their company page – I hoped my answer would be a MyRaceRagz Spatula Runner Tech Tee!

Thanks to Kevin and Christie, it was!

photo courtesy of From Couch to Ironwoman 

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. If you’ve ever read one of my reviews, you know I’m a people person and actually tend to base 25% of my opinion of a company on their customer service – I LOVED THEM. Any problems we encountered were fixed automatically. I didn’t have one of my images large enough – they got their in house graphic person to not only fix it, but send me the redone image for any future projects I may need it for!!! They were accommodating and you can really tell they are all about the sport(s) – so no more cotton puffy paint shirts come race day: just talk to Kevin and the gang and you can make your own :)

….the best part??


Yes, you read correctly, you can order 1 or 10,000 – they don’t mind. They even have discounts on orders over 10! However, when you have a team of 3, like we did, the option to order less was amazing for us and I think the fact that MyRaceRagz offers this really sets them apart.


On to the process of creating my shirts. Which can be summed up using one word: Effortless. Simply pick a shirt, pick a size, upload your designs/photos and arrange them on the shirt then click “Update Item”it’s that easy.

They are also the only company I found that used sublimation printing (definition below) and because of that, the shirts turned out amazing and the Spatula Runners logo is there to stay….forever!

Sublimation printing is a thermo-dye process that does not get in the way of the performance characteristics of the micro-poly fabrics. The end result is brilliant color reproductions of your graphic designs and logos on leading-edge technical fabrics and apparel that enhance your performance.” – MyRaceRagz Site 


As far as how they held up while racingI was impressed. The shirts were light, the air could flow through them and they wicked all my gross sweat away as promised. I really liked running in my very own race shirt and I am happy at the quality of the product. I asked Lyndsey and Jamie how they liked them and they said “It felt like a tech tee” which I feel is a good answer. That is what the company promises after all: that the tech fabrics aren’t compromised using the sublimation dying method.

You may think that lady is wondering why I'm running with spatulas but she was actually thinking "is that one of those awesome MyRaceRagz custom tech tees??" ....yes it is!

I am happy that they have an accurate sizing guide because normally I would’ve ordered a small but their shirts fit small so I got a medium and I was happy with the fit and feel of it.

The only negative I had, if you can even call it that, was that due to the dying process the only colour of shirts they have available are white. However, with that being said, it states right on their site that some exceptions can be made if discussed prior to ordering. This is because if you have a yellow shirt and a blue graphic, it will show up green on the shirt.

The Bottom Line: I’d pick comfort over looks and love the fact that even on my chest, where our Spatula Runner logo was, the material was still wicking sweat and allowing my skin to breathe.

Let’s be honest – I wanted high quality and spatula runner excellence. I got it! 


It is obvious they are a company all about runners and athletes, as they are runners and triathletes themselves!

When you want something done right – get a runner to do it 😉

don’t believe me? you can visit their page that tells you what sets them apart!


MyRaceRagz is an official sponsor of the Spatula Runner team and Virtual Race – All 1st placed participants will be taking home their very own “Spatula Runner” tech tee courtesy of MyRaceRagz.

*Shipping costs are only covered to US citizens and winning participants from other countries are either responsible for those costs or we will figure out an alternative for a prize* Thanks for racing!


*I was given these shirts free of charge but truly believe in this company and their product. I was not compensated for my review or opinions expressed*



1. Have you ever run/raced in your very own custom shirt?? 

2. Is there a race and/or event where you’d love to design your own team/race tee??

If you missed my Around the Bay recap – check it out and see MyRaceRagz in action!!

40 thoughts on “My Race Ragz Review

  1. New to your website– just read your Around the Bay recap and was killing myself at the Spatulas haha! I have had custom running shirts made before but I couldn’t find technical ones! My friends and I wanted to do a 30km race but Around the Bay was at an inconvenient time, so we made our 30k own race. “The Honey Badger Invitational,” hah. Definitely going to check these guys out for our next shirts!!

    • Thanks for visiting Danielle – I’d love an invite to this other 30k :) lol and I know what you mean about the cotton custom companies. That’s why I loved MyRaceRagz when I found them – they are made for runners. lol who wants to pay that much for cotton! not me!

      and thanks for loving the spatulas 😉 it was seriously fun to actually do what my blog title implies in a literal sense!

    • Yes! you will have a whole month to train, hopefully you’re feeling better :) and you will get a race tee for sure! YAY!!!! you’ll actually have to send me a pic of that 😉

    • They used USPS international – so no stupid UPS brokerage! and to be honest the costs were waved for us – I should’ve put a separate disclaimer up (I only have the one in my footer). I think it was under $20 though – shipping to Canada is always insane!!!! Hence why it’s not worth it for them to send out one shirt. However, with that being said if you had a team or a cause and would reuse the shirts I think it’s worth it – as I haven’t found a similar company at all.

      I would not purchase one shirt living in Canada though. Not worth the shipping

    • Thanks Ali! you can start with a blank shirt and make one that says awesome :) lol

      and I actually have gained weight since not running – however, it could be that I bought the right size tech shirt – ie: not so skin tight! lol

  2. thanks for the info….but the BEST part were the pix of u rocking those tech tees! 😉 u are way too cute.

    i’ve had some custom shirts printed off of a similar kind of site, but i hadn’t heard of myraceragz…and i’ll keep them in mind. the site i used doesn’t do tech type tees. i have never hosted my own virtual race, u are my inspirations…maybe one day. til then, when can i expect my shipment of 10k’s of ur race shirt?? 😛

    • lol I love it Cait – I was just going to visit you :)

      I am sure if you really wanted a Spatula Runner shirt that could be arranged :) I am actually thinking of getting some more made to sell on the blog – I have a cause I’m pretty passionate about that I’ve been contemplating trying to get some more donations going towards it. It’s in the works. We’ll see 😉

      Go read my recap if you love these pics, you’ll die laughing at the others 😉

    • ummmm – as fast as you can go! I am seriously BLOWN away with the top times right now – so if I were you, I’d race it 😉

      I can’t give away the time unfortunately b/c that would promote cheating. Not that you’re a cheater ….but there’s always one 😉

      Good Luck!

  3. This is awesome! I have been thinking about creating team shirts for the relay I run every December and I may have to do it with this company this year!

    • Nice :) I hope they workout for you – the quality is definitely there. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like the logo is part of the shirt – it’s just like a PRO shirt! lol

      and you’d better do a guest post recap of that on my blog :)

  4. OMG!!! I wish I had known about them for the race this weekend. Its the Colon Cancer Challenge – and we made custom tees to represent survivors, fighters and those we have lost. Dang!

    BTW – you all look super cute in your tees. Nice job!

  5. I forgot to mention that even though it was a little tight around my hips (everything that fits me is, they’re big), the shirt didn’t ride up while I was running!

  6. They were AWESOME shirts!! I can’t wait to wear it during another training run or race and watch all the jealous people stare at my spatula runners shirt!

    Thanks again MyRaceRagz for the shirts, they definitely helped make the day that much more memorable! I might be looking into some for our next relay in April! (Although it may not have a whoopie pie on it since that would be weird, our team name is “Will Run for Whoopie Pies”).

    • hahaha – I don’t know if they’ll stare with Jealousy but maybe 😉 lol …I already don’t know where mine went…I know I wore it home so I must’ve tossed it somewhere 😛

      …I like the idea of Whoppie Pies on shirts lol

  7. Can I just say I LOVE that photo of that lady looking at you like you’re crazy?? Thanks for the review. I’ll have to check out the website and customize a shirt for my next race, and maybe even make some for my family to wear when they watch me run! :)

  8. this is sooooo cool!!! i have never heard of them but am excited to check them out! they did a fantastic job with your shirts!

  9. I love My Race Ragz and actually have both a short sleeve and long sleeve customized shirt. I’ve raced in the longsleeve for my first 15K and loved it and I’ll be rocking my short sleeve for one of my next races! They are an amazing company to work with and I can’t say enough nice things about their customer service and quality of the product!

  10. I must say the tee shirts looked really good. I like the fit of them (as modelled by you ). They definitely look like they’re shaped for a woman and they’re a good length.

  11. Those turned out awesome!!! Sounds like a great company! I’m in some co-ed kickball league here in town in august (ha yes I don’t know how I got talked into this) and we need t’s this place sounds perfect! :)
    So glad to hear the race went well! Looked awesome out there! Love the look at ladies face, pure jealousment of your shirt I am sure!

  12. We get shirts printed for my Wasatch Back Ragnar team, but we just buy a shirt from underarmor and then get them printed from somewhere in town. I like this option though! Thanks for sharing.

    • I don’t know what the price difference is but these shirts are awesome b/c of the dye process – it’s really cool – I hope you win a shirt so you can see!!!!

  13. Great review! I’ve never raced in a custom shirt before, but I’m looking to have some made for my relay in June. We’ll probably stick with the deal I struck with our local running store this time, but excellent information for next time!

    • they were supplied to me free of charge. as stated in the disclaimer. However those particular Tees begin at $26 per shirt and go up depending on what you want done. There are discount codes for certain order types and to be it would be worth it and I’ll be using them again :)

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