Some answers & Osteoarthritis

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So last night my Doctor called me and told me this:

Alison, your xray of your hips came back fine, however, you have Osteoarthritis on both sides of your sacrum

for those interested this is a photo of the sacrum:


He also told me I’d had to take anti-inflammatory drugs everyday, multiple times….for who knows how long! That I should be working hard to strengthen my core and back muscles to take pressure off my hips/butt and that I should probably not be running long distances. However, he also said that my initial examination was conclusive to a hip injury and the fact that the xrays came back clear might mean there’s something else wrong and that I should go to a PT.

I found this Sports Clinic in a nearby city and have a Dr’s appt there today @ 1:30pm and I hope to find out more. Although, that being said, I haven’t done any exercise (aside from planks and arm free weights) in a week and my hip is much better. So here is hoping it’s nothing. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some things I’ve learned about my injury:

First off, many of you may be wondering…what is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is also know as degenerative joint disease and basically involves the loss of cartilage (which provides cushioning and support) in the joints causing bones to grind together which in turn causes inflammation. Eventually the bones will form boney spurs and will cause pain when weight is put on the joint or the joint is forced to go through excessive movement – ie: running.

It is actually the most common causes of diability in people over 50. Yes, I know what you’re thinking….how old are you? aren’t you under 30?!

Why yes, yes I am. However it seems arthritis of all sorts runs in my moms side of the family. Lots of us have problems with it. Apparently it’s pretty rare for younger individuals though, but those figures quickly change as we get older. So I imagine, a fair amount of you readers could very well be runners with OA :)

It is estimated that 2% of the United States population under the age of 45 suffers from osteoarthritis; this figure rises to 30% of persons between 45 and 64, and 63-85% in those over 65. About 90% of the American population will have some features of OA in their weight-bearing joints by age 40. – [source]

So what does this all mean in regards to my running?

Well it looks like I am going to have to take it easy. As for right now I plan on continuing to train for my upcoming relay as best I can and finish it :) Afterwards, I’ll play it by ear but it looks like maybe a full marathon isn’t in my future for 2012. sigh

but don't worry I'm still smiling - as long as there are treats in the world :)

What can I do ? – Strength train! and it’s actually encouraged. The best thing people with OA can do is exercise. Strengthening the muscles around the affected area is a great way to take the pressure off the joints.

The Arthritis Foundation states that the best non-drug treatment for osteoarthritis is exercise. Running can place a lot of strain on your joints. Strengthening the muscles surrounding your hips and knees will help relieve some of your osteoarthritis symptoms and may allow you to run. – [source]

I also read that I could’ve been making everything worse just by the surface I was choosing to run on, seeing as all of my runs are on either ashphalt, concrete or the treadmill…..looks like I need to find some nice trails this summer :) and no more sidewalk runs! Move Cars!

some surfaces are better than others to run on, especially if you are living with osteoarthritis. They place the following surfaces in order from best to run on to worst to run on: grass, wood chips, dirt, synthetic track, treadmill, asphalt, sand and then concrete, which they claim is about 10 times harder than asphalt.” – [source]

I also found tons of pointers stating that stretching is super important, especially after a run. That is actually something I know I don’t skimp on (if anything I was worried I was over-stretching) I know Elle can contest to that! as I felt like a nag telling her to stretch more 😉 I have been slacking in stretching over the last few days because I didn’t want to wreck anything until I knew what was wrong.

I am not going to lie. As soon as I got off the phone with the Dr. I cried while trying to relay the news to Colin. It made me feel weak because I know tons of people live with this and that others like Sophie, Steve and my Mom live in chronic pain everyday and are so inspirational and positive. So now I’m going to utilize this information and start strength training. I also plan on finishing that 10k relay even if I have to walk it :)

I will post again when I get back from the sports Doctor. If everything goes well hopefully I won’t have more news about my groin pain and maybe it just needed rest :)

Thank you again for all your continued support. I know I say it all the time but I mean it – You guys are awesome!!!!

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1. tell me something awesome about one or both of your parents! …then go vote 😉

2. do any of you have OA?? and if so, what running tips can you pass on to someone who is just delving into the subject??

3. what is your workout today?!?!?! 

I am actually hoping to do abs and arms 

89 thoughts on “Some answers & Osteoarthritis

  1. Awesome mom: never took a days sick leave off work until she had a hangover from hell … the office sent her a get well card *snigger, snigger*. But then she got fibromyalgia and had to take early retirement :-(

  2. I am so proud of you for taking a positive approach to this. It’s a bummer, that is for sure…but you are putting the best possible spin on it and looking for the things you can do and do well, instead of those you can’t. Hugs to you!!! You are AWESOME!!!!

    • Thanks Taryn, I am just looking forward to hearing from other runners that most likely have this. To be honest it gives me comfort that it seems so normal….I was just hoping I wouldn’t get it till my 40’s 😛 lol

  3. I don’t think I have any OA but as much as my joints hurt off and on I wouldn’t be surprised if it was starting. We have RA in my family genes so I may be a candidate for that.

    However, after running my half in the fall I took time off and took cycling classes at my Y. 2-3 a week. Now when I run my knees don’t hurt as bad IF at all at times….I really think the cycling classes have strengthened my “knee muscle area” and helped.

    Since my whole rotator thing I haven’t been lifting weights but I should do more squats and lounges to build up those muscles more too…

    Good luck girl…take it slow…build up the muscle…and take the anti-inflam. drugs …with your positive attitude about life and all you will be running your marathon in 2013 I bet!

    • Thanks so much Kathy – get to florida already 😛

      and my mom has bad RA – which is weird b/c it’s supposed to be genetic but no one else has it! so knock on wood I won’t get it. Who knows my mom told me last night I probably have a lot more arthritis but don’t know it b.c of my high pain tolerance. B/c lets be honest here – I didn’t get xrays for that area 😉 hahaha

      I hope you don’t get RA I hate the pain that my moms been in b/c of it. Hence why I want her to win that contest!

  4. hiiii, i love you, keep up the positive attitude! this will be a great way to focus on strength training and other ways of fitness :)

    one awesome thing about my parents is that they are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary this month, and they are more in love then ever. I can only hope to have a love like theirs.

    today I did stairmaster/elliptical and upper body weights, woot!

    • hahaha thanks Theresa! and to be honest I am actually kind of glad to have a reason to put running on the back burner (gasp) I think I will enjoy trying out some other exercises and then enjoy my runs a lot more.

      and wow! I hope I have love like them too!

  5. When I think of osteo it makes me think of osteoprosis. Would taking calcium daily help the situation at all? I have started taking the chocolate calcium chews because osteoprosis runs in my family big time. But just hearing that makes me think taking calcium may help? Well, you should be taking it anyway!!!

    • Oh that sucks that Osteoprosis runs in your family but apparently calcium and OA are not interrelated at all. I do however take a multi for women so there’s lots of calcium in it and have always drank milk and eaten lots of dairy 😉 – I found
      this article about it :)

  6. BOO arthritis and pain! But you’re right… working out and strength training HELPS so much. The more I work out, the less my back hurts. At least you went to the doctor and got stuff figured out.

    • so you have OA too??? to be honest I don’t think I even noticed it was bothering me that much, I thought it was sciatica. So I really just want answers about my hip, which I hope to get today. I’ve just glad I know this so I can get STRONG grrr!

  7. I hope you get your hip figured out and hopefully it is nothing, good luck! You seem to have done a good bit of research on osteoarthritis and I know you will figure out how to make running work for you!

    If it gives you any hope, my mom (who has fibromyalgia, which is obviously not osteoarthritis but still painful) still runs and even runs long distances! I’m sure you will make it work :) and I’m glad you will still do the relay even if it means walking since I’m so excited to be your teammate!

    • wow! your mom is awesome Jamie!!!!! running in pain :) I love it. well I don’t love pain, but I love people that push through. So inspiring.

      I am totally excited to be your teammate too!!!!

  8. At least you have some sort of answer, and hopefully you can get more next week! You should look into taking a glucosamine supplement. My ortho doctor recommended that for me last year when I struggled with a foot injury.

    • well cycling hurts my hip the most – so I have to put that on hold but swimming is something I am really contemplating. It just scares me, or maybe intimidates is a better word :)

  9. I am sorry to hear about the OA but you have a great attitude. You can overcome this!

    My dad was the one who got me into running and biking. He was doing those things when it wasn’t cool!

    My tip for you is to find some good trails to run. They are great for many things. I run a lot of trails and really do enjoy it!

    My workout today is lifting and maybe a run. My legs are a little trashed but I am going to give it a go.

    Good luck at the sports doc!

    • I am totally going to become a trail running girl! I don’t want to risk hurting myself on concrete anymore!

      and your dad sounds cool 😀 and you’ve been working out a lot. You’ll have to help me learn how to swim!

  10. Well I am happy that you got some answers, but sad that they were not the greatest. :( But you are so tough that I know you can handle it!
    I would vote, but I don’t have a facebook. Probably one of the 10 people in the world that does not have a facebook. :) I hope you win for your mom!
    P.S Those oreo cheesecake cookies look AMAZING!!!

    • Thanks so much GG – and neither my mom, sister or brother have facebook either – so I have to rely on my blogger friends to vote :) lol so you’re not alone.

      and thanks for your positive comments 😀 xo

  11. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry about this new turn of events!!! However, you are super strong and I know that you are going to make the best of this.

    You can become a bodyrock chick (I could totally see you getting into that…it’s what I’d do if I couldn’t run anymore) and just focus on being fit from stuff other than running– because let’s face it: running is NOT all that great for our bodies!! I am afraid of what’s going to happen to my joints by the time I’m 35.

    • I would love to become a body rock chick lol – please give me those abs!!!! hahaha

      and yes, as runners we need to be careful about the strain we put on our joints 😀

  12. Well boo about your injury but I’m glad you found out what it was and are going to take steps to getting stronger. A thought for you to ponder…have you considered getting a second opinion, perhaps from a doctor that is an athlete or more athletic minded? Maybe you are already seeing one like that but sometimes if doctors aren’t athletic minded themselves they might not realize the importance it plays in others (YOUR) lives and are quicker to say “just don’t run anymore”. Just something to ponder…and my two sense even though you didn’t ask for it :)

  13. And I want you to know I stretched for a full 15 minutes after my run yesterday, thinking of you and your advice… I would never say NAGGING! :)

    I am glad you have an answer now and a path to help you deal and live with the situation. OA is not the end of the world and it is not the end of your running, either, as you have already found out. And it just may open up a whole new world of strength training to you that you will really enjoy and have fun with… your runner buddies are still gonna love you even if you run less or not at all… and now I will go vote!

    Have a great Thursday!

    • YAY! Elle I’m so proud of you :)

      thanks for the vote and no, it isn’t the end of running – the hip however, is another story I just want ANSWERS!!!! lol

  14. well, like everyone else, I’m glad you at least got an answer. Not a great answer, but better than them telling you they don’t know why you are hurting. Good reason to try some new cross and strength training :).

    I just voted again!

  15. Wow thanks so much for sharing all of this awesome information. I think this is incredibly beneficial for every runner. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this but so glad you finally have some answers. Best of luck as you move forward. :)

    • Thanks Rachelle – I still have no info on my hip injury….going for more xrays. argh but yes, every runner can benefit from this info b/c odds are, most of us will get it

  16. Oh Ali, I’m so sorry! I know this news feels so devastating! I cried the first time I got a serious injury when I was training for my first half. I think it’s really great that there are things that you can do and that you might be able to learn more. Good luck, thinking of you and sending HUGS your way!

  17. Oh no I hate to hear that! I will put you in thoughts and prayers starting now….

    I have to admit that I will not be working out today but for a good reason. I will probably feel like a slob for not going.

  18. I am so happy you got some answers and are on your way to getting the full story, although they aren’t necessarily the answers you were hoping for, I feel that not knowing is the toughest part of it all! I live with osteoarthritis in both knees and I am 25. I have had arthritis in each knee as a result of serious trauma to the area during two major ACL tears when I was younger. My knee pain leading up to and after my marathon was in complete relation to the low cartilage and stress on the joints – you seem to have a fantastic outlook on this and are doing all of the right things, strengthening the supporting muscles is so so important, I know I need to concentrate on that more!

    Good luck at the sports Dr.!

    • Argh, I am so sorry to hear that Danielle :( My knees usually give me problems, so I wouldn’t even want to see their xrays. I can’t imagine having to go through all that :( especially so young. and it’s so nice to hear you still completed a marathon! 😀

  19. I am glad you got some answers but I know finding out its something you didnt want is hard. I hope that PT helps and you are able to get relief with some meds for a bit until you get everything in order.

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  21. I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t better news. But you know what it is now and how to deal with it so that’s positive. You’ll be joining me and the other legions of runners doing squats, planks (I know you already do these), lunges and other muscle building exercises just trying to delay the decay of aging. I know they have a lot better anti-inflammatories these days for OA.

    But that still doesn’t help with the immediacy of the hip injury. I hope they find what that is and give you a quick fix so you can be back to relay training asap.

    • Oh yes, I’ll be joining you for the strength squats 😉 lol and thanks for reading my post Char, I think you were one of the only people that completely understands what I was trying to say….I have OA but I’m ok with it – I want to know about my hip! lol

      So hopefully I’ll find out soon and I can move forward 😉 xo

  22. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I would cry about it too :( The goods news is that it’s not something more serious. I bet there a ton of natural remedies that help if you do some searching around. In the meantime, hit those weights girl!

    • Thanks lady :) I am not too worried, it’s strange, but comforting to know that there are lots of people in the same boat! I’ll have to look up natural remedies. Thanks!

  23. I love love love you Ali and I know that you can definitely get through this and have a wonderful life despite the OA!!

    I’m just so pleased for you that you don’t have to go through the agony of years of tests and no answers! I really really hope you find a fantastic doctor (it makes a massive difference trust me) who can help you find a treatment that works for you and lets you carry on with your life.

    I so really hope you get some answers about your hip lovely, hopefully it’s only minor and easily fixable!

    You’re an inspiration with your positive attitude hun :-) I’m not surprised you cried when you first told Colin, I still cry sometimes! I’m not going to tell you that going through all of this will be easy but as you’ll be able to have treatment things will hopefully improve for you! I know you can get through this because you have lots of amazing support and you’re an amazing person yourself!! 😀

    p.s. Don’t hesitate to email me if you’re ever feeling really low about and don’t want to burden your mum about it or if you just want a chat, I’m always here :-)

    • Thanks so much Sophie 😉 I think having OA will be the least of my worries but who knows maybe I’m just ignorant and haing researched enough….I will keep working on my core strength to help….Oh and thanks for offering your ear :) I’ll definitely take you up on that next time I’m in need! xoxox

  24. im so sorry to hear about your hip! thats tough news and im so sorry, but you are great for seeing the doctor and actually resting, not matter how hard it is. i hope you get some relief and good news soon

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  27. Never posted on your blog before but I follow it and love reading it!

    I have a kind of different situation. When I was 12 I had my back fused because of scoliosis and had surgery again when I was 17. I have something called CD rods in my back (kind of like harrington rods if anyone knows what that is) and never really had major issues until recently. I have run 4 marathons, several half marathons and was a nationally ranked swimmer but a fall on memorial day brought everything to a halt :(

    The first doctor I went to told me I could never run again and should probably reconsider all physical activity. I was crushed and definitely cried after that appointment. But, I went to Physical Therapy and it changed everything. The stretches, core exercises, muscle work and knowledge that she has given me has brought me back to swimming, biking, the elliptical and strength training ( no running allowed yet). I was supposed to run my 5th marathon in Switzerland to raise money for the non-profit I volunteer for but will be walking the half instead. Hopefully I will be running again soon!

    Anywho, I was told I have Adjacent Segment Degeneration, torn muscles and arthritis in my lower and mid back, eek! But in the three months since my fall my Physical Therapist has made most of my pain go away and gotten me back to working out. Phew!

    If you ever need tips on exercises or stretches, in particular for back/hip injuries, I am happy to send you the information she has given me!

    Good luck in Physical Therapy, it was life changing for me and will hopefully prevent future injuries while healing current ones :)

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  29. I was just diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hips and it hit me hard as well. Over the past 6 months I have been participating in a Crossfit exercise and weight loss program, plus I have added running back in my life and now with this diagnosis I was really worried that I would have to stop it all… I have just started to do some research about it but I am hoping that there will be ways that I can continue to do all that I enjoy. I have also found an article,, in it is saying that running is not as bad as they thought for OA and hips… I am not sure how definitive it is at this point but I am willing to keep researching and trying…

    • Hey Elizabeth! thanks so much for sharing your story. That sucks when you get diagnosed with something which at first you believe may change your life. I am SO happy to hear you went into cross fit (right now I’m pregnant and intense exercising hasn’t agreed with me) I know building up strength (especially in the core) works wonders for taking the pressure off your hips. I think it all depends on how you are with your body. Sounds like you’re on the right track, building strength and finding other exercises that you love to do will allow you to run pain free! compression shorts work wonders too :) thanks for stopping by

  30. How are you doing now? I was diagnosed with OA when I was 17 (I am 23 now). It was really painful and I was really frustrated. I was overweight despite the fact that I’ve been running since I was a kid. I had physical therapy but it didn’t work for me. For months, I waited to see if there will be improvements, but none at all… that made me really depressed. I thought that I will be OA patient for the rest of my life. My physical condition was terrible that time. There were days that I couldn’t even stand for more than 10 minutes or send message to my friends because of my swollen fingers. My aunt, who had stem cell treatment for her Patellar Tendonitis advised me to see her doctor, which I did after few months. My parents had to talk about me getting a stem cell treatment first and decide if it will be beneficial for me at my age. Anyways, I had a stem cell treatment for 5 weeks with Dr Purita and it went really well. Although my joint remained swollen for weeks, the level of pain gradually decreased and it was a good sign for me that it was working. 4 months later I was able to get the beneficial effect of the treatment. I am hoping that you too will soon find the treatment that will suit you. It has been 5 years and I never had issues with my joints again… stay positive and happy!

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  36. 「小さいころから芸術の薫陶を受け、訓練のグロリア-イップ、近年、芸術界やデザイン界作全方位の発展、創作範囲が広く、中には陶芸、絵画、製品設計、包装設計などの異なる領域。地元の芸術としてのデザイン界の活躍の分子、及び香港粘土の芸術学院の創始者の一つで、さまざまなアイデアの開会グロリア-イップも教授芸術コース、及び、多く本芸術や手芸の教育の本。グロリア-イップの創作広く認めて、かつて獲得し多くの芸術賞を主催20度を超える作品展展開を十分に発揮する彼女の芸術と設計の情熱と素質。カルティエコピー時計最近では、有名な腕時計ブランドを務めるグロリア-イップ招かれスイスティソ開催、「旅」をテーマにした「160週年环宇漫遊」設計試合切手の審判で、一方、グロリア-イップも招かれてはイベントデザイン1項の切手。スイスティソ表の厚情に誘われて、令愛する旅行の彼女がいるととても興奮。

  37. ルイヴィトンコピー 偽物激安ヴィトンコピー 販売階のほらを輸入する資格があって、全国の第一項のナイロンのふろしき包みは傲慢なシリーズの女性を配合して包んで、高級で派手で、私達はただふろしき包みの中のハイエンドのブランドだけをしま。ハイエンドのファスナー、私達の採用の高級なファスナーは大工場のOEMからで、ファスナーが順調で滑るのは丈夫で、高品質と高享受。

  38. の原則は原則の詩と経済学の原則で、第2の「等価。ここでは、まあposited実用方程式の間です。「いい」、「次」と「既成事実」。PAS(良いと深刻な自制、自制、自制)。」準配備本もろくて弱い経済方程式、探求の境界の間の過程と製品、成功と失敗、天才と。ロレックス 時計コピー「なくて、私達のここだけの話しましょう、私達に引き続き気づいた、このタイプの反復件1。

  39. 人々が常に感じイギリス男の人がやっと紳士らしい、実は言えない。カルティエ時計コピー男も紳士らしい、代表のは1種の教養で、このような教養に国境はない。选択項は紳士特質の時計との組み合わせが重要、私たちをよく見てこのと紳士腕時計の徳制ゲーラ苏蒂Observer 1911。

  40. ルイヴィトンコピー 偽物激安ヴィトンコピー 販売階のほらを輸入する資格があって、全国の第一項のナイロンのふろしき包みは傲慢なシリーズの女性を配合して包んで、高級で派手で、私達はただふろしき包みの中のハイエンドのブランドだけをしま。ハイエンドのファスナー、私達の採用の高級なファスナーは大工場のOEMからで、ファスナーが順調で滑るのは丈夫で、高品質と高享受。

  41. ロレックスパーペチュアルスーパーコピー たとえ、エマニュエル・ブーシェの合併症の1つのダイヤルの上で激しく見えます、それは本当にちょうど時間を示している。それは、子会社が秒のトップでダイヤル(内蔵の日/夜指標板)と他の2つの下位ダイヤルを下の時間を示している(左)と分(右)。ここでさえ、あなたを無視するのを見て何を期待するユニークな要素の数があります。