Spatula Runners Unite

if you’re wondering what Spatula Runners do prior to a big race…..

ya, that’s right – we have meetings…..with spatulas. 

if you’re wondering where those special spatula meetings go down….

it’s usually at Grandma’s house, that’s how we roll!

what’s their preferred pre-race fuel??

why, green tea of course…and please, remember to serve it to us in a freezing cold restaurant – that’s how Canadians do things: in the cold!

We are seriously all thinking – PLEASE, get me a sweater! 


I am all ready for bed, a little lot later than I wanted but 11pm isn’t that bad for a race that I probably won’t run till noon 😉

I loved hanging out with Jamie and Lyndsey tonight. It was awesome and makes me want more blogging/running friends.





1. have you ever met another blogger?? was it love at first sight??

17 thoughts on “Spatula Runners Unite

  1. GOOD LUCK! I am so excited to hear how it goes! haha I love you spatula meeting!
    I have never met a blogger. :( Well 3/4 of the people that read my blog are family so I guess I have. 😀 I would soooo love to meet you! That would be so cool!

  2. LOL – funny post! I often have to prepare myself sans spatulas and sans friends. That’s so fun, all of you meeting up pre-race!

    The first time I met an online running friend….we were both running in the same 5k race LOL!! She had just turned around and was heading back to the start/finish line and of course I was behind her. She called my name, we waved to each other, and then I found after who she was LOLOL.

    More recently, however, I got to sit down and meet a blogging friend and a DM friend after the St. Patrick’s Day race. It was so fun! Not quite love at first sight, as we really didn’t know each other long enough, but it was so fun and exciting to meet them, and find out how much we are the same, and how much we are different! Looking to run with each other as time and busy schedules permit!

    Good luck on your race tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you….mainly due to your virtual 10k race. 😉 But also sending you good vibes on your own race. 😀

  3. I have met lots of other bloggers. It has never been a disappointment :) A couple were love at first sight :)

    Hope you kick some serious spatulass in your race tomorrow!

  4. Hi, got here from Lala Mama. I’ve met lots of people through blogging. Not sure I’d say love at first sight, but there is a bond. Some have become very good friends. I haven’t met some blogger buddies yet, but sure would like to.

    When I was growing up we always pronounced it SPA-tu-la, not spatchula.

    Have fun at the race today!

  5. Good luck! Have a great time today!

    It was so much fun meeting Vanessa, Elizabeth, and Jenny last weekend. It’s amazing how close you feel to people you’ve only ever “talked” to online.

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