May Ab Challenges

Only one more day of the April Abs Challenges!!! I am beyond excited to kiss those calendars goodbye ;)

I am really excited about May’s Ab Calendar – because it focuses on the lower body for once! I don’t know about you, but I want my legs and stomach looking bikini ready for the summer fast approaching!

So when Desi asked if I’d do the vids for this calendar as well I was right on board!…

but with all that ab work I’m going to call it Muscular Legs & Abs May! <— click there for larger version!


Then I was kind of sad because I don’t want my hard earned upper body strength to dwindle as I’ve developed quite an intimate relationship with my new found muscles ;)

my poor man's attempt at kissing my bicep.....ya not so much

and then good old Jess K [FYI – I have no clue how the saying “good old” got into my vocabulary. Jess isn’t old at all…and I think it’s “ole” who knows]  posted a link to this bad boy on my facebook page


*click here for larger version

And lets not forget the calendar that got me addicted to doing these calendars in the first place….the original ab calendar 

[INSERT HERE] <—- I’ll definitely update when we find it! 

Which alas Abby hasn’t created or posted yet :(  I even tried to make my own ;)

Marvelous Abs May! <—- click for larger

I’ve added all the calendars to my blogs sidebar <———– and you can click the titles at any point all month and they link to the largest size images. For those that asked me to email the photos to them last month – all photos can be saved by simply “right clicking” on the pic and selected to save them to your downloads or desktop. 

UPDATE – I’ve added a Monthly Challenges page where you can find all three calendars!


On a completely random note – Logan has decided that he’d like to “play baby” and it’s pretty hilarious….



1. did you do the April Abs Calendars?? are you on board for May too??

2. what’s your least favourite body part/section to work on??

Mine is definitely my core – hence why I’m addicted to these calendars: they hold me accountable. 


*All exercise demonstrations will be posted to my facebook page and linked through my new youtube channel! – I’m going to try and make them more professional. However, as the catch phrase states – “Let’s get fit together” <—- so I’m not fit either.*