Bone Scan is Ready!

So I went for the bone scan yesterday…..

it was cooler than expected.

The tech working with me was very down to earth. She was nice, interesting and explained everything. She injected me with radioactive solution using a small needle: actually the same size as the ones they give newborns – which is great because I hate needles.

Then she got me to step on one of these bad boys and took some pictures of my hips and knees.

Then I was free to go….. instructed to return 4 hours later.

I was allowed to eat and drink anything I wanted and in order for the radiation to move through my system. So eating & drinking more, more often was actually encouraged.

It’s a good thing my Larabars that I won from The Athletarian’s giveaway were in the mail box when I got home.

YUM! cherry pie & peanut butter cookie

So after a quick sage burning – I did one when we first moved in the house but when Crista mentioned it as an option for what Logan’s been going through I decided to do it again. I enjoy trying different rituals from all different belief systems. I tend to favour those that utilize the natural environment, as those would be what our native ancestors would’ve most likely resorted to. I hope it worked.

Then it was back in the car and another Larabar down….I’m sad to tell you there’s only one left πŸ˜‰

I had never had a larabar and when I finally tried one I was looking at the ingredients and with the amount of sugar and lack of protein I couldn’t figure out what all the hype was about. However, once I had these and devoured the 2 cheery pies ones (amazing fyi) I noticed the bars only had 3 ingredients in them. That is what’s awesome about them. huh! who knew.

Anyway, I went back to the hospital and ended up having to pay for parking, as I couldn’t score a free spot on the mountain lookout like I had in the morning…..

pretty isn’t it?

*side note – sometimes I am so optimistic that I feel like I may get “lucky” in life, with the little things, like getting that parking spot twice in the same day. Somedays it happens but days like today when it doesn’t I try to still smile and think – all things happen for a reason*is that silly?

Anyway, when I get called in I’m with a new girl for my actual bone scan and she isn’t as laid back as my first girl. The first girl had told me she’d let me take photos (as being the awesome blogger I am, I obviously asked in the earlier appt) but now I had this new girl.

I think in my head, maybe I could ask her, maybe she’d be ok with it. However, she seems more by-the-book. So I decide to let her shine in that area and ask her all about what the machine does, what she’s doing and she asks me if there’s any other area I’m worried about – I say I hit my shin 4 years ago and it’s never healed. She scans it and lo and behold – there’s where the next 30 mins of my scan is focuses. I won’t find out till I have my dr’s appt but my shin was glowing on the screen.

Just then, I hear a familiar voice come through the door (I can’t see as I’m facing the other way) and she says “Hey, you want to go for your break?” the other girl leaves and it’s my awesome photo taking tech back to save my bone scan blog post…..

Yep, she came back to help me get my bone scan shot! YAY! and even told me I needed a thumbs up! A nuclear medicine tech after my own blogger heart <3

that is how I looked for over an hour while that huge camera scanned over 3/4 of my body. Let’s hope we fine out what’s causing the groin pain.

Just because I want you guys to have this stuck in your head too…..for the past 2 weeks whenever someone asks about my bone scan all I can think of is that scene in the first Spiderman where he’s in the wrestling ring and the guy says “Bone saw is ready Β I just kept saying “Bone scan is ready“….yes, I know I’m a loser. We’ve clarified this before.

Anyway, that video is very repetitive but I didn’t want half of you trying to figure out what on earth I was talking about – so that’s what I’m talking about πŸ˜‰

I am planning on mailing the rest of your prizes this weekΒ (I know, I’m a slacker)Β πŸ˜€ and also making a Dr’s appt with the cool cat Dr. Harvey – I’ll keep you posted.



1. ever had a bone scan?? did you turn into an Xmen character??

I am not gonna lie – I was hoping I’d wake up as Rouge or Storm ….but alas, I remain Ali Mc, mom and not interesting.

2. do you have a problem talking to strangers?? asking for a picture??Β 

never – well maybe if my gut says no.Β 

3. facebook page? do you have one?? LINK IT UP!Β 


52 thoughts on “Bone Scan is Ready!

    • Ya, she was so cool. It’s so lame but as confident as I was to ask for the pic, I was not as confident to ask to be friends πŸ˜› as she was my same age and seemed to have similar interests.

      I suck at making friends – it’s hard when you’re older

  1. I’ve never had a bone scan, but I am glad you had a pleasant experience.

    I never listened to my mother’s “don’t talk to strangers” rule. And I am not shy, so if a picture needs to be taken I am not afraid to ask! πŸ˜€

    • LOL I love it :) we’d definitely get along then. Question – do you ever find you’re naturally attracted (and I don’t mean physically or sexually) to shy people?? I just love them! lol

    • He slept great last night and was very thankful during the smudging – he kept saying “Oh thank you, thank you” (!!) lol so that kinda tells me there must be some magic in that herb after all πŸ˜‰

      and I didn’t get my dr’s appt till monday :( so next week we will know!

  2. i’ve never had a bone scan before, but it looks like a blast! (hahaha)…I hope you are able to figure out whats going on. I’m still nursing my injury so I def understand…hopefully your doctor is much more helpful then mine was, lol.

    larabars are decent..i dont eat them too often but I’ve had them on occassion. the carrot cake one is ABFAB :)

    • it was actually pretty boring and I couldn’t make out anything on the screen – although I could make out some private areas – hence why I didn’t post those pics πŸ˜‰ lol

      and I would love to try the carrot cake one! YUM

  3. yes, pictures are awesome but I often fall way behind in that category….both in the real world and taking pictures of the kiddos and in the blog world… way to go with any pictures you got.

  4. I have never had a bone scan but glad to hear that you didn’t find it painful or uncomfortable. I have heard some other versions so you got lucky :) I wanted a photo when I had my MRI but my tech was not very talkative at all so I didn’t want to even ask.

    • ya, you have to feel the techs out – I knew the second girl would’ve said no πŸ˜‰

      and some of the hip MRI’s are brutal. this bone scan was easy

  5. I’ve never had a bone scan but I would totally love to have one just to be able to see my inner workings! :) I’m actually sort of jealous! Plus, you and I think the same about parking spots!

    When I go to the doctor I’m always wanting to take pics but trying to sneak them in when they’re out of the room! I’m such a chicken!

    • hahaha you are so weird – but the biologist in my understands. and I love free parking – I love it so much – it’s even my favourite place to be in monopoly πŸ˜‰

      and I am usually a sneak pic taker…..but I could tell this girl was cool πŸ˜‰

  6. Okay, I have not had a bone scan but there have been talks about having one done. I have had continuous problems with my shins but you have to have some almighty sign from God before you can have one done I guess.

    I picture myself as She-hulk or Wonder Woman.

    Yes, I do have a problem talking to strangers and asking for pix. Thus, the reason my blog has very few pics. Bummer, I guess I need to work on that!

    Yes, I have a facebook page,

    • your page didn’t work :( and you would definitely be wonder-woman – I can picture it now :) lol

      and I think you should have one done on your shins. I only asked b/c I’m already injected so they even did my feet – b/c I’m a runner. So I’d try to get one!

    • well hey Rachel – thanks for visiting and YAY for starting a blog – you’ll be in welcome company, this community is amazing!! congrats πŸ˜€

      and it was really boring – I even got to read some Hunger Games well in the machine πŸ˜‰ lol

  7. Um, am I the only who’s noticed that you were driving over 50km/hr, eating & taking a picture all at the same time?!?! Tsk tsk. LOL I’ve never had a bone scan but I have had an MRI. I had to lay in a big noisy machine with a facecloth over my eyes so I didn’t get claustraphobic for what seemed like hours. Hopefully the bone scan wasn’t anything like that! :) Let us know when your results come back!

    • Sam! I love that you noticed. I actually had another while I was at the stop sign but thought it was impressive that I clicked that shot without looking, as I WAS driving πŸ˜‰

      thankfully I never do anything like that while Logan’s with me.

      I’m a bad girl :9

  8. The interesting thing with injuries is that oftentimes the area where you feel the pain isn’t the area that is injured… if that makes any sense. It just manifests in a different area. I’m curious to see if your body is compensating for shin problems and causing the groin problem. I’m glad you will finally get some answers! I hope…
    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Hey – that’s exactly what my mom said – she was watching Logan for me and she said “remember how many soccer games I watched you play limping and you’d say “no I wasn’t”?” lol I am just oblivious to pain unless it gets bad.

      Hence why I never noticed the arthritis πŸ˜‰ lol

      I am wondering if it was the shin this whole time!!!! Crazy, b/c it was the same side πŸ˜‰

      I cracked the bone in one of my drunken party moments back in 2008!!!! and there’s been a bump there ever since – hence why I asked if she’d like to see if she could spot anything. So cool!

  9. Ahh..never had a bone scan before…is it boring??
    But I would hope to turn into an Ximenes character if I did…haha.
    No problem talking to MOST strangers either.
    I’m not on FB but I am on TWITTER. @YouJustDidWhat0

  10. ahhhh! it makes me so happy that the tech was so down with the blogging pics :) fingers crossed for you that you get some answers! also…larabars. LOVE.

  11. I love that you’re so optimistic. that’s a great quality! I’ve never had a bone scan just a heart scan…no dye for that one. Praying for good results for you!

  12. I need to start a Facebook page – but I have been uber busy @ work! Funny pix – I’ve never had a bone scan. I am crey crey with asking people to take pix of me constantly…

    I am also very positive. People get annoyed with me when something doesn’t go right, like finding a primo parking spot, and a sigh and say, “OH WELL! Nothing we can do about it now.” And smile. I get stares.


  13. No bone scan for me…just an MRI. I hope that things look good. But of course that would leave things mysterious…so I hope you find the answers that help :)

    I get shy asking people to take pictures so I usually just try to take them myself…which doesn’t always work out so well πŸ˜›

    Yes, I have a FB page for my blog but not very many people look at it so sometimes I wonder why I have it!

  14. I’ve never had a bone scan….I don’t think – I’ve actually had a ton of different tests at different times for different issues (yeah, I’m one of those people, or at least I used to be!), but I’ve had a cat scan and MRI – it was a similar type of machine and process. I hope they find out what’s causing the pain and hope you are better soon!!!!

  15. Haha, I love that you got a pic! Too funny! πŸ˜€
    I am kinda creeped out by strangers. lol I try to avoid them. πŸ˜‰
    You city looks so nice! Very pretty.
    I have never had a bone scan and I hope that I never have to!!
    Good luck with your results.

  16. So happy you were able to get your good picture :) I have never had to have any type of scans/testing done out of the norm. Other than female issues I rarely have to have treatment for injuires/illness. I am blessed with that thankfully. Althoug my knees and ankles somewhat bother me when running/certain work outs lately, but I like to blame that on getting older….

    I LOVE larabars :) I like to use them (and other bars) in place of candy bars. Still has the sugar content but better/healthier for you ingredients.

  17. I’m curious what they say about your shin with all the extra attention!

    That first tech sounds pretty awesome – great picture too!

    I’ve never had a bone scan, and I have zero problem talking to strangers. (unless they’re creepy).

  18. You are so funny! What a sweet nurse to make sure your bloggers could be informed of this!
    I would be the same way with the other one, when I feel like people are too strict I don’t like to test it and just ask! I get intimidated! ha
    Hopefully they find something out for you and SOON!!!!

  19. The worst part about all these medical tests is not getting the results IMMEDIATELY. Am I an impatient person? I really want to know why you’ve got groin pain. The mystery needs to be solved.

  20. LOL You look like the happiest ‘bone scanee’ I have ever seen! Love the thumbs up!

    I’ve never had a bone scan but the machine doesn’t look as scary as I imagined.

    And I think I have moaned and groaned about my ‘stranger fear’ enough for the next decade so it’s safe to say I am not known for my ability to ask strangers to take photos LOL

    I have an ‘And She Ran’ Facebook page. I really need to use it more :) ->

  21. When do you have your doctor appointment to find out? I HATE how they don’t tell you right then and there what’s going on. When I had my bone scan the guy was nice and kind of walked me through what was on the screen (though obviously he was like “but I’m no doctor…”. You’d definitely think I’d be an XMen character by now with my bone scan, MRI, and about 10 xrays (all for the same injury pretty much), but so far I don’t have any knives coming out of my hands and I don’t turn blue. :-(

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