Date night at the arena – aka the theatre

Yesterday worked out perfectly.

Around 3pm I finally finished The Hunger Games and I was 100% ready to keep reading. However, Colin wouldn’t be home with the next book till 4pm (as I am borrowing them from my mom) and so I did what any crazy book person does who can’t read…..

….I watched about 5 different movie trailers 😉

This got me too pumped. So pumped that for a second I wished I wasn’t a mother or that Logan had a babysitter next door I could just ask. Since neither of those things were true I pick up the phone and called the FIL.

I asked him if he could drive down to watch Logan so we could used our 2 for 1 movie pass and go see The Hunger Games!!!!

He agreed… and by 7:30 I was in such a state of bliss outside the movie theatre, you’d think I’d never been to a movie before.

either I suck at posing or Colin sucks at taking a picture on his phone – or most likely, a combination of both because I felt about 10,000X happier than I’m being depicted here. 

The movie started at 8pm and we were worried about the time, but everything just continued to work out. Colin’s father was on time, I drove to the movie theatre in record (safe) breaking time 😉 and even when we were in the most painfully slow moving line to buy our tickets, we made it in by 7:50! 

again, not the best picture…..actually more like the worst! but you will note my HG tribute pin 😉 yep I’m one of those people. It’s actually one of my late Grandmother’s broaches. Still, you know why it’s there – just call me Katniss Everdeen 😉

The next 2hrs were the best ever! We had no one annoying around us, I actually think going to the movies with Colin is always a good time. The universe must know we don’t get out much 😉 I actually really liked the movie, but I just had to ask Colin if he understood the love interest situation, as for me (the reader) I thought it moved kinda fast and lacked development.

The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was how brutal the first scene in the arena was going to be. I guess when you’re reading you can make deaths a little nicer in you head. lol

Anyway, I am happy that I read the book, watched the film and now I’ll most likely just read and sleep today until it’s time to work.

I made the mistake of going to check on Logan when we got home – he was up until 1am and then was in our bed again! argh! The poor guy. I’m just hoping he’s just as tired so we can both have nap time together 😉

So just because I know you love him……

Here’s Logan eating some Chobani yogurt.



1. if you had to go into the Games as tribute would you be able to kill someone??

Ya, so I know I’m dying first – I’m loud, scared of everything and have basically no sense of direction. I would kill in defense. Otherwise, no – as stated, I’m that person killed right away 😉

2. what is the last movie you went to see in the theatre and with who??

3. are you a fan of Greek yogurt??

Logan loved this so much he was calling it ice cream ;P

35 thoughts on “Date night at the arena – aka the theatre

  1. I’m so glad you went to see it!! I LOVED it so much (obviously that was the last movie Mike and I went to see). I did explain the general concept to Mike before the movie and then after he had a few questions and I told him what was different from the book.

    When we saw it people gasped at the first scene in the arena and I just thought that was weird since it’s the kind of movie you go into knowing that killing is going to happen. I kind of expected it to be worse to be honest! Oh and I definitely told Mike I would not win the Hunger Games!

    I LOVE Greek yogurt :)

    • Ya I was a gasper! lol and the dog part too – I jumped!!! I also cried real tears – I had to take my glasses off to wipe them for that certain characters death :(

      I was explaining to Colin that they can’t have the movie the same as the book b/c of how in the book we follow her thoughts and what’s happening and in the movie she can’t be saying these things aloud 😉 lol

  2. Cool- glad you had such a good time!! I’m not on the Hunger Games wave but obviously a lot of people love it! I admit I was excited for the first twilight movie, but they didn’t live up to the books.

    Love love love greek yogurt!! I couldn’t get any when I was living in mexico so very glad to have such a wide range now.

    • you need to get on it :) lol and I have never read the twilight books – I know! but I hated the movies. After being addicted to the sookie stackhouse novels and LOVING trueblood those baseball playing vampires just weren’t cutting it for me 😉

      but maybe I should read the books.

  3. I did think that the Gale/Katniss relationship wasn’t fully developed in the movie, but I’m hoping that movie 2 does a much better job of it. I think it was hard squeezing everything into a 2+ hour movie, but I thought they did a better job than other book-to-movie.

    And I completely understand about the broach! I wore my Hunger Games t-shirt to the movie! (I got it as a birthday present in January and was saving it.) I also wore it to a race the weekend the movie opened. CLASSY! I want to do a Hunger Games themed race with my friends… like “Run like Career Tributes are chasing you!” :)

  4. i’m so glad you liked the movie! Josh and I are going to see it Saturday (he has like 3 chapters left in the book – he needs to hurry!). The next 2 books are pretty awesome, beware.

    Greek Yogurt is growing on me – but only certain types/brands!

    • I agree – only certain brands. Chobani just sent me a box to try. I actually like it. though I have yet to try all the flavours.

      I can’t wait to hear what you thought of it.

  5. I am so happy to hear you say the movie is great AFTER you read the book. After I read and fell in love with The Help, I watched the movie and was so disappointed (among other movies I have done that with). I know I am going to want to see this when I am done with the book for sure!

    • Heather – I tried really hard to continuously tell myself not to compare and have gotten much better at keeping an open mind 😉 so to say the movie was as good as the book would be a lie. but it was a good movie considering how movies work.

  6. 1. if you had to go into the Games as tribute would you be able to kill someone??
    Okay, I would not be the first to die. I mean I used to play war games in the military and I wasn’t the first to die then. I will die sometime in the middle. I would be able to kill someone if it was me or them!

    2. what is the last movie you went to see in the theatre and with who??
    I saw Hunger Games with my son, my best friend and her boys!

    3. are you a fan of Greek yogurt??
    Not so much but I don’t eat a lot of any type of yogurt.

  7. Bah! I can’t wait for you to keep reading! I loved the movie too :)
    I don’t think I would do too well in the arena, I’d most likely have a Rue-like approach.

    The last movie I saw was the Hunger Games with some friends from work.

    I love Greek yogurt, but it always gives me a tummy ache :( all yogurt does and it makes me sad.

  8. I saw the movie twice. Loved it SO MUCH MORE the second time because I wasn’t comparing it to the book as much. I thought certain moments were incredible (cough, one death scene in particular, cough) and Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman was PERFECTION. Who doesn’t love him, anyway. He’s great in everything.

    You definitely need to see it again. I promise, you will love it even more the second time. And read the rest of the books. They are dividing the last book (Mockingjay) into two movies, so that will be interesting as well!

  9. hahaha i cant believe i havent gone to see this yet…i read the books last summer but i’ve just been slacking at getting out there to catch it. hopefully this weekend. I did see american reunion last night with kev and it was amusing..not great but not bad. i love going to the movies with him :)

    i LOVE greek yogurt. It took me a while to finally warm up to it though!

  10. I loved, loved, loved the HG series.
    I liked the movie- didn’t love the shaky camera work… They definately toned down the killing and violence (gotta be PG!) Good movie though and regardelss of my critical attitude I’m still excited for the next movie!

  11. I LOVED the movie. 😀 I thought it was awesome. I went with a friend the second day it was out at our local theater. We thought it was be really packed so we got there about half an hour early and the theater wasnt even open yet! It opened about 10 mins before the movie and there were only about 20 people there.
    I thought they did an amazing job with the casting. All of the characters were just like I imagined them.
    I would be the first to go in the arena. No idea if I would be able to kill someone!

  12. Oh! Looks like Logan and I love our Cho Cho!!!

    LOVE the Hunger Games. I brought Peter to see it (he doesn’t like to read) and when it was over was like – did you understand the love story part – they didn’t develop it!! I wish sometimes you could hear what Katniss is saying.

    He said he picked up on it and laughed at me bc I was so upset about how it didn’t develop to my liking. I did really enjoy the movie. It was very well done – love love love!!

    I love the picture that says, “I work out because I know I would’ve been the first to die in the Hunger Games.” Bahahaha – FACT

  13. Epic movie!! That is actually the last movie I went to see and I went with a girlfriend from work :) We went opening weekend, I wanted to so opening at midnight because I am crazy cool like that, but it was a no go :(

    Love me some chobani :)

  14. Lord I hope no one reads what I’m writing here. I’m still stuck on chapter 3. Each time I go to read I nod off and the worst part is that I like The Hunger Games. I wanna finish the book but fear the movie will be at the dollar movie by that time. I’m so ashamed :)

    You do look happy though!! I love the one of you in front of the theater!!

  15. For about an hour after I had to quiz my boyfriend as well making sure he understood the plot! ha I feel like you got such a better grasp on it all in the book then the movie portrayed! I loved it still, but really really loved the book!
    I don’t know that I could kill anyone either, only because I know in the end I really don’t have a chance, so I wouldn’t want that on my dead conscious! :) ha

  16. Of course I’m a huge fan of Logan AND Greek yogurt!
    I served as chaperone to THing 1 and her pack of tween friends last weekend on our Hunger Games field trip. We all loved it!
    I do think the book was much more developed but the movie Gale is yummy.
    I would freaking win the Hunger Games….but I’d find some way to not do any killing.

  17. I think that the reason behind the blurry photos was that Colin was as excited as you to go see it. I loved the movie too. And no I don’t think I could kill anyone – but I could run and hide :)

  18. Ha ha. I am so that person who watched the trailers because I couldn’t read or see the movie!!
    I am so jealous. The last movie I saw in the theaters was Bridesmaids during a parent movie morning where you can take the babies. The theater even included a changing table. I met my girlfriends and their babies. I was hoping to do that for hunger games but my daughter is too old now and there’s def stuff I didn’t want her seeing.

  19. I went to see the movie with my kids who hadn’t read the book and they loved it. I agree with you that the movie skipped all the character development, but was still pretty good. Oh well, my kids are too old and cool to do much with me anymore so it was a win-win for us.

  20. Love the Hunger Games! It’s actually the last movie I saw. I made my husband keep the kiddo and dragged another friend with me so that I could see it. LOL!

    The only Greek yogurt I’ve ever had was a sample at Costco, and I spit it back into the cup. I know, I won’t win any healthy eating rewards!

  21. I’d kill if I had to, but wouldn’t hunt people like the careers.

    The last movie I saw was HG with the book club girls as we read it for book club. I was disappointed in Woody Hareldsens character (I can’t think of the name… H…). I thought they didn’t develop him enough. The dogs were well done and thankfully they didn’t drag it out like the book.

    I like Greek yogurt – the PC kind is good.

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