I’m getting a job….hopefully

I’m going to be working on another pretty serious resume today, all day….

…yes, that is a christmas mug hiding behind my fake typing hand 😉

I’m really trying hard to get a job. I want to get out in the work world again and as most of you know, I have been attempting to do this for a while now.

Any tips? Tricks? Jobs? 😉


Logan and I will also be going to an indoor playground this morning …

He’s excited.

about his tongue … ?!



1. what do you do for a living??

I work retail at a women’s clothing store and I’m a mom 😉

2. any resume tips or tricks??

3. what are your plans this weekend?? anyone racing?? 

I’m working and have a lot going on in regards to family things and runs and such. 

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE :) – I know I don’t say this enough but you’re all awesome xoxox

67 thoughts on “I’m getting a job….hopefully

  1. Good luck with your job search!! What would you like to be doing in the future?

    I’m a lawyer…I work for a bank doing compliance-type stuff. It’s just as boring as it sounds.

    I don’t really have any good resume hints or tricks for you. I have a hard time with resumes because I hate talking about myself that way…it feels like bragging to me sometimes and I find it a little difficult…it feels weird. But at the same time if you don’t put the best of you out there, a future employer won’t know about it. Just put the most positive spin you can and hope for the best! :)

    • Thanks so much Taryn!

      and wow! how did I now know you were a Lawyer?? I thought it was as cool as they make it seem on Law and Order? no?? 😉

  2. 1. what do you do for a living??
    administration and facilities oversight for a consulting firm; attending grad school to become a librarian though :)

    2. any resume tips or tricks??
    focus on results and measurables! go beyond listing ‘job description’ tasks

    3. what are your plans this weekend?? anyone racing??
    long run, supposed to have yucky weather…glad i didn’t sign up last min for another 1/2 marathon…heh

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Krissy – thanks for visiting and wishing me well :) I hope you have a great weekend too.

      and you’re so right – I hate resumes (which mine used to) that list job responsibilities. Especially when it’s obvious I have cash and customer service skills based on my job title.

      It’s not obvious however, that I managed to form long lasting professional relationships with clients that create customer loyalty and increase their rate of return 😉


  3. I’m interviewing for a retail job today – I will need all of your tips and tricks if I’m lucky enough to get a job!

    Just keep at it. With your wonderful personality you’ve won half the battle! All of the other technical things will come along and, like anything else, it takes a bit of luck and a bit of good timing.

    • wooohoooo retail is fun – my only advice is to NEVER take what customers do personally. It will suck the life out of you so fast 😉

      and thanks for the nice words Jenn!

  4. You’ll get a career-job soon enough! I’m sure of it! 😉

    It’s funny – I know you’ve told me before how you think I’m lucky having the job that I do, but sometimes I’m envious of you and your mall job…..sometimes I wish I could have a low-responsibility, closer to home, paying less job so I could spend more time with Georgia……I guess the grass is always greener…..lol

    • hahaha! says the woman selling her house to BUILD a new one 😉 <—- those are but dreams to me. lol but I hear you. I love working at the mall and to be honest, I can’t believe how much the job has actually taught me. Spending time with Logan is great….though I’m reaching my limit 😉 we need to hang! Georgia looks like a little adult!

  5. I work at a Comedy Club! It’s as cool as it sounds 😉 BUT it’s not a profession. I will go back to school in a couple of years to do something medical related.

    I’ve had to do a lot of resume work for Mike in the past and you want it to wow people. Don’t put your progression, put your best down. Keep it to one sheet. My FIL had a resume and it was 2 pages, 10 font, single spaced. I got through two sentences and was bored. I can’t imagine that getting him any where. I tried to tell him that but he knows better than me of course.

    No races this weekend but I”m thinking I’m going to do a 5k in a couple weeks.

  6. I work in the marketing department of one of the “Big 5” Canadian Banks. I’m responsible for all media planning and buys with the exception of social media strategy (but am still responsible for Social media buys to drive action on SM portals). You have my email, send me a note with your email and home phone and I’ll put you in our job data base. If you get a job and stay for six months, I get $$ which I’ll split with you 50/50. You have great Customer Service experience which translates VERY well to a branch enviornment. There are major perks at working at a bank and there is almost unlimited growth potential. Email me and we can chat more.

    My tip for resume is to ensure that you litterally take the key words in the job description and ensure they are repeated exactly in your cover letter and resume. If the job requires a “self starter”, your cover letter should say, “I’m a self starter…” etc.

    I’m in the taper fo the marathon. 9 days. CRAP! I need to run 16k (10 miles) at race pace by Sunday. Plus Alasdair has swimming tonight at 6pm and I have a playdate for Fergus with my mat leave friends on Sunday at 9:30am. Plus the normal cooking, cleaning etc etc. :)

    I got my band today – thanks! Thank Logan for his drawing on the card too. Sorry I haven’t been able to comment a lot lately, I’ve been really busy at work (I’m actually working on TV commercial shoots, which is not my job, but oh so fun!).

    • Nicole, no reason to apologize for not commenting. Although, I do it too….so I guess everyone always feels bad 😉 but LIFE happens.

      Thank you so much for the help. I wonder if I could work in a bank. I’d love to do something in the social media scene, as I am doing it right now on my blog.

      I will email you :) THANKS!

      Oh and I’m so glad the band arrived. It took me forever and a few failed attempts to send out my American ones and for whatever reason I did just toss the few Canadian ones in the mailbox 😉

      The Logan drawings were rare b/c he gave up so only select people got them – so hold onto it, it may be worth something 😉

  7. Ooh exciting, good luck with it all Ali! I don’t really have any tips because I’ve only ever had the one job and I was just lucky enough to be perfectly suited for it but I will say that although writing resumes can be tough because it feels like bragging, just ignore that and sound as positive about yourself as possible :-) And with your fantastic personality I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine, I’d employ you 😉

  8. Hey Ali – I read a lot, but have never posted, decided today would be different!

    I work for the government dealing with patents, trademarks, copyrights.

    As for your resume (definitely not a professional with this, so take my advice with a grain of salt), don’t sell yourself short. Break down your “being a mom” and retail job into task focused specifics. I’m sure in retail you deal with people a whole lot more than you even care to – that’s customer service. Managing difficult customers (or co-workers) can be analogized to managing and solving problems in any sort of work environment. Also, don’t forget running a blog! In a sense, you are running your very own advertisement firm. (You just happen to be advertising your family, activities, and cooking endeavors). I’m sure you put a ton of time into learning how to use the blogging software (shows you can and are willing to learn new technologies), managing the site, responding to comments, and overall upkeep. Just look at the things you think are small details of what you do every day and expand on them!

    Hope that was even just a bit helpful! Good Luck – job searching is the worst thing EVER!

    Doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit trainer this afternoon and running a 5k in Ocean City, Md tomorrow morning..

    • Summer! thanks for commenting!!!!! I love when people I don’t even know about come out of hiding 😉 MAKES MY DAY!

      Thank you so so much for all these great tips. I really just began delving into the social media scene for job hunting – I just applied for one job that I seemed to fit perfectly, except I didn’t have the formal education to back it up. I hope I at least get an interview :)

      Thank you for making me feel extremely good about myself, it’s appreciated.

      I was coincidentally just looking into Jamie’s plans – b/c I really want to start eating better, as my muscles are hiding under a layer of cushion 😉

      Good luck on your 5k tomorrow!!! 😀

  9. I hear having a website for your resume works well. Include the link at the bottom of your emails that you send to potential employers. What are you looking to get into?

    I have a race Sunday that I got super anxious for after reading a Facebook thread. Bah!

      • Yes! It is very dramatic. I guess there are 11,000 runners and 12,000 walkers and corrals/bibs are a mess. Basically with a 9:30 pace I am in the LAST CORRAL with a bunch of potential walkers. I am going to be dodging walkers. I am trying to remember the reason I am running this – but a lot of people are pissed.

        It is a lot of people for Central Park.

        I would do some google research – I just known I have seen it a lot on people’s LinkedIns and emails. I think it makes people stick out :)

  10. Yea…part time Y worker…love that I make a little extra spending money and have met some great friends there. However, I keep going back and forth with wanting a “real” job…make more money etc…although, I know I would be working more and maybe more stressed where now I come and go and never think about the job once I exit until the next time I enter.

    So wishy~washy I know!! Drives me and hubby crazy!

    Busy weekend with the 9yr old’s birthday party, track, baseball, and dog stuff…

  11. Good luck with the job search! I don’t really have any tips :( I am a stay at home mom and I take care of my niece 5 afternoons a week.

    No races this weekend, but I’m getting ready for a Mother’s Day 5k!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. No races for me this weekend! Tim and I were planning on running a last minute 5k but he’s got shin splints so I think I’ll just a get a long run in on my own instead.

    You already know this, but I’m a writer/editor for websites, travel companies, etc. Certainly not thrilling or glamorous but I do love it! The biggest downside is that I have to be attached by the hip to my computer all the time dealing with clients and I would prefer to just take time completely off. Looks like you’ve already received some great resume tips from everyone on here. Don’t underestimate personal connections, though! I’ve gotten most of my jobs in life from recommendations, connections, word of mouth and so on.

  13. Updating your resume is brutal. I hate doing it. You need a general resume that covers all the bases that you can send out for most applications. The ones you are really hot about you want to tweak your resume to address every point in the job ad. Keep track of what you sent to every ad, and when, so you can respond better when they phone you. Check out indeed.com for leads in your area, or the equivalent for your industry.

    Seriously consider getting on LinkedIn. That’s a way to summarize your experience and make it visible to potential employers. It’s really good for building networks and researching potential employers.

    Double, triple, quadruple check it. Spelling, punctuation, everything, has to be perfect! If ever there was a place to obsess over details of format, wording, and grammar, this is it.

    I’m a business analyst, just in the process of starting a new contract. Don’t want to say too much till the paperwork is all signed.

    Busy weekend. Going to a TEDx event today, and maybe going to the kick off of an attempt to set a record for the longest Lacrosse game. I have to do a shift as an official Guiness book of records witness, signing paperwork and everything. If it’s nice on Sunday probably a nice long bike ride.

    • Thanks for all of this Keith.

      I DO have linkedin – I just made an account last week. and I always get someone else to double check my resumes and cover letters to make sure there’s nothing wrong on them. That would be a garbage pile toss if there was.

  14. I work at a horse farm, pretty specialized work. Think of Kentucky Derby stuff. Lots of paper pushing. There’s pretty much a group of us girls and this is what we do. The good thing is that most of us keep our jobs for many years. It’s teachers pay but it’s a job :) I hope you find something great that you love!!

    Yep! I’m racing this weekend! Kentucky Derby Half Marathon. Running with friends, basically out there to have fun and stay fit.

  15. 1. what do you do for a living??
    I am software engineer but right now I am unemployed.

    2. any resume tips or tricks??
    This tip takes time but try and tailor your resume and cover letter for each job. I believe that makes it stand out more when people read them. Try to use the words they use in the job description within your resume.

    3. what are your plans this weekend?? anyone racing??
    I am doing the Cherry Creek Sneak 5 miler on Sunday with friends. I can’t wait!

    • Nice Christi – have fun on you 5milers with the friends. Sounds like a blast. I love running in a group.

      and you know what – THAT tip has been what’s really annoyed me – I’ll be spending HOURS, DAYS – WEEKS researching the job ad, the company, changing everything around, writing out a personal cover letter, sending it off to get edited and then….no interview. I’m just going to keep trying.

  16. ugghhh i hate doing anything with my resume. I work as an account manager for a software company..very glamorous. has nothing to do with what i went to school for but whatever, haha. It took me a while after graduating to find a job but i’ve been here for years now..its ROUGH out there, Kevin has been looking for a long time and still hasnt found anything yet. good luck love, i think as long as you keep looking and on top of your stuff, you should hopefully find something soon!!

  17. Yes! I am racing! My big 8K. I am sooooo excited! We are going up today and spending the night with my grandmother who lives up there. I cannot wait!!!
    Good luck with your resume!

    • YAY!!!!!!!!! good luck. I can’t wait to hear about it – if you want to write out a race recap and post it on my blog, you’re more than welcome. Maybe try to get some pics of you running (from behind? so we don’t see your face??) b/c we need pics!

  18. Good luck today. I hate doing resumes. Hated it so much I paid a professional to do it. Make sure to tie your accomplishments into your daily work. I havent updated mine since my position changed, but I can always send you mine to get some ideas. I have a HEAVY customer service background so it might be helpful to you.

  19. Job searching is the worst!! In my field we do portfolios instead of resumes. blech. My tip is to find out everything you can about the company/interviewer in advance so that you can cater everything you say to engage them! People love talking about themselves :) (we should know, we’re bloggers!)

  20. Being a responsible adult in the real world sucks at times, doesn’t it?! I’m a stay at home mom and hopefully will continue to do that until all of my kids are in school. Then, it’s school time for me. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up but I’m hoping by then, I’ll finally know so I can get on getting some kind of degree.

    I’ve only written a resume for real (ie: not including school assignments) once and it was for a job at Tim Hortons when I was 16 so I’m not much help in that department. lol

    I have a 5K for Autism awareness tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun!

    • Good luck for your 5k tomorrow and I would stay at home if I could, but our house is literally falling apart and we both need new vehicles. This isn’t even luxury spending – it’s surviving 😉

  21. I am an accountant and do taxes (BORING!).

    Plans for this weekend run, clean the house, plant my tomatoes and study for the CPA exam. I really need to study but don’t really have any desire to. :(

  22. I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor but that is part time and surely doesn’t make enough to pay any bills. I do it because I love it! My full time job is taking care of my family, all 3 kiddos and husband which is pretty crazy at times.
    I hope everything works out for you and that your resume writing goes well!!!
    Have a great weekend.

    • You must laugh at my workout vids on facebook ;p lol

      I would love to have a job related to people, fitness, outside and clothing. They’re my top things!

  23. Good luck with the job hunt. When our youngest gets into school in a couple years my wife will try to get back into the workforce too.

    I’m a software developer, and I’m keeping my eye open for jobs too.

    I’ve got a half-marathon on Sunday. So far, things are looking good for it. Take care.

  24. 1. Self-employed consulting (civil) engineer – some days I wish I were an employee again and then I have a day where I sneak off for a mid-day run and think this self-employed gig is the way to go.

    2. Generally, resumes should be one page and hit the highlights of what you actually did at each job and how that might make you valuable at the job you are applying for. Additionally, quadruple check all spelling and grammar because I have actually trashed resumes (didn’t even grant interview) because of poor spelling. Do I really want someone working for me that can’t even bother to check this? Best wishes to you as you search out your next employment adventure.

    3. Low key Fri evening with the kids. Sending son off on out of town adventure with friend (only minorly freaking out) tomorrow morning and will spend part of the day with daughter and then date night with husband (maybe after a run!). No real plan for Sun.

  25. Well it’s no lie that most of the job hunt comes down to networking. Most of the time, it truly is who you know that gets you in the door for the interview at least. Network, network, network man!

    Good luck with the job hunt

  26. 1. accountant and mom.
    2. sorry, don’t have any tips, since the last time I applied for a job was 19 yrs ago! just want to wish you good luck and have confidence in yourself!
    3. no racing, don’t even know if I can run since my opened blisters still have not healed yet.

    Logan is so darned adorable! That sticking out the tongue thing…yeah, kids go through phases…Evie gets them occasionally. Right now, we have to teach her that it’s not nice (actually kinda rude) to greet pple by sticking out your tongue when they say hi. *le sigh*

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  28. Good luck on the job hunt! I like working but I am getting extremely burned out with what I do…so I have been toying with changing jobs… but I have not made any decisions yet. It can be scary changing jobs and since I don’t have a husband yet, it’s just my income that gets me by. So I have to be careful in whatever decisions I make. Good luck and I hope you find something you love!

  29. Good luck! I was working p/t (social worker) until we moved last summer and have been staying home with L… now I’m getting certified to teach spin and plan to do that on the side for a bit, but still don’t know what the bigger picture holds!

  30. Good luck with the job search! I know it can be long, tedious, and frustrating, but it’s so worth it when it pays off and you find a great job.

    To echo a few things others have already mentioned, I think it’s important to use the exact keywords from the job posting in your cover letter and/or resume; make sure your cover letter and resume are grammatically correct and worded in a way that makes them easy to read; and have patience. It can be very frustrating when the job search drags on, but a lot of it is beyond your control and I think it’s important to avoid letting that get into your head too much. Just focus on applying to jobs that you think will suit you well and provide customized, well-written cover letters and resumes for each of them. Then you’ve done everything you can and it’s out of your hands until you’re contacted for interviews. Easier said than done, I know, but it can be done. :) Good luck!!

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