Logan’s photo roll

Logan was sitting on Rex – bad picture, but this NEVER happens. Rex hates the fact that we had a kid and he doesn’t like toddlers.

This just proves he’s coming around 😉

I hate my life

Logan and I went for a 5 mile bike ride. It was so hot outside! He calls the bike trailer “My bike” as in “Mom, where’s my bike?

The ride ended in the beautiful secluded forest park – definitely my new go-to place, as I hate kids that aren’t mine, aren’t related to me or aren’t my friends kids. I know I’m not alone here 😉

They even had flying cars…..

mom, look! I'm just like "the Doc" ;)

Then yesterday we spent the entire morning at Logan’s new bff’s house. He won’t stop talking about Tyler and Tyler’s house and how cool it is….

we’ll be going back…

and buying like 500 more toys so our house is just as cool 😉

The bubble gun was such a hit it belongs next to Kelly Clarson’s “Stronger” I am definitely going to be purchasing one this weekend.



1. what is your favourite thing to play outside??

Beach. It’s a game, you know, where you lie outside in the sand and do nothing.

2. what are your plans this weekend??

nothing. working all day today and then shopping for Logan 😉

3. moms – is your house full of toys??

I feel like whenever I go to someone else’s house that my son is deprived. I feel like I have lots of toys but I never have nearly as much as everyone else….oops!

26 thoughts on “Logan’s photo roll

    • We need a swing set. I swear…..it’s on the list. and My father built us a huge playhouse with a sandbox, swings, trapeze and fireman pole and we lived outside too. lol

    • We had a pool and a huge massive backyard…..it was glorious.

      I want to get a swimming pass so I can take Logan every day in the summer. Nothing tuckers him out more 😉

  1. when I had 1 kid, we didn’t have a lot of toys. but now that there are 4 kids? holy toy overload. the fact that I purchased very few of them myself means nothing. they. are. everywhere.

  2. This is too funny and I am loving the pics – he is so damn happy! Great job!!

    I’d have to agree with you on the beach. The entire month of August Peter’s family rents a beach house and it is my favorite thing in the world.

    Enjoy your weekend! I have a girl’s night out in the city planned – much needed! Don’t work too hard 😉

    • Can I come see you in August???

      and YAY for girls nights out. If I had girls to go out with I’d do it every week! but I’m a loser and therefore, I don’t 😉

  3. Home from our HALF …. so glad to be done and so glad I could do it…doesn’t matter the time. 😉

    My house USE to be full of toys…with the kiddos getting older we have been able to clean out a lot although Owen still has a room full.

  4. Love, love, love this!!!!

    I’m racing this weekend – I won an entry to a local 15K!

    Avery has a lot of toys, but there is always someone with more toys. 😉

  5. Lovin’ all the Logan pics. My cats avoided Evie for the longest time. Thankfully Evie has always understood being gentle with them and have been giving them treats, so they are coming around to her. Our siamese will even let her pick her up several times in a row. If I were our siamese, I would have been so done already!

    I would say golfing is my fave thing to play outside…except I haven’t picked up a golf club since I got pg with Evie almost 4 years ago! But don’t worry, I’ll find out how much I suck at it at the National Transplant Games, when I do play golf.

    Ran Transplant Trot 5k, just posted about it. Running with the group tomorrow am, meeting Cori after for my “Colour Me Rad” 5k prize, volunteering at the Kidney March Expo, and doing boring stuff like taxes.

    • YAY! I’m going to read you recap and you’ve got lots of 5ks coming up. Rex hates Logan…..so I bought Logan a life sized “furreal dog” yesterday….now Rex is jealous. It worked out perfectly 😉 lol

      Colin golfs….I’ve gotta learn

  6. hahaha…the quest to be the cool house! okay, buy one of those giant trampolines and u’ll totally cream that kid with the dinky plastic slide. 😉

    so glad u’re getting out there and enjoying some awesome sun…but try not to get too hot, i’m a weenie in that dept. and get annoyed when it’s real summer weather. 😛

    • LOL trampolines are so cool. I’d rather have a pool though 😉 and I hate the hot hot hot if there’s humidity.. otherwise bring it 😉


  7. Ha! I love your beach game. :) Yes- I feel the same way with toys… it seems like we have plenty, but her friends always have more or better toys or something. But honestly, L’s not that into toys. She’s much rather be outside or play with friends and I’m okay with not drowning in toys!

    • Thanks Laura, feel free to come play beach with me anytime 😉

      and Logan is the same way – he loves baking with me, drawing/colouring and “the park” or “outside” that’s all he asks for. lol

      oh and “dora” on tv

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